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Top 5 Blockchain Certification Courses for Beginners in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are not living under a rock then you know that Blockchain is quickly becoming one of the leading technology, and the demand for skilled Blockchain developers and architects are increasing every passing day. There is no surprise that Blockchain has the biggest impact on the Finance domain and almost every big investment bank has its own research division on Blockchain they are also hiring Blockchain experts to build a competitive advantage over their rivals. This means, 2024 is probably the best time to learn Blockchain and become a Blockchain developer or architect. If you already made up your mind and one of your 2024 goals is to learn Blockchain Technology and become a Blockchain developer or architect and looking for the best online courses then you have come to the right place. 

In the past, I have shared the best Blockchain certifications, websites, and courses and in this article, I am going to share the best online courses to learn Blockchain from Coursera, one of the popular online learning platforms which bring the best learning material from the world's top universities like the University of Michigan, Duke University, and top companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and more. 

I have tried almost all the online learning platforms from Udemy to Pluralsight, Educative to CodeCademy, Udacity to FutureLearn, and LinkedIn Learning to Datacamp, and I have found that Coursera programs are most structured,  and cover all the related technologies which many online courses don't cover. 

I am particularly a big fan of Coursera specialization covers every topic in great detail and provides a single resource to not just learn basics but master a new technology like Blockchain in depth. If you don't know Coursera specialization and Professional certificates are collections of related, well-structured courses which teach you a specific skill in a structured way. 

While I always include one or two Coursera courses in my list a lot of you asked me about creating a separate list of best Coursera courses to learn Blockchain as this is one of the difficult topics and there is not much authentic study material available. 

So here we are with the list of best Blockchain courses, certifications, and specializations from Courser which you can join to learn this in-demand skill in 2024. 

I have included courses for both beginners and intermediate developers who want to take their Blockchain knowledge and skill to the next level and the best thing is that you can join all of these courses with a single Coursera Plus subscription plan which not only provides access to these blockchain courses but also many other 7000+ other technical courses which you can use to learn a new skill and level u your core skills. 

best Coursera Course for Blockchain

5 Best Coursera Blockchain Certification Courses for Beginners in 2024

Without wasting any more of your time, here is my list of best online courses, tutorials, classes, training programs, and specializations from Coursera to learn Blockchain. Many of these courses also included hands-on learning, some also require you to buy books to complete assessments and quizzes to learn Blockchain in depth. 

We will first take a look at the best Blockchain certification available on Coursera which is offered by reported universities and then we will take a look at the Blockchain courses for beginners who want to learn Blockchain from scratch. 

1. Blockchain Specialization  [Most Comprehensive Blockchain Certification]

This is one of the best Coursera specializations to learn Blockchain in 2024, particularly for programmers and software developer who wants to learn about Blockchain and develop smart contract and distributed application leveraging Blockchain network, particularly Ethereum. 

This specialization has 4 courses that will teach everything you need to learn about Blockchain, how it facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediary, and then how to develop smart contracts and dApps on the Ethereum network. 

This course is offered by The State University of New York & the University at Buffalo and it's completely online. It will take almost 4 months to complete if you can spend 4 hours each week and you will also get a sharable certificate after completing this Blockchain certification. 

Instructor: Bina Ramamurthy
Offered by: The state university of NewYork, and the University at Buffalo
How long does it take to learn Blockchain -  64 hours
Level -  intermediate, programming knowledge required
Skills - Smart Contract, Ethereum, Blockchains, Solidity, Cryptography, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Remix IDE, MetaMask client, Decentralized Applications, Truffle IDE

Talking about the social proof, this is the most popular Blockchain certification on courser and more than 70K students have already joined this program it has on average 4.6 rating from close to 5000 students which is remarkable. 

Here is the link to join his specialization - Blockchain Specialization 

5+ Best Blockchain Certifications and Courses for Beginners from Coursera

2. Blockchain Revolution [Best Blockchain Course for Non - Technical People]

This is is one of the top Blockchain programs from one of the world's top universities INSEAD. This program is designed to not only teach you what is Blockchain and how it is impacting the world but also to identify opportunities where you can use Blockchain in the real world. 

This Blockchain certification also has 4 courses that will teach you what are crypto assets and how they are transacted using Blockchain. You will also explore the application of Blockchain and why it's revolutionary. 

The best thing is it's a beginner-level course and it is not just useful for technical people but also for non-technical people like finance professionals who want to learn and understand Blockchain. It will take approximately 5 months to complete this course if you can spend 4 hours each week. 

Here are the key details and facts about this course:
  • Instructor: Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott
  • Offered by: INSEAD
  • How long does it take to learn Blockchain -  80 hours
  • Level -  beginner level, no programming experience needed
  • Area -  Computer Science Software Development 
  • Skills you will learn - Blockchain, use cases, a financial transaction using Blockchain

Talking about social proof, more than 25K people have trusted this course for their Blockchain journey and you can be the next one. The course also has an excellent 4.8 rating out of 5 which is extraordinary. 

Here is the link to join this course - Blockchain Revolution 

Best Coursera Certification to learn Blokchain

3. Introduction to Blockchain Specialization [Best Blockchain Certification for Beginners]

This is another awesome Coursera course to learn Blockchain technology in 2024 for beginners.  This course is offered by AICPA and CIMA and this course is designed for you to give an overview of Crypto assets, the security of Blockchain and Crypto assets, and the benefits of Blockchain technology. 

Compared to the previous two courses this one is a shorter course and it will take just a month to complete if you spend 3 hours a week but you can easily complete this in a week if you spend 4 to 6 hours each day. 

Here are important details of this course:
  • Instructor: AICPA and CIMA
  • Offered by: Business Essentials Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
  • How long does it take to learn Blockchain -  12 hours
  • Level -  Beginner, no prior experience is required. 
Talking about social proof, more than 1.6K students have already joined this course and on average it has 4.7 ratings. Overall a great Blockchain certification for Beginners. 

Best Coursera Certification for Blockchain

This is another Blockchain specialization you can join in Coursera to earn a Blockchain certification. This program is offered by the UCI Division of Continuing Educative and more than 7.3K students have already joined this program. 

Similar to the first two certifications in this list, this one also has 4 courses that will teach you the basics and foundation of Blockchain, Cryptography, Security, having, and assembly of blocks. 

Along the way, you will learn skills that can be used on blockchain applications and when exploring new opportunities for applying blockchain concepts. 

Here are important details about this program:
  • Instructor: Stefano M. Stefan
  • Offered by: UCI Division of Continuing Education
  • How long does it take to learn Blockchain - 48 hours
  • Level -  Beginner
The courses in this specialization require the purchase of two books for the completion of assignments: 
  • Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps. (ISBN-13: 978-1484226032) Antonoupoulos, A. M. (2017). 
  • The Internet of Money, Volume Two. (ISBN-13: 978-1947910065)
Overall a great collection of courses to learn Blockchain and also earn a sharable certificate to showcase your blockchain skills. 

Best Coursera Certification for Blockchain Developers

4. Blockchain Revolution in Financial Service [Best Blockchain Course for Finance Professionals]

Finance is one area where Blockchain is quickly establishing itself because of its ability to facilitate transactions without any intermediary. Since its inception, blockchain technology has revolutionized financial services. 

This certification also contains 4 courses where you will learn about blockchain's role in the Financial service section. As a result of this specialization, students develop strategic action plans to identify and evaluate promising applications of blockchain technology in the financial services industry.

Here are important details about this Blockchain program from Coursera:
  • Instructor: Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott
  • Offered by: INSEAD
  • How long does it take to learn Blockchain -  80 hours
  • Level -  intermediate, programming knowledge required
  • Area - Computer Science Computer Security and Networks 
If you are a finance professional or finance student then knowledge of Blockchain can further boost your CV and this is one of the best courses to learn Blockchain for Finance. 

5. Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology  [Best Blockchain Course for Supply Chain People]

This is the last Blockchain certification in this list of best Blockchain certifications from Coursera and this one is again focused on the Supply chain and Finance industry. This certification is offered by the New York Institute of Finance and is focused on an emerging set of solutions for trade finance. 

This program also has 4 blockchain courses underneath and you need to complete all 4 courses, assessments, and quizzes to earn the Blockchain certification.

Here are the important details about this program:
  • Instructor: Bina Ramamurthy
  • Offered by: New York Institute of Finance
  • How long does it take to learn Blockchain -  64 hours
  • Level -  intermediate, programming knowledge required
Overall a great Blockchain certification program for finance people. After completing the Specialization, you'll be able to assess and identify supply chain finance opportunities for a corporate purchasing organization.

Best Blockchain Certification for Finance professionals

Best Blockchain Courses with Certificate on Coursera in 2024

So far we have seen the best Blockchain certifications and specializations from Coursera and now is the time to look at the best course beginners can join to learn Blockchain from scratch. This is a practical course that you can join even if you don't know anything about Blockchain. 

2.1 Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases [Best Blockchain Course for Beginners]

This is one of the best beginner-level Blockchain online courses I have come across to learn Blockchain online. If you just heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum and have no knowledge of Blockchain then you should join this course.  

This Blockchain course on Coursera is offered by ConsenSys Academy and it is suitable for both developers and non-developers like Business Analysts, Project managers, and software architects. Before telling you about blockchain this course talks about Decentralization which is the central concept in any blockchain.

This course contains 4 modules and in the first three modules, you learn about essential blockchain concepts and implementations. In the 4th module, this course talks about Ethereum, a next-generation blockchain that shows what Blockchain can do for you with smart contracts and dApps. 

In the last module, you will see a use case from the ConsenSys startup portfolio which gives you an overview and inspiration on how you can apply Blockchain to the real world. The course is beginner level and completely suitable for both technical and non-technical audiences and it will take approximately 10 hours to complete this course. 

Here is the link to join this course Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases 

Best Coursera course to learn Blockchain for Beginners

That's all about the best Coursera courses to learn Blockchain Technologies in 2024. This article also includes the top Blockchain certifications from Coursera and created by top universities like INSEAD, State University of New York, University at Buffalo, and UBCI which you can take to learn Blockchain from scratch and also get a certificate to add to your resume.

By the way, Instead of joining these courses individually, you can consider taking Coursera Plus, a subscription plan which provides access to more than 7000+ courses, professional certifications, and specializations on Coursera from reputed universities companies. It cost around $59 per month and is definitely the best investment in your upgrading yourself. 

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best Coursera courses, specialization, and certifications to learn Blockchain technology then please share with your friends and colleagues if you find them useful. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are serious about learning Blockchain technologies and looking for the best Blockchain certification to start with then this Blockchain Certification on Coursera is the best resource to start with. Many of my students and readers have taken this course and feedback has been awesome. 

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