How to prepare for AWS certified Advanced Networking Specialty Exam in 2023

Hello guys, if you are preparing for AWS Advanced Networking Specialty Certification in 2023 but not sure how to prepare for this exam then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared several AWS courses and Practice tests for different AWS Certifications like AWS Developer, AWS Solution Architect Associate, and AWS SysOps and in this article, I am going to share best resources and step by step guide to prepare for AWS Networking Specialty exam. Certification in AWS services and hybrid IT network designs may be shown by passing an exam such as the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty test. This is not a beginner's exam, but rather a test for those who are already proficient in using AWS to do difficult networking tasks.

How to prepare for AWS certified advanced networking- Specialty

Now, let's deep dive into AWS Certified advanced Networking specialty exam and find out who should give this exam and how to prepare for this exam to become a certified AWS Networking specialist. 

How to prepare for AWS certified advanced networking- Specialty

1. Who should take this exam? 

It is designed for those who have five years of expertise in architecting and executing network systems and who want to become AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty. Preparation for this test includes:

Expertise in the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology, including knowledge of AWS security standards, AWS storage choices and the underlying consistency models, and AWS networking intricacies.

Network design and interconnection choices, including virtual private LAN service (VPLS)].
Scripting and tool development experience is a plus. Among them are the following: routing designs; multi-region solutions for a worldwide organization; and highly available connection solutions.

Insights into IPv6's transition issues and general solutions for network security features, such as AWS WAF, intrusion detection and prevention systems, DDoS defense, and economic denial of service/sustainability, are all essential.
  • Number of questions: 65
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Format: Multiple-Choice questions with one correct option or more than one correct option.
  • Language: English
  • Eligibility: Anyone can appear in the exam who has the knowledge and wants a career in this industry
  • Exam Delivery methods: Can be an online-proctored exam from a remote location or an onsite-proctored exam at the testing center
  • Validity of Certificate: 2 years
  • Result : No percentage just pass or fail

2.Tips to excel in AWS certified advanced networking - Specialty

Because "excellent preparation leads to good outcomes," test preparation becomes crucial. A step-by-step guide to passing the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty test is now available. In this part, you will learn where to begin and how to prepare. 

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section if you need any help comprehending what we've said. Here we go: Let's get started on our preparations.

2.1 Get to Know the Exam Outline

Exam Blueprint is an excellent place to begin preparing for any IT certification exam. The official test guide is a good place to start. It will be quite beneficial for you to have a thorough understanding of the AWS Advanced Networking Specialty certification exam's themes and subject areas. 

In addition, the percentage weight assigned to each aim is specified. The blueprint for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty test, as administered by AWS, can be found here.

2.2 Get Amazon's Free Trial Membership

In order to utilize Amazon Web Services, you may take advantage of the Amazon free tier. For one year, all of Amazon's services are available to you for free when you join up for the company's free tier. This is for those who are new to the AWS cloud platform and wish to try out the services before committing to a subscription. Candidates studying for any of the AWS certification exams would benefit greatly from this resource. 
You'll be able to use all the features, but they'll be restricted.
Having a working grasp of the services is essential. The test may include some scenario-based questions to gauge your practical knowledge. If you'd like to play around with Amazon's services, join up for a free account.

2.3 Examine the Official AWS Learning Materials

For the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty certification exam, Amazon is giving a lot of useful study resources. As a result, studying for your AWS certification should be your top priority. Helpful guides and resources are included in this section — click here to see the full list.

You may find test details in the official handbook for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty exam. Test information, necessary abilities, exam pattern, and blueprint are all included in this document. To put it another way, this book will provide you with an overview of the kind of test you'll face.

2.4 Whitepapers

The AWS documentation contains all the information you need to know about the various services. You'll find all you need to know about the services here, from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated.

Security, Architecture, and Economics are some of the topics covered in the AWS Whitepapers area. Prepare for the AWS Certified Advanced Network Specialty test by reading the following whitepapers.
  • Amazon Web Services: A Quick Guide
  • Overview of AWS Storage Services
  • The AWS Framework is well-designed.
  • How to get started with AWS Cloud Apps
  • Best Practices for AWS Security
  • How Much Does AWS Cost?
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Design Principles
  • AWS's Business Value: Succeeding in the Business Infrastructure of the Twenty-First Century
Examples of Questions An important benefit of using AWS is that it allows you to get more acquainted with the test format as well as the exam questions. After studying the AWS study materials, you may practice the test with 10 example questions provided by AWS. The solutions to these questions are provided in the form of multiple choice and multiple response questions.

2.5 Read the Books Suggested to You

It's time to pick up some decent AWS books after reading all the official study materials. The AWS Certified Advanced Networking certification exam's many objectives are covered in a number of publications. You may prepare for the test by reading a book or books that cover every subject.
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide: Specialty Exam by Sidhartha Chauhan
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide: Specialty Exam by Alan Halachmi
The AWS Certified Advanced Network Specialty exam is covered by the Official Study Guide. While studying for the AWS networking specialty test, it is strongly suggested to read the official handbook. Reading this book many times might help you better understand the test objectives.

2.6 View Training Videos on the Internet

To prepare for the test, consider watching online training videos if you are a self-learner. Online certification training providers. You may enroll in an AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty online training course after deciding on the finest one. The official AWS channel has a plethora of free online videos. To help you better understand AWS networking, watch these videos.

2.7 Put your skills to the test! Practice! Practice!

The more you practice, the better you will get. Once you've completed all of your planning, it's time to start practicing. To prepare for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty test, use sample questions and answers available online. You may also use free practice questions to brush up on your skills. Using this tool will help you assess your exam-related readiness. You'll be able to identify your weak points and work on them.

Preparing for the Advanced Networking Specialty AWS certification exam? Use the Free Practice Test to see how well you've prepared.
By taking full-length practice examinations at your home by mock tests, you may identify your weak points and focus your study efforts on those areas so that you can pass the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty exam.

3. Syllabus to Keep in Mind.

Take use of the following advice to succeed on your first try at the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Certification Exam. Consider the following while studying for the exam: –
  • Knowledge of IPV4 addresses, NAT gateways, and subnets is required for this position.
  • In complicated hybrid networks, it is necessary to configure and diagnose Internet Gateways, as well as Virtual Gateways.
  • Understand the basics of superwetting and subnetting, as well as the overlap of CIDR ranges, using the Prefix and CIDR.
  • Become familiar with the fundamentals of VPC peering, such as which IP addresses are reserved for the VPC and VPC subnets. Learn about the VPC design for multiple accounts, the VPC endpoints, the VPC flow logs, the VPC size for all AWS products, and the minimum and maximum subnets for VPCs in general.
  • Be familiar with AWS Route tables and how to utilize multiple route tables for numerous subnets, as well as how to configure, diagnose, and troubleshoot them.
  • Understand the fundamentals of SGs and ACLs in a network (NACL).
  • An example of how increased networking might improve the performance of SR-basic IOV's design.
  • Learn about Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI) from an architectural viewpoint, including how they operate, how they connect, and what their constraints are.
  • Learn the fundamentals of IPSEC VPN and the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in depth.
  • Become familiar with the physical and logistical aspects of Direct Connect (DX).
  • It's important to understand how to set up both public and private VIF (Virtual Interface) DNS (DNS) in a hybrid architecture.
  • Implementing CloudFront for better network performance requires extensive knowledge and experience with the technology.
  • Knowledge of ALBs and ELBs, TCP vs. HTTPS, and SSL termination are all required.
  • You should be familiar with such terms as IP addresses, subnetworks and identity as well as the fundamental network requirements for Amazon workspace.
  • Find more about Amazon Web Services' (AWS) security features include S3 bucket encryption and RDS databases' SSL certificates.
  • Be well-versed on network transfer costs, such as DX, S3, and outgoing and receiving multi-account traffic.
  • Navigate large-scale hybrid settings and understand the idea of routing diagnosis

4. Courses to take before attempting AWS certified advanced networking- Specialty exam

4.1 AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty 2023

This is what all you need to know to master certification. This course is for people who want to clear AWS certified advanced networking- Specialty exam or for those who wanted to gain additional knowledge of networking in AWS. Before you enroll into this, make sure that you've knowledge of basic networking, and AWS associate or equivalent knowledge to AWS. Only then this course would give you a fruitful result. 

It's structured in a way, that highlights the key points on this exam sections. The difficult concepts are made easy to grasp and remember. To experience all these, you should have a basic understanding of AWS networking. 

In this course, you'll learn to Implement IPSec tunnels, Understand various complex AWS networks, load balancer, primer, security and compliance privacy, VPNs, automation, risks, billing sections, etc...


4.2 AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty (ANS-C00)

This course is for aspirants who've completed their advanced networking studies in AWS. It also helps in Cloud careers too! Getting this course is just like reading a book. It covers all topic! Right from the top left to the bottom right is well explained. 

Topics covered are – VPC design, Hybrid network connectivity design, Name resolution using Route 53 and Hybrid DNS approaches, AWS Security and Compliance, Network monitoring, optimization, and troubleshooting, and AWS task automation.


5. Books to crack AWS certified advanced networking- Specialty exam

5.1 AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty Exam Guide: Build your knowledge and technical expertise as an AWS-certified networking specialist

This AWS certified advanced networking- Specialty exam guide us available both in Kindle edition and paperback format. 

The contents of this book has an overview of AWS certified advanced networking- Specialty exam in its preface, followed by VPC networking and security, managing ELB, securing the Route 53 DNS, Troubleshooting Networks in AWS, API Gateway, Network Automation, and as a bonus of Exam Tips and Tricks with Mock Tests. 


5.2 AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty: Technology Workbook

This book's special feature is that covers official exam blueprint. The topics covered and discussed are individually focused technology-related topics with in-hand experience. This book uses the strategy of mind maps in the workbooks to visually explain the technological content easily. 
 The lessons and questions are easy-to-follow, goal-oriented, step-by-step approach.
In a nutshell, this book is incredibly helpful to follow-up the questions and let's you pass the exam quick-wittedly. 


6. Practice tests for AWS certified advanced networking- Specialty exam

6.1  AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty

One of the widely used platforms has its own strategies to advance for skills design and implement AWS with it's practice test series. It offers 600+ questions and 30 hands-on lab practical workshop. Take these practice tests to advance your networking skill to the next level. 


6.2 AWS Certified Advanced Networking specialty Practice Exams

This course is not only for advanced learners but also for intermediates. It consists of 120 practice questions in online mode. 
120 questions = 6 practice exams with 20 questions each.

Experience the real exam by enrolling in this.


7. Wrapping Up

In words of caution, this exam is an inline or difficult exam as its concepts are a bit harder to keep up. Despite the fact of difficulties, the resources are pretty useful to cope with your learning path. Don't put your hopes upon one or two sources, make sure to utilize everything available. 

We really hope that this article and the opinions in this post were helpful. On their own, AWS certified advanced networking are intriguing subjects, but when combined they provide new opportunities and difficulties. 

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