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Thursday, August 17, 2023

The 2024 Angular Developer Roadmap for Beginners

Hello guys, if you want to learn Angular and looking for guidance and resources then you have come to the right place. In the past I have shared best Angular courses, books, and tutorials and in this article, I am going to share complete Angular RoadMap for web developers. Angular is one of the most popular and widely used frontend web frameworks. It is a TypeScript-based framework that is developed by the Angular team at Google. Angular is actually the rewritten version of AngularJS. According to the Stackoverflow developers survey, Angular is the third most popular web framework among professional developers. So learning Angular in 2024 is definitely worth it.
But Angular is a huge framework and it is not easy to learn it. There are so many concepts in it. It is advised for a beginner to follow a proper roadmap while learning a vast framework like Angular. In this article, we will create a roadmap for beginners to learn Angular in 2024.

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The 2024 Angular Developer RoadMap

Now, let's see the Angular Developer RoadMap I found on Github. This one is created by sulco and its quit comprehensive and list down what you need to learn to become an Angular Developer. 

Angular Developer RoadMap
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Basics of the web development

Before moving to Angular directly, you should be properly aware of the basics of web development. Following are the basics of web development:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

You should have proper knowledge of these three technologies before moving to Angular. 

What to focus on?

  • Important HTML tags and attributes

  • Basics of CSS

  • Flexbox, grid system, and responsive designing

  • Modern JavaScript features (ES6+)

  • DOM manipulation, hoisting, prototypes, and Ajax


Angular is a TypeScript-based framework and TypeScript is nothing but a superset or strict-typed version of JavaScript. It is a very important part of Angular development. So you should learn TypeScript in depth.

Moreover, It is also strongly recommended to learn RxJS which is a reactive programming library for JavaScript.

What to focus on?

  • Basic TypeScript syntax

  • Structural typing

  • Type Inference

  • Union types, built-in types, and Type guards\

  • Observable patterns

  • Operators

  • RxJS and promises

General skills

A professional Angular developer is not only skilled in Angular but is also aware of general development skills. Some of the skills expected from a professional developer are listed below. 

  • Git

  • DSA

  • HTTP/HTTPS protocols

  • Design pattern

Angular basics

First, move on to the basics of Angular. You have to learn what Angular CLI is and what is the folder structure of an Angular project. Then, try to understand the difference between Angular and AngularJS. Moreover, it is also important to learn the architecture of Angular. 

After the general overview of Angular, try to learn components, templates, rendering topics, data binding, how to use forms, services, lifecycle hooks, routing, and guards. 

What to focus on?

  • Interpolation

  • Property binding

  • Data binding

  • ngIf, ngFor, and <ng-template>

  • ngClass and ngStyle

  • Pipes

State management

After clearing the basics, it’s time to focus on one of the essentials of Angular - state management

Generally, the state management in Angular is done using @ngrx or NGXS. But before learning these, you should learn what is the state is and why it is used in Angular. 

Advanced Angular

When you think you are ready, go for the Advanced topics. There are several advanced topics in Angular. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Custom directives

  • Custom pipes

  • Modules

  • Lazy loading

  • Dependency injections

As much as it is important to learn development, it is important to learn testing in Angular. Once you are done with Angular, basics, and advanced, give some time to learn testing in Angular.
Try to learn unit and end-to-end testing using libraries such as Jasmin and Karma

What else?
Apart from all the necessary concepts, you should also be familiar with other concepts that may or may not be related to Angular but are used with it.

For example, you should know build tools such as NPM or yarn. There are several CSS frameworks, libraries, and tools that are used while building Angular applications. These include preprocessors like Sass and PostCSS, frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind, and design systems like Angular material.

Then, there are utility libraries such as Lodash and Moment.js. Moreover, you can also learn Progressive web app development using @angular/pwa or workbox.

After learning Angular for the web, you can also go for mobile development using PWA, NativeScript, or Ionic.

Wrapping it up
Learning Angular is time-consuming and tough but if a proper roadmap is followed, it can be learned more easily. In this article, we created a step-by-step Angular roadmap for beginners. We listed everything from basics to advanced in this roadmap. Moreover, we also listed what extra you should learn and what you should learn once finished with Angular.

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