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Thursday, April 13, 2023

What is the cost of Spring Framework Certification and Training in India and USA?

One of the frequently asked questions about Spring certifications and training e.g. Spring Core and Spring Web Application Developer Certification is their cost e.g. what is the cost of Spring certification in India? or how much it cost for Spring framework certification in the USA etc. Earlier, Spring certification used to cost around 3000 USD in the USA and other North American countries and around 50,000 INR in India due to mandatory training you needed to take before you can appear in the exam. The cost of the Spring framework training was more than 90% of the total cost of the Spring certification. But gone are those days. Since 10th May 2017, you can take the exam without mandatory training, see here. Due to this reason, the cost of Spring certification has come down heavily and it's just now the cost of the exam voucher which is just 200 USD globally.

This is even lower than the cost of Oracle's Java certification, which costs around 246 USD in the USA and around 10,000 INR in India. Also, as opposed to the cost of Spring training, which was different from a different country, the cost of the exam voucher is the same in both India and the USA.

Btw, since Spring certification is hard to crack, you need to solve 38 questions out of 50 questions correctly in 90 minutes i.e. you need to score 76% in the real exam to become a Pivotal Certified Spring Professional, and training is still the best way to prepare for certification, you may want to know the cost of Spring training in India, USA and globally as well.

The cost of Spring Framework certification can be divided into two-part, first, the cost of the exam voucher you need to appear in the Spring certification exam and the cost of Spring training, which depends upon which certification you are aspiring for e.g. if you are preparing for Spring Professional Certification Exam then you need to take Spring Core training.

Earlier, the cost of the Spring certification was the cost of training + cost of exam voucher, but now it's not mandatory to take the Spring training to become a Spring certified developer, the cost of Spring certification has become quite low.

You just need to purchase the exam voucher, which costs around 200 USD and you are all set for the exam, provided you have enough experience to clear Spring core certification, which has a very high passing score, around 76%.

By the way, if you are new to the Spring framework then I also suggest you join a comprehensive and up-to-date course to learn Spring in depth. If you need recommendations, I highly suggest you take a look at Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru, one of the comprehensive and hands-on course to learn modern Spring. It' also the most up-to-date and covers Spring 5.

It's also very affordable and you can buy in just $10 on Udemy sales which happen every now and then.

Cost of Spring Framework Training

Pivotal, the company behind the Spring framework, provides different types of Spring training, focusing on key Spring skills e.g. Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Services, and Enterprise Spring, etc. Each training is focused on a particular certification e.g. if you are preparing for the Spring Professional Certification Exam, then you should take the Core Spring training.

This is a 4-day class that explores all the basics of using the Spring framework. You can take this class online or in-person. The cost of this certification is $3200.00 and you can buy this certification directly from Pivotal or from any certification partner in your country.

For example, Pivotal has partnered with SpringPeople in India to provide Pivotal Certified Spring certifications like Core Spring training, Spring Web training, or Spring Enterprise training. They locally provide both online and classroom sessions for this training.

Also, the cost varies from one country to another. On average, the cost of Spring framework training like Spring Core or Spring MVC is around 3200 USD or equivalent in your local currency.

The cost of the Spring framework training in India is slightly less because India being a less expensive country as compared to the western world and Spring core training will cost you around 55K INR. The training is provided by Pivotal's India partner, SpringPeople, which provides both Online and classroom 4-day training. The actual cost comes around 54,950.00 but you can get the training at a special Offer: 49,950.00 when I last checked their websites.

The Spring core training provides ideal material for Spring Professional Certification and most of the things in the exam will come from the course materials provided by this training. It also covers all the exam objectives of the Spring Professional exam e.g.

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand how to implement the following:
  • Spring configuration using Java, Annotations, and XML
  • Aspect-oriented programming with Spring
  • Spring Security
  • Building Web Applications with Spring MVC
  • Testing Spring applications
  • Data Access - JDBC, JPA, and Spring Data
  • Using Spring for Transaction Management
  • Spring Boot - introductory and advanced topics
  • Implementing REST with Spring MVC and RestTemplate
  • Microservices with Spring Cloud

You can learn more about Spring core training and upcoming sessions globally on the Pivotal Academy website here and for India, you can check the SpringPeople website.

Cost of Spring Certification Exam Voucher

Since now you can become a Pivotal Certified Spring developer without taking the expensive training, it's a good opportunity for many experienced Java and Spring developers to spend some time preparing for exam objectives and spend 200 USD to buy exam vouchers to get worldwide recognition as a Spring Certified developer.

If you think you have a good experience and you are ready for the exam, you can also check out David Mayer's free Spring Certification Mock Exam. If you can score anything over 76% on this exam, then you are in good shape for the real exam, but given this certification has a very high passing score, almost 76%, I suggest you prepare well before appearing for the exam because 200 USD is still good money and you surely don't want to retake the exam.

Remember, if you fail the exam then there is a 6 week cooling period before you can retake the exam. You also need to buy another voucher, which will cost you around 200 US Dollars. The voucher will be valid for 1 year, so you can buy the voucher while it is cheap because I am expecting the cost of the voucher will go up soon given Pivotal has removed mandatory training requirements.

Useful Resources for Spring Certification

That's all about the cost of Spring certification and Spring framework training in India and the USA. The key point to remember is that Spring core training is no longer mandatory to become a certified Spring developer. You can take the training only if you want to benefit from education and want to score well on the exam.

Btw, if you can't afford training then just buy the exam voucher @ 200 USD in the USA and rest of the world and @10K INR in India to take the Spring certification exam.  If you want to give a boost to your preparation, you can also buy David Mayer's Spring Exam Simulator, which contains more than 450 quality questions based upon various exam topics.


Arno said...

It is daylight robbery if you ask me to pay $3200 for training. What are these guys smoking?

Anonymous said...

$3200 ?? first I thought its typo

javin paul said...

Yeah, the price is absurd, they removed it earlier in 2017 when Spring was owned by Pivotal and which really made becoming Spring certified professional affordable but now VmWare again made it compulsory, which is not affordable for many Java developers especially from countries like India and other low income country. Though, if you can get your company sponsor it then it could still make sense. I know, a lot of people are doing that.

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