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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Top 7 advanced Microsoft Excel Courses to Learn Macros and VBA in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to become an Excel power user by learning advanced Excel features like Macros and VBAs and looking for advanced Excel courses then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared some of the best Excel courses for beginners and in this article, I am going to share the best advanced Excel courses for experienced developers. These online courses will teach you potent Excel features like Macros, VBA, and all sorts of charts that help in Data Visualization. These are the features that make Excel a powerful tool for Automation and Data Visualization, an essential skill of today's data-heavy world. The programming power added by VBA can also significantly help your Data Analysis by much automatic time consuming and tedious tasks, and that's why it's essential to learn these features to fully unlock Microsoft Excel's potential.

I have been using Microsoft Excel for close to 20 years now, but if you ask me, I am still a beginner. Excel basic XLS features like filtering, sorting, grouping, removing duplicates, doing VLOOKUP, I don't know much.

Yes, I can also whip out some charts like PIE charts, Line charts, and some graphs when I really need it, but it's not very easy for me, and I have to struggle a lot and do a lot of google searches to pull that.

Since data analysis has become a more significant part of my work, I had to hone my Excel skills and decided to invest some time and money to improve my knowledge of Microsoft Excel. I wanted to see how experts are using Excel for automation and creating data visualization, and there was no better way than to learn from Experts.

My quest to learn advanced Excel features like Macros, VBA, Data Visualization, and charts like Pivot table brought me to these excellent courses on Udemy, which I am going to share with you now, in this article.

7 Best Advanced Excel courses to learn VBA and Macros in 2024

Here is my list of best online training courses to learn some advanced Microsoft features like charting, VBA, Macros, and Data Visualizations. These are the ultimate best courses I have come across to learn advanced excel features, and all three instructors are very knowledgeable and great teachers.

So without wasting any more of your time, let's dive into some of the best courses to learn Microsoft VBA, Macros, and other Data Visualization in 2024.

1. Unlock Excel VBA and Excel Macros

This is one of the most advanced and engaging online courses I have come across on learning Excel VBA and Macros. Leila Gharani, the instructor of this course, dynamically presents all crucial concepts. She took the lessons at an excellent pace, not slowing down too much in simple ideas, which makes other courses dull.

If you are looking to automate your work using Excel or want to enhance your current Excel files, then this is the right course for you. It has more than 22 hours of content, 27 articles, and more than 50 downloadable resources for practice.

The course also has quizzes, coding exercises, and some enjoyable real-world tasks to make your learning experience better. It also helps you to retain the knowledge you have learned; otherwise, it just becomes boring watching videos.

Top 5 Courses to learn Microsoft Excel Macros, VBA, and Data Visualization in depth

Talking about social proof, this is one of the best courses on advanced Excel on Udemy. More than 40,000 students have already enrolled in this course, and it has, on average, 4.6 ratings from close to 8,835 participants, which is just amazing.

A big thanks to Leila for creating this course, and I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA in depth.

2. Excel Skills for Business Specialization [Coursera]

If you are looking for best Coursera course to learn Microsoft Excel, VBA, and Macros then you will love this Excel Skill for Business Specialization by Nicky Bull and Macquarie University. In this online program you will learn Excel Skills for Business which is a must know thing for anyone dealing with Data. 

In this Coursera course, you will learn Excel from scratch and you will start playing with formulas and functions to perform calculations on data. You will also learn about automate choices and data lookups using functions.

You will learn how to create easy-to-use spreadsheets. How to validate data, find and correct errors and how to create navigation aids for large workbooks. You will also learn  How to analyze data and produced the results in a user-friendly way by crating charts and tables that effectively summarize raw data.

After going through this course, you can also checkout this Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving Specialization by University of Colorado to learn advanced Excel and VBA Programming tricks. It also include multiple exercises and real world open ended projects to teach you how to apply the knowledge you have learned in this course. 

best Excel course on Coursera for beginners

By the way, If you are planning to join multiple Coursera courses or specializations, then consider taking a Coursera Plus subscription which provides you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. It costs around $59/ per month but is worth it because you get access to more than 7000+ courses and projects, and you can also get unlimited certificates.

3. VBA Programming on Zero to Mastery Academy

If you are looking for a great, up-to-date, and comprehensive course to learn VBA programming in 2024 then you will love this new Excel course on Zero to Mastery Academy by Andrei Negaoie. Earlier, the have The Excel Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery, which is a great course to learn  Excel from scratch and also covered advanced topics like data analysis & modeling, pivot tables, and VBA.

This course is a new course which deep dives into VBA programming and It's the only course you need to learn VBA Programming and master data analysis with Excel in 2024. 

In this VBA programming course you will learn about:
  • Variables
  • VBA Macros
  • Loops
  • Userforms
  • Arrays
  • Pivot Tables
  • How to automate tasks in Excel
  • + much more
You'll even get to build your own enterprise-level data management system. After completing this course, you'll have the skills to get hired as a Data Analyst!  

Excel is a must-know tool for anyone who works with data in today's business world but knowing VBA on top of Excel will put you ahead of 99% of Excel users. If your job involves working with data, having VBA in your toolkit will make your life so much better and this course is a great place to start with. 

Btw, you would need a ZTM membership to watch this course which costs around $39 per month but also provides access to many super engaging and useful courses like this one. You can also use coupon code FRIENDS10 to get a 10% discount on this course or any subscription you choose.

best course to learn VBA programming

4. Microsoft Excel - Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables [Udemy]

This is again one of the best courses to learn Data Analysis with Excel on Udemy. I haven't come across a better course than this anywhere else so far. It's the best investment I have made for this year so far.

The course is focused on Data Analysis and particularly the Pivot table, one of the useful charts for insights and visualization. This course promises to take your data analysis skills from ZERO to PRO with Excel Pivot Tables, and it indeed does.

You will not only learn how to use Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to streamline but also how to absolutely revolutionize your workflow in Excel. The course is fun, engaging, interactive, and also contains 10 real-world Pivot Table case studies (weather, shark attacks, wine tastings, burrito ratings, and more!) to test your skill.

Talking about social proof, more than 53,000 students have trusted this course, and it has, on average, 4.6 ratings from close to 10,000 participants, which says a lot about the quality of this course. A big thanks to Maven Analytics and Chris Dutton for creating this course, an absolute gem.

5. Microsoft Excel - Data Visualization, Excel Charts, and Graphs [Udemy]

This is another excellent course from Chris Dutton to learn about data visualization, Excel charts, Graphs, etc. This course promises to teach you more than 20 Excel charts types & graphs and build custom visuals using Microsoft Excel 2016 to Excel 2020, and they also deliver it.

You will start with basic chart types like PIE, LINES, COLUMNS to more exciting options like Waterfall, Sunburst, and Radar charts. The best thing is that he starts with the basic principles of Data visualization and then goes to the hands-on demo to really show you how to do that. He also explains every single concept in plain English, which really sticks.

After attending the previous course, I became a fan of Chris Dutton's teaching style and joined this course to learn more about some advanced features of Microsoft Excel, one of my favorite tools, and to be honest, I wasn't disappointed.

best course to learn  Data Visualization, Excel Charts, and Graphs with Excel

Talking about social proof, this course is trusted by more than 24,000 students from 150+ countries. It also has, on average, 4.6 ratings from close to 4,000 participants, which vouch for its quality. Once again, a gem, of course, from Chris, and I highly recommend it if you want to learn data visualization using Excel.

6. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting [Udemy]

Just in case if you are not able to connect to Chris (highly unlikely), you can try taking this course from Kyle Pew. He is another excellent instructor on Udemy when it comes to learning the advanced feature of Microsoft Excel.

This course will teach you how to build dynamic, interactive Microsoft Excel Dashboards using Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, in a completely hands-on way. If for some reason, you are stuck with Excel 2010 or 2013, this course can surely help you a lot.

Talking about social proof, more than 5,000 students have trusted this course, and it has, on average, 4.7 ratings from more than 1000 participants, which are extraordinary. There are not many 4.7 rating courses on Udemy.

best course to learn  Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting

7. Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA [Udemy]

This is another course by Kyle Pew, but this time focus on Macros and BVA. It's a great course similar to the first one on the list and also follows project-based learning, which I look at first when I choose a course.

In this course, you will learn how to automate your daily routine tasks within Excel, learn some best practices while using VBAs, and Macros, and most importantly, learn how to write custom VBA Macros to create more robust automation.

Most of the lessons have been recorded using Excel 2013, but Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016 will work to follow along. It also touches base on VBA programming concepts to create dynamic, re-usable code, which is very important once you jump into real-world projects.

Talking about social proof, this course is trusted by more than 28K students, which is excellent. The course also has, on average, 4.5 ratings from close to 6200 participants, again a good sign of the quality, of course. 

I strongly suggest you first watch the preview lesson of this course, and if you can connect to Kyle Pew, you will find how excellent a resource this is to learn advanced Excel features.

Best course to learn Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA

That's all about best online courses to learn Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA. If you want to use Excel better, I strongly suggest you learn VBA and Macros. This will save you a lot of time and also make you a professional Excel user. 

Your colleagues, you see you as inspiration and always look to you for automating tedious Data analysis tasks. If you are using a Cloud, like Microsoft Azure, then Power BI is another useful tool for Data Visualization.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these Microsoft Excel advanced online courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note. If you have any Excel courses on Udemy, Coursera, or Pluralsight - which you have taken and are fantastic, feel free to suggest us in the comments.

P. S. - If you are looking for a free course to learn Microsoft Excel VBA, then I also suggest you take a look at Excel VBA programming by Examples (MS Excel 2016) on Udemy. It's completely free, all you have to do is create an account to access the course.

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