Friday, June 23, 2017

20 Fancy Acronyms Programmers should know?

Do you read blogs on Internet? Do you understand what TL;DR or ITT means, Well I didn't, not until last year. Internet is full of acronyms. Techies, programmers, developers and bloggers has developed a lot more fancy acronyms than you can think of. If you participate or read articles on sites like Reddit, Hacker news or StackOverFlow, you will see extensive use of these mysterious acronyms. If you don't know meanings of acronyms like TL;DR, AFAIK, PSA, YSK or TIL, there is good chance that you will lost in conversation and comments. So when I come across this list of acronyms, I thought to share it with you guys. This list contains lots of popular acronyms, which is been used by many bloggers around internet and community web-sites like Reddit, Hacker News, DZone and StackOverFlow.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tibco tutorial : Reliability Parameter Explained

Reliability parameter is one of the important stat up parameter we provide to Tibco rvd and incorrect setting up of this parameter can screw up things in a big way. When I wrote Tibco Tutorials for beginners I thought to explain some individual concept on separate tutorials and this article is part of it. Tibco messaging is one of the most used messaging solutions on Investment banks over the years and will continue for coming years.