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Top 5 FREE eBooks to Learn jQuery Online or download PDF

Everybody loves free resources, don't you? Well, I do and that's why I am always in search of good free resources e.g. eBooks and training courses. In the last article, I have shared some of the free JavaScript books and this time I am sharing a couple of good free eBooks to learn jQuery. The jQuery is one of the most important skills in today's internet world. It is the JavaScript library which has changed the face of websites, they are now more interactive and smooth than ever before. The Internet is also not short of free resources and when it comes to learning jQuery, you will find thousands of articles and tens of eBooks, but not all resources are good. Some of them are not up-to-date and many of them contain incorrect information, hence choosing the good resource is vital.

There are also too many advises to use this book, to use that book, but you don't need that. All you need is a couple of good books on jQuery to learn and master this useful library. If you can spend some money then Head First jQuery is worth of every penny but if you are the one who likes to learn from free resources then you can check out following 3 books which are freely available to read online and some of them you can also download as PDF for your offline reading.

These are the officially available copies, not the unauthorized one so you can be sure that you are reading the right material. They are also very good books, which are generously made available for FREE from their publishers and authors.

Free jQuery Books

Here is the list of a couple of free jQuery books. Some books are free for reading online and others are free to download as PDF for offline reading.

1) jQuery Fundamentals
jQuery Fundamentals is designed to get you comfortable working through common problems you'll be called upon to solve using jQuery. To get the most out of this site, you'll want to read the content and try the various interactive examples. Each chapter will cover a concept and give you a chance to try example code related to the concept.

They highly recommend using their site with the Chrome browser or another browser that supports modern. Most pages on their site include a built-in editor where you can try out code. Each chapter of jQuery Fundamentals includes example code that demonstrates the concepts being discussed

The book is divided into five major sections, JavaScript basics which cover basic of JavaScript as jQuery is nothing but a JavaScript library, jQuery basics, Traversing and manipulating DOM, Events and Event Delegation, Effects, and AJAX.

2) jQuery Learning Center
jQuery Learning Center is an effort to provide best course material to learn jQuery online. This is an addition to their API documentation and you will learn jQuery basics, workarounds of common problems, best practices and how to do something in jQuery on this website. In my opinion, this is the perfect resource for anyone wants to learn jQuery. You can supplement your reading by following this site.

free jQuery books

3) jQuery Succinctly
This is another great jQuery ebook which is freely available. You can get the free ebook by creating an account on this site. This book is intended for two types of readers. The first is someone who has read introductory material on jQuery and is looking for the next logical step. The second type of reader is a JavaScript developer, already versed in another library, now trying to quickly learn jQuery.

The books is a collection of authors own personal reference point for jQuery concepts. This books covers core jQuery, selecting elements, traversing DOM, manipulating DOM, dealing with HTML forms in jQuery, Event handling, how jQuery help you to write cross-browser compatible code, jQuery plugins, UI effects and dealing with AJAX. You will learn immensely by following this book, one of the must read for jQuery developers.

free JQuery books to download PDF

4) jQuery in Action
This is not a free book but one of the chapters which is freely available. The jQuery in Action is certainly one of the best books to learn jQuery, only second to the Head First jQuery. This is a very fast-paced version of learning jQuery to take your JavaScript programming to another level. This provides a deep knowledge of jQuery and jQuery UI releases. You can purchase the full book here.

free books to learn jQuery online

5) jQuery CookBook
You can download the 158-page free ebook sample of “jQuery Cookbook” from O’Reilly Media. Getting started with the jQuery library is easy, but it can take years to fully realize its breadth and depth; jQuery Cookbook shortens the learning curve considerably.

free jQuery books online pdf download

That's all about the list of free jQuery books. Though not all free eBooks are good quality or up-to-date, some books are really good. Anyone, who is learning jQuery can benefit from these FREE jQuery books.

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Thanks for reading this article so far, If you like this article and books then please share with your friends and colleagues. If you have any question or feedback then please drop a comment.

P.S. - If you don't want to learn from the free resource but the best resources then the Head First jQuery is the best book to start with jQuery. It is full of information and the Head First style really makes it easy to understand and apply that knowledge in your real world projects. 

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