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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Top 5 Online Courses for Content Creators and Instructors in 2024 - Best of Lot

There is something about content creation like online training courses that makes learning so easy. They are affordable, convenient, and accessible everywhere. More and more programmers, bloggers, and experts are now teaching online so that now there are so many high-quality courses available on the internet to learn almost anything. It wasn't like that a couple of years ago when books and tutorials were the primary resources for learning new skills, but there is a huge potential still for both learners and creators when it comes to creating and selling online courses. You can easily make 10K USD per month by selling online courses and more importantly can make a difference in people's life.

I have been championing this and partnering with many of my students/readers to create online courses and actively encouraging them to build a sustainable online business as a side hustle along with programming.

It's perfectly natural that when you do this first time, there are a lot of doubts, questions, and things to learn, and that's why I receive a lot of questions about how to create an online course? How to film the course? How to create slides? Which Mic should I use for recording? Which camera should I buy to record my class? Which online course platform is better for hosting my course? How to promote my course, and much more.

While answering them one by one, I found that I have been doing this repeatedly and the questions are very standard, so why not create a FAQ and answer all the question which a new online course creator or blogger has?

Well, that's a good idea, and that work is in progress, but even before that, I wanted to share some useful resources which a new course creator, mainly a programmer or tech guy, can go through before creating an online course.

Once you go through this course, most of your questions will be answered, and you will have all the information you need to create an excellent online course you always wanted. I have also purposefully chosen courses that are motivating; for example, the first course in this list is from a creator, Phil Ebber, which has made more than 1 million dollars in Udemy, maybe even more.

He has kindly shared his Udemy numbers and earnings from other places like Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, Skillshare, StackSocial, etc. These kinds of information sharing are super motivating and mind you not many people can do this.

Once you see that it is real and not a scam and there is a legitimate way to not only teach and inspire student but also to learn a living, you will go all-in, and that's when you create the best online course which your student will love, and you will be proud of it.

5 Best Online Course for Content Creators and Instructors to Join in 2024

As you can see in this image from Gumroad the Creator Economy is just starting and there is a lot of scope for content creators, particularly for online course creators and people who want to teach by creating courses and books.  

I have sold more than 800 copies of my books Grokking the Java Interview and Grokking the Spring Boot Interview on Gumroad and similarly, more than 7000 people have joined my course son Udemy. 

Top 5 Courses for Content Creators and Instructors

In the past, I have shared a couple of posts advising why a programmer should create an online course (read here), and when to use Udemy and Teachable for hosting your online course (read here). Today, I am going to share some of the best online courses you can take to learn all this and many more.

Let's be clear, creating an excellent course is not easy; you not only need to be a subject matter expert but also know how to present information in an engaging way using the latest technologies like animation video, white charts, and other techniques.

You also need to know how to record your video and audio in professional quality so that your course can make it stand out. All these require some guidance and knowledge, and that's where these courses help.

These are the courses that are created by some of the highly successful online course creators like Phil Ebiner from Video School Online who have made more than 900K dollars teaching online. They are kind enough to share their strategies, which you can use to repeat their success.

Anyway, without wasting any more of your time, here are some of the best courses online course creators and instructors can join to level up their game and learn new techniques to create awesome courses:

1. Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation - Unofficial

This is my favorite course when it comes to learning how to create an online course. In this course, Phil Ebiner, a popular Udemy instruct, gives you step-by-step tips to create an online course that your student will love.

You will learn everything required to create and sell your online course like the idea, validation, production, and promotion. Phil has made more than 1 million teachings online, and he shows proof of how he made more than 770K with just Udemy.

That's an impressive figure and very motivating for people who doubt that it's possible to create money online legitimately. Not just that, he gives you a lot o practical tips to create a successful online course and business. You'll learn everything from equipment setup to promoting your course. If you can join just one course, join this one.

Top 5 Courses to learn how to create Online Course which your Student will love

2. Udemy Mastery: How to create 1 course per day! (Unofficial)

This is another exciting course I found on Udemy for creating an online course and building an online teaching business. The Instructor Business Hero has shared some really cool tips to create one Udemy course daily.

Well, that sounds too short, but the tip he has shared is really cool and can drastically cut down the time you otherwise take to produce and release your course.

I have learned a lot about creating an online course from this course, like using the same slide to start with and asking questions to engage readers, and I am sure you will also find a lot of useful tips that you can apply on your own online courses.

Talking about social proof, more than 2400 students have joined this course, and it has, on average, a 4.8 rating, which is phenomenal and tells a lot about the quality of the course.

3. Udemy Course Creation for Passive Income (Unofficial)

This is another online course I recommend you to join if you are thinking of creating an online course and want to put that on Udey, well you should because that's the best platform for online courses.

In this course, instructor and course creator Loise Croft is very transparent about she makes a full-time income from her Udemy courses and shares everything she has learned from her first course to this course.

You will learn about the idea, planning, course curriculum, filming, editing, creating thumbnails, pricing, and promoting your course so that you can earn a passive income, which is what she does now.

She earns in her sleep and travels around the world and creates an online course whenever she gets a WIFI, yet it's that simple, and I really liked her transparency about her failed courses and how much you can earn from a single course in Udemy.

best online courses for content creators

4. How to Create, Market & Sell Online Courses

If you are an absolute beginner when it comes to creating content, particularly online courses but determined to convert your hobby into income then this course is for you. 

In this online course, Daniel Scott details the steps he uses to make 100K USD per month, creating and selling online classes. That's impressive, right? Learning from experts like Daniel can really make a difference between the success and failure of your course.

Dan is a full-time online course instructor, and in this training, he will show you the best way to successfully launch your very own first course.

This training is aimed at people who have never created an online course before, and no previous experience is required. Dan has created more than 22 courses course will take you through the personal steps necessary to develop and launch a successful course.

How to create and sell online courses on Udemy

5. Build a Six-Figure Online Business Selling Online Courses

This is another excellent course on Udemy for content creators like people who wants to create online business courses. This course will teach you exactly how to build a six-figure online business by creating and selling online courses.

The instructor of this course, Eli Natoli is a service-focused marketing strategist, international speaker, and bestselling author. On Udemy itself, she has more than 8K students and 5 courses, so she knows her stuff.

There is a lot of good stuff to learn in this course, but I particularly liked her advice about selling online courses, which is often the most challenging part. She explains different options like online marketplaces, online course hosting platforms, and self-hosted WordPress sites, and the pros and cons of each of them.

best Udemy courses for content creators

That's all about some of the best online courses, too, for course creators and instructors. If you want to create an online course in 2024, I highly recommend joining these courses to learn hos practical secrets for creating an online course.

These courses cover everything from choosing a topic to validating the idea, creating a curriculum to designing quizzes, filming courses to hosting online, and, most importantly, how to promote and sell your course online on different platforms. I am highly motivated by the potential and opportunity online teaching offers, and if you also love teaching, suggest you create an online course this year.

Other Programming Resources  you may like to check

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you find these best resources for creating successful online courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. -Teachable and Udemy are not the only platforms that are available for hosting online courses and selling them. There are many more options like Thinkific, Podia, Teachable, Kajabi, Skillshare, and many others. You can even post your courses to multiple platforms to get the benefit of both worlds.

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