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Top 5 FIX Protocol Data Dictionaries and Online FIX References

While you work on FIX Protocol you need a handy FIX Data dictionaries or what we called fixionary in order to refer for exact details related to the particular message type, particular fix tag and what does a particular value of tag means. Without FIX data dictionary or fix wiki it’s very hard to work especially when you are dealing with different fix protocol versions like FIX 4.0, FIX 4.1, FIX 4.2 and FIX 4.4. In this FIX Protocol article, we will explore some of the free available fixionaries or fix protocol reference guides. FIX data dictionary is a must-have development tool for FIX protocol developers.

FIX Protocol Data dictionaries

1. Fiximate

Fiximate is an online FIX reference application provided by fixprotocol.org. I found Fiximate quite easy to use and their description of fix message types, fix tags and other fix protocol related stuff quite helpful. Currently, Fiximate is running with version 3.0 and supports FIX.4.0, FIX.4.1, FIX.4.2, FIX.4.3, FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0 and FIX.5.0.SP1 and SP2. You can search here by fix message type, by fix tag number or by tag name. You can even use regular expression while searching. It also has a section on various abbreviation used in fix protocol, fix data type and fix fields and component.

2. Fixionary

Fixionary is another fix protocol data dictionary which you can download on your machine. Fixionary is one of the oldest fix data dictionaries available and has a good description of all fix protocol information including fix messages, fix tags and fix concepts. There description of fix session and admin message is also very good in order to understand fix protocol concepts.

3. Transacttools

Transact tool also provide online fix reference guide. Which you can use to refer for getting details on any fix message, fix tag etc. transaction is also a leading provider of commercial fix engines along with NYFIX whose Appia fix engine is one of the most popular commercial fix engines on the industry.

4. Fixopaedia

Fixopaedia is a FIX data dictionary from btobits another commercial fix engine vendor. Fixopadedia is available online and you can access it with the link provided here. This fix data dictionary supports almost all versions of the FIX protocol include fix.4.2, fix.44, FIX 5.0 SP1 AND fix5.0sp.

Fixopaedia also has nice documentation around the component block, message names, message types, field names, and field types. Btobits also provides some next-generation fix protocol tools which help in the development and fix protocol certification.

5. Onix fix data dictionary

This is another online fix data dictionary, my personal favorite because of the nice site layout and quality information related to FIX messages and tags. You can browse FIX Dictionary by FIX Protocol version, by MsgType, and by Tag number and tag Name. 

This FIX  data dictionary not only serves as an online fix reference but also a good fix protocol tutorial for beginners and advanced developers.

That's all on this FIX data dictionary article. These are a great free resources available online on FIX protocol and make sure you use it properly.

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Anonymous said...

What about http://fixwiki.org/fixwiki/FIXwiki?

Anonymous said...

Try www.interactivefix.com it parses entire messages so you don't have to go insane while lookin each tag up on fiximate.

Anonymous said...

http://fixbrowser.investolution.com has a FIX Protocol browser/visualizer

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