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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Entuware or Whizlabs? Which Exam Simulator Should you Buy for Java Certifications (OCAJP, OCPJP, and Others)?

I often receive queries from Java certification aspirants about exam simulators like whether should I go for Whizlabs or Enthuware, which one is better? If I have to buy just one exam simulator, which one would you recommend, Whizlabs or Enthuware? I thought to answer all those questions in a blog post and here you go. To be honest with you both of them are really high-quality test simulators and whichever you buy, you will do well on actual exams. But, as a programmer, I really like to analyze the situation, I compare pros and cons of each of them before I buy one of them. Since I have used both of them in the past I am sure about that in quality, they are neck to neck there, but here are couple of things which you can consider before buying Java certification simulator from Whizlabs or Enthuware?

WhizLabs vs Enthuware

Here are a couple of points to compare Whizlabs and Enthuware exam simulators. This will give you some idea which one is better.

1) Price
When it comes to price Enthuware is a clear winner, it's mostly cheaper than Whizlabs exam simulator. For example, for Oracle's Java 8 certifications like OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8, 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809, or Java 11 certification like OCAJP 11 (1Z0-815) and OCPJP 11 (1Z0-816) or 1Z0-819, and Java SE 17 exam, the 1Z0-829, the cost of Enthuware full exam license is 9.95 USD as compared to 19.95 USD for Whizlabs. 

The trend is same for other Java certifications like Java web component developer and web service certifications. Btw, Whizlabs is also offering 25% discount if you buy both OCAJP and OCPJP exam simulator together, you can avail this discount using coupon code "JAVACOMBO".

Entuware or Whizlabs which one is better for OCAJP

2) Number of Mock Exams
Both Whizlabs and Enthuware have a similar number of practice questions and mock exams like 600+ questions distributed on 7 mock exams for OCAJP 8 simulator. Precisely, Whizlabs has 628+ questions and 7 mock exams while Entuware has 8 mock tests. Things could have changed little bit in their latest Java 17 mock simulators but I have yet to check them, you have bought them, you can let us know about that.

3) Quality of questions
No doubt that both Whizlabs and Entuware are quality exam simulator but questions in Enthuware are more challenging than those in Whizlabs. The average score in the Entuware exam is also much lower as compared to Whizlabs mock exams. In short, Enthuware's practice test is tougher than Whizlabs's mock tests. You can try it yourself by checking out the Whizlab's OCAJP 8 free mock test which contains 25 questions.

4) Convenience
Whizlabs exam simulator is web-based while Enthuware is Java based application which runs on your PC.  Sometime in past, I noticed that Whizlabs was comparatively slow and sometimes annoying if you are about to simulate a real exam situation, but now I think they have worked on that aspect and I haven't noticed much difference. You can also take Whizlabs test in mobile or your tablet, which makes it even more convenient.

5) Up-to-date
Both Whizlabs and Entuwhare are two of the most up-to-date Java exam simulator. They constantly work on their question bank to make it accurate for changing syllabus and difficulty level. You can rest assured that you will touch most of the syllabus by going through their practice tests. 

This is true for all Java certifications like OCAJP, OCPJP, OCMJEA, or OCEJWCD. They also launch newer version of their exam simulator for new exams like they have just launched Java 11 exams siumulator for Java SE 11 certification or OCAJP 11 (1Z0-815) and OCPJP 11 (1Z0-816) exam.

6) Usability
Whizlabs has a Flash based GUI. It works well, but most things must be done with the mouse.
Enthuware uses the common key and mouse bindings for GUIs, which makes it easier to use on PC, of course, you will notice this difference once you get familiar with the GUI.

7) Cross platform support
Since Enthuware is a Java based and required JRE to run, it can run on any platform e.g. Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, but Whizlabs is only supported on windows OS, but this is not really a limitation because Whizlabs exam simulator is a web based simulator.

8) Brain dumps
If you are buying Whizlabs or Enthuware with the hope that they may contain brain dumps from 1Z0-808 dumps or 1Z0-809 dumps then let me tell you that they don't contain the real exam questions. Though, they contain very similar to real question which is good to get a true understanding of what you can expect in the real exam.

9) Difficulty level
No doubt on that, Entuware questions were much harder than the Whizlabs one and my score on Enthuware were always lesser than what I scored on Whizlabs, but real exam questions are easier than both Whizlabs and Entuware.

10) Explanation
Both are excellent but here I like Whizlabs explanation more because they explain why the correct answer is correct but also why other answers are not correct.

11) Reports
Both Enthware and Whizlabs provides comprehensive reports to check your topic wise progress but I like the Whizlabs reporting more. The real exam was easier than the mock tests, but not much.

So, you can see there is not a lot to compare between these two leaders of Java exam software. Though, I think Enthuware is probably the best mock exam software on the market. It is a clear winner when it comes to cost and quality of exam questions.

But, many of my friends use both Whizlabs and Enthuware to give their preparation extra edge and together also they are not really expensive i.e. 30$ for more than 12,00 questions is worth to secure high marks on a exam which costs 246$, surely you don't want to appear twice to pass or improve your score.

Here is a quick summary of the difference between Enthuware and Whizlabs exam simulator:

Entuware or Whizlabs? Which Exam Simulator Should you Buy for Java 8 Certifications?

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That's all about Whizlabs vs Enthuware and which Java 8 exam simulator you should buy. Both of these company provide exam simulators for all major Oracle's Java certification e.g. OCAJP, OCPJP, OCMJEA, Java EE certification and Java Web service certifications.

I have personally used both Whizlabs and Enthuware, and from my point of view their questions were harder than the test, but I liked that it allowed me to do the test more easily and with a better score than the simulated ones. If you are looking for brain dumps for quick success, you can also check out these 1Z0-808 brain dumps.

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P.S. - If you want to try anything other than Whizlabs or Enthuware or want to complement one of these Java exam simulators, I suggest you buying David Mayer's Java 8 exam simulator. He constantly works to update his question bank and I found questions both challenging and hard enough to prepare you will for both OCAJP and OCPJP exams.

P.P.S. : If you are looking for a course to prepare Java SE 8 certification then Oracle Java Certification - Pass the Associate 1Z0-808 Exam! from Udemy is a good place to start it. It explains about new features of Java 8 required for OCAJP 8 exam.

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