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Monday, April 27, 2020

Which Programming Books Would You Buy If you got 100$ to Spend?

Hello Guys, it's time to take a hypothetical question in Javarevisited. I love books and I have so many in my library and on my phone but this time, I am asking for your recommendations. Which programming book, would you love to buy, if you are given 100$ to spend? I know, when it comes to buying, people want the worth of their money, and that's why I am posting this question to you guys. Suppose you are looking for some books in a bookstore and suddenly salesman comes and say, at this particular minute, we are giving you 100$ FREE to buy any programming book.

Now you have got only 10 minutes to complete your purchase and take away those awesome Java books absolutely for FREE, what are the books you are going to buy?

Remember you can only buy books, whose total price must not exceed 100$, you can buy one book or a combination of multiple books.

For the sake of price you can consider prices given at Amazon for Java books paperback edition, remember you need to consider the price of paperback edition and not eBook.

Also, you are free to buy any programming or software engineering book, not just limited to Java or related technology.

Best Programming book to Buy

Talking about myself, I would love to spend my 100$ on buying the following books, Though I wanted to buy more, I ran out of time while choosing the last book, so that I can include the first two.
You can post your choice of book as a comment, and I will choose the best combination of books out of them, which fits on 100$ and post it here.

P.S. If you really want to play this like a game, only take 10 minutes to finalize your books and try to use every cent.

Recommended Programming Books from Community

Thanks for your comments guys. From all the comments, we can see a pattern while buying a programming book for reading, most of the suggestions are for books that are timeless, classic and can be read even down the years.

Obviously, in this category, Algorithm and data structures tops, followed by books on Object-oriented programming, best practices, and software engineering.

Following is the list of some of the classic programming books, suggested by our readers in the comments section.

You can also use this list to buy your next programming books when you have $100 to spare

1. Algorithm Unlocked by Thomas Corman

Suggested by Atif is a good compilation of complex algorithm in an easy to read format. It's written by Thomas Corman, which has already authored and a co-authored lot of books on data structure and algorithm space. On top of that, it's really cheap, just $22.50

Best computer algorithm book

2. Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java

Suggested by Suresh, is a bit expensive costing around $123, but worth of money if you would like to learn data structure and algorithms in Java programming language.

Best data structure book in Java

3. Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena 

Suggested by Gaurav Dubey, which costs around $82 but again given the importance of the subject in programming, I think it's worth every penny.

Best programming algorithm book

4. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software 

This book is suggested by one of the Anonymous readers. This book is already 18 years old, first released in the mid-1990s, but still relevant and will remain effective, given the popularity of object-oriented language in the enterprise world. It cost around $47.99.

Best design pattern book

5. Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code 

By Martin Fowler is another timeless classic suggested by @Pratap, This book is also on my wishlist and next in my reading queue. Cost is around $44.70

Best coding book for java programmers

I found these books, which deserves a place in Java programmers bookshelf. I am a big fan of the paperback edition of books because that gives me a real feeling of reading books, but given the iPad and Amazon Kindle advantage of carrying a large number of eBooks in your bag, I have started building my eBook shelf as well.

By the way, It's hard to get time to read programming books, but if you have the desire to learn and continuously improve yourself, you will definitely find at least half an hour daily or a couple of hours in a week to read programming books.

Btw, you can buy a lot more Programming courses at $100, particularly on Udemy, where you can get top quality 200$ courses for just $10, yup that's right just $10. I was also surprised and couldn't believe but now I know it's true and that's why I buy a lot of useful programming courses from Udemy during their sales.

If I have got $100 to buy Programming and Software development courses then I would buy the following evergreen courses which one can use throughout their career:

If you like this article then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.

All the best with your learning journey.


Suresh said...

I would rather buy Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java, which is bit costly $123, but I don't mind paying $23, it's worth of every penny.

Atif said...

"Algorithms Unlocked" which is the new book by Thomas Cormen, which gives an excellent high-level overview of Algorithms - $22.50
"Pragmatic Programmer" which really emphasizes software development as a craft, not just something that pays the bills - $34.72
"Clean Code" which is a book that covers a lot of topics related to software engineering - $37.58
Total - $94.80

I selected these books because for the most part they have a timeless aspect to them. That's not something you can say about many programming books (they get outdated fast). That's why I normally read books through Safari Books and not buy them.

Javin @ puzzle asked in programming interviews said...

@Atif, good choice. I totally agree with you, When I buy a paperback edition of book, I look something, which has that classic and timeless aspect to them. That's why clean code :)

Javin @ Java Classloder Working said...

@Suresh, A book in data structure and algorithm will always be worth of money, but that sounds me more than twice than any other book :)

Gaurav Dubey said...

My first choice would be Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena, which would cost around $82. With rest of $18 will go for some best practice book in JAVA or Design.

Anonymous said...

I will go on buying

Code Complete - $27.89
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software - $47.99
Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions - $23.22

My reasons are simple, timeless, classic, focus on broader area than one technology and of course helps to find you a job

Anonymous said...

By the way, who is giving 100$ FREE books :)

Pratap said...

I would buy :
Code Complete 2 : $27.89
Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code By Martin Fowler : $44.70
The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers By Robert C. Martin : $28.65

All books are must read by any software professional.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for which programming book to read, when I stumble upon this article. I am still in college, but looking to learn programming in general. Some one please advise a programming book for college kids?

Gaurav Dubey said...


Although I have given my choice earlier but I again want to refer below 2 books.

1) The Art of Computer Programming by Donald E. Knuth. Its cost is $183. I am planing to buy it.

2) Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas Coreman. Its cost is $72.

michael meldrum said...

Hey Guys
I am referring the following books

Effective Java by Joshua Bloch

Java concurrency in pratice by Brian Goetz

Data Structure and algorithms in Java by Robert Lafore .

Design patterns - Head First

Am i following the good ones ?

Srujan kumar Gulla said...

1) Effective Java
2) Algorithm Design mannual by Steven Skiena
3) Concurrency in practice
4) Head First Java

Ravi said...

@michael, Indeed you have selected some of the best books. Though you can add Clean Code and Java Generics and Collection in your list. Both of them are worth of time and money.

Gauri said...

Surprise to see no one is buying hackers delight, one of the best book on bit twiddling.

Anonymous said...

I think you are missing both the basic books, Effective java and Concurrency in Practice.

Anonymous said...

My favorite book is Code Complete and Code Complete 2, you can read that book as many times as you want but they are still classic. Invest your money on timeless books of software development and Engineering.

Nickole Dinardo said...

I see it's helpful post from various aspects.

Khairpedia said...

Surprise to see no one is buying coding delight, one of the best magz on bit twiddling

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