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Friday, August 25, 2023

Top 10 Coursera Projects for Beginners in 2024 - Best of Lot

Learning new skills and programming languages is essential for anyone to have a professional carer. Still, most people think that reading books and watching some tutorials make them professional and expert at what they are doing, but that is totally wrong, and they need to create projects to put their skills under the test. For that reason, you have to practice more and more and gain skills that you need to call yourself a professional programmer or developer, and here come the benefits of an online learning platform known as Coursera that offers you courses to learn skills then you can also enroll in a program called a guided project to test your skills.

Coursera's guided projects are learning booster, it provides short, hands-on, and practical knowledge on a particular topic. For example, you can learn critical skills like building a website or scraping web data using Python by following guided projects in 2 to 4 hours.

They are also very hassle-free; you don't need to install anything or set up your development environment. You will be coding in your browser, and the instructor will guide you step by step in a split-screen lecture. That's why these online courses are called guided projects.

These Coursera-guided projects are also an excellent place to apply your knowledge and test your skills. For example, if you already know Python, then you can check out the first project and see if you can build it within the required time or not. Along the way, you will learn missing skills and further consolidate your knowledge.

If you are learning a programming language or have already finished some classes about software development and want to enhance your knowledge more and put your skills under the test, then keep reading this article for some projects that you can do for that reason.

10 Best Projects from Coursera to Learn Essential Skills in 2024

These are the best project-based courses from Coursera, a popular online learning platform that brings study material from reputed universities like Stanford, Yale, and the world's largest tech companies like Google, IBM, and AWS online.

These are also known as guided projects because you develop and work in a project under a driven environment where your workspace is a cloud-desktop right in your browser, and your instructor will guide you step by step in a split-screen video.

Best Coursera Guided projects for Beginners

The list contains projects to learn essential Programming skills like Java, Python, Data Structure, how to build a website, data visualization, SQL, Project Management, Google Sheets, and much more.

1. Object-Oriented Programming with Java

This Coursera guided project is for intermediate Java developers who have some basic understanding of the Java programming language, and you will learn the four object-oriented programming paradigms of Java then create an exciting social media project with a user interface that is a social media profile app for pets. 

By the end of the project, you will understand all four principles of object-oriented programming, write object-oriented code in Java, and be able to apply the same concepts to other object-oriented programming languages!

best Java Project on Coursera

2. Python Data Structures

This Coursera project tests your skills in the python structure so you will make a small python app that can read a simple file that has some words and their definitions and your job is to use python built-in functions to make a quiz app based on these words and their definitions.

In this project you will do hands-on practice to learn key Python data structure like dictionary, tuples, list etc. If you are learning Python or already know Python, this course is a great resource to improve and better your knowledge about data structures in Python. 

best Python Data Structure Project on Coursera


3. Create Your First Python Program

This project will start with you by learning the basics of Python such as using variables and functions as well as loops conditional statements and getting the data input from a user then you will create your command-line app to manage the TODO list and some other small projects throughout the course. 

best Python Project on Coursera

4. Introduction to Python

This course project will show you how to use Python as a beginner such as using variables loops inputs then moving to the project where you are going to create a guessing game and the user enters a number and the computer tells him if the number is low then what the computer guess or higher. 

best Python Project Course on Coursera

5. Introduction to Project Management

In this project, you will find asana to create a fundraising event where you will learn how to hire team members to help you and you will build a timeline and learn various different ways to manage the project as well as learn how to build a work schedule and compare the differences in many projects view in asana. 

best Project Management  on Coursera

6. Spreadsheets for Beginners using Google Sheets

This guided project will start with no prior experience in the google sheet and teach you many concepts such as data entry and some functions such as calculating the average sum min and even advanced ones. You will create a spreadsheet that helps you calculate the household expenses. 

best Google Sheet project on Coursera

7. Introduction to Relational Database and SQL

The based project course will teach you first how to use SQL language to fetch that data from the MYSQL oracle databases and use its commands such as selecting rows and deleting them updating and much more then you will create billing reports and a club member roster at the end of this guided project. 

best SQL and Database project on Coursera

8. Use WordPress to Create a Blog

You will use the famous content management system WordPress to create your blog website for your business by using some pages tools included in this platform to create the home page customizing it and making some blog posts and the footer section. 

best Wordpress project on Coursera

9. Data Visualization with Python

Python is widely used in data visualization. This project will test your skills in this industry where you will have some data and read it using pandas, then try to create various plots using matplotlib and seaborn such as scatter plot and heatmap plot as well as joint plot distribution. 

If you want to get into field of Data Science or Data analysis then you should spend time honing your Data visualization skill as people believe what they see and there is no better way to put forward your point then impressive visuals and this is the one skill which can immensely help Data Analyst and Data Scientist in their career. 

best Data Visualization project on Coursera

10. Build Your Portfolio Website

The project is about creating a portfolio website using HTML and CSS, starting by learning those two languages as a beginner, such as fonts headings, hyperlinks, and much more, and enhancing the look of your website to make it professional then uploading it to Github on your subdomain.

If you want to learn HTML and CSS for building website then you can join this project to build a portfolio website and learn HTML and CSS along the way.   After going through this project, you not only have a portfolio website to show to your employers, you can also add into your resume but also a working knowledge of essential web technologies. 

best build website project on Coursera

That's all about the best Coursera projects to learn Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, and other key programming skills.  The article has shown you many projects that you can practice yourself to enhance your skills and gain some real-world experience and now you are only one step to achieve that and have a much more professional career.

By the way, if you are wondering whether Coursera Guided projects are worth it or not then don't worry. As per my experience, they are definitely worth it because you get to learn a useful, meaning full skill in less than 2 hours in a guided manner which may take days or even longer if you try to do it on your own, given the amount of research and comprehension involved.  

They also let you practice on a cloud desktop which means you don't need to waste time on setting up your own development environment which is often where many people including myself have stuck while learning new technology. 

You can join these projects one by one by purchasing them individually. If you plan to join multiple Coursera courses or specializations, consider taking a Coursera Plus subscription that provides you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization professional certificate, and guided projects. It cost around $399/year, but it's entirely worth your money as you get unlimited certificates.

If you want more opinions, here is what other people are saying about Coursera Guided projects

Is Coursera Guided projects worth it?

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