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Thursday, May 11, 2023

10 Essential Skills For Cyber Security Professionals to Learn in 2024

Hello guys, if you want to become a Cyber Security Professional but not sure which skills you should learn to start your Cyber Security career then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared essentials skills for Java Developers, Python Developers, app developers, and Data Analyst and in this article, I will share important skills for Cyber Security Professionals. Cyber Security is one of the most lucrative career in today's age where every company and service is going online. Most companies infrastructure are connected to the internet, such as the employee's computers and the servers where the company has their valuable and confidential data, which means it can be hacked by people outside their network and cause significant damage to their system and even reputation so they need to hire cyber security professionals to help them secure their network. 

This article will help you understand the skills you require to become cyber security engineer, expert, or start your Cyber Security career from scratch. 

10 Skills to become a Successful Cyber Security Professionals

Here are the 10 key skills you need to become a successful Cyber Security professional in 2024. It doesn't matter if you don't have those skills as you can learn them and now a days there are a lot of resources to learn them online at the comfort of your home. I have also shared many useful resources in the past to learn Cyber security and Information Security like cyber security online courses and tutorials. You can also check them out. 

1. Application Development Security

Companies hire cyber security professionals to protect their infrastructure and servers, find these vulnerabilities that lead to a data breach, and get them in the hacker's hands. The application development security is developing, adding, testing the feature to an application to prevent any vulnerability that can lead to unauthorized access and data breach.

10 Essential Skills For Cyber Security Professionals

2. Coding Skills

Adding new features to an application and testing its security means you need to have coding skills and use many programming languages. Companies are varied which programming language you should know. Still, the most used ones are C/C++, Python, PHP, Java, and more, and they can even ask you to learn other languages you don't know, but it is never hurt to learn a new one if you already have previous experience with languages.

key skill to learn Cyber Security

3. Cloud Security

Nowadays, more companies are looking to store their valuable data in the cloud, making it risky for hackers to access and steal it. Companies require people who can protect their data in the cloud and have the skills to manage the security of different cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure Microsoft.

skills to become Cyber Security Developer

4. Intrusion Detection

One of the primary jobs you will do as a cyber security analyst is monitoring the network activities for any suspicious action for any possible intrusion that could happen by hackers and lead to unauthorized access for the whole company infrastructure such as their servers, employees computers, and this can lead to a data breach or worse like injecting ransomware into the organization computers.

5. Operating Systems

People try to close the vulnerabilities and make systems with zero vulnerabilities, but they can't. All the operating systems that work both on mobile, such as iOS & Android, and also systems that work on a computer such as macOS, Windows, Linux have vulnerabilities that hackers can take advantage of, so you need to understand the security of the operating system your organization uses to prevent these intrusions.

mandatory skills for Cyber Security Professionals

6. Social Engineering

Social engineering uses psychological manipulation to trick people or the company employee into letting them download and open a malicious file pretending that it comes from trust contact or asking them to provide valuable information. Knowing these threads means you can understand that the company is already hacked, and hackers are spying on their employees.

6. Penetration Testing

People with penetration testing skills are almost rare these days. Testing the system's network security and reporting their vulnerabilities are in-demand by even big-name companies with good protection. You should also learn how to fix these vulnerabilities because there are no benefits if you could discover them but not fix them.

How to become a Cyber Security professional

8. Reverse Engineering

When you detect some intrusion on your network or computer, or servers, you need to know how this intrusion happens. Reverse Engineering is the science of learning how to identify the details of how the systems get hacked, what steps the hacker did to get the access, and what he did to get his hands on this system.

9. Problem Solving

The company security depends on you, so you are the ultimate problem solver inside that company. This skill is needed for cyber security, and in every job, you need to apply. Your job as a cyber security analyst is fixing all bugs, preventing attacks, and solving any other problem you face.

How to start career in Cyber Security

10. Communication Skills

These skills are needed for cyber security people and anyone in the world, whether you are an owner of a company or just an employee doing your daily work routine. Being a cyber security professional, you need to know how to work with others and explain the technical details to business people who have even heard of them before to make better decisions for the company's security.

skills you need to become Cyber Security Expert

That's all about the skills you need to become a Cyber Security Professionals in 2024. These skills are essential to have in your belt before applying for a job in cyber security, and you also need to have many others. Still, you will gain most of them through experience working with other people in an organization.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best Computer Security online courses then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note. 

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