Udemy vs DataCamp Review? Which is better to Learn Python, SQL, and Data Science?

Hello guys, if you want to learn Python, SQL, DataScience, and Data Analysis and wondering whether you should go for Udemy or DataCamp then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have published a review of Udemy vs Coursera and Udemy vs Pluralsight and in this article, we will review Udemy vs DataCamp. When it comes to learning Data skills like SQL, Data Science, Data Visualization, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Datacamp has some of the best resources and that's the unique selling point for them but what about price? Well, these are the questions which I have tried to answer in this article. 

Learning new things means the ability to acquire new knowledge or skills in any industry you want like IT or healthcare and it is a crucial thing in nowadays life or professional career because it makes you able to understand quicker and do your life problems super easily as well as helps your brain obtaining critical thinking skills and much more. 

For that reason, a bunch of platforms out there comes to this world helping people and students connect with instructors to acquire new skills from them everyday online without the need to waste much of your time and money going to universities and they make it accessible to everyone and some of the largest platforms named Udemy and Datacamp.

This article will discuss with you the variations between those two of the best online learning platforms in many things like pricing and the quality of the courses so you can choose which platform will be the best to fits your needs and then you can spend your time learning new skills. 

Udemy vs DataCamp Review? Which one is better for Data skills?

As I said, DataCamp has a unique place when it comes to acquiring Data skills and learning technologies like Python, SQL, and DataScience but Udemy is no spring chicken. It has some of the best online courses on data technologies and some of the best instructors like Jose Portilla, Kirill Eremenko, and others. Let's find out the USP of both platforms and which one is better suited based on your need. 


Udemy platform is a massive marketplace where students like you can learn skills from tens of thousands of courses in nearly every industry you can think of such as programming language web development to business and consulting as well as career development and the best thing about this platform is that let anyone convert his passion to an online course and sell it on Udemy and many instructors make a living from doing what they love.

The Udemy platform lets teachers (instructors) specify the price they want for their online courses but they can’t be then $9.99 per course because that will make a loss for the platform and when you enroll in any course you will have lifetime access not a subscription, like most of the online learning platforms do.

The most expensive courses can’t be more than $199.99 for every course and Udemy sometimes runs something called Udemy sales which mean it reduces the course costs for a while and instruction as well can make their courses for Free to get some reviews and enrollments then convert it to a paid one.

The Udemy platform allows anyone to join them as an instructor or teacher and publish his online course for whatever price he wants like Free or paid.

The platform relies on people's support to fill the platform with the courses and makes some money from a commission for each course purchases made and the good thing about the platform is that most of their courses are long and some of them can reach more than fifty hours of video content. 

So, if you want to join individual courses and looking for an affordable option, Udemy is the best online learning platform for you because you will not get a comprehensive, 30-hour SQL or Python course like Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python for just $9.9 anywhere else. 

2. DataCamp

Datacamp is also another competitive e-learning platform for learning things related to IT such as programming languages like python, R, SQL as well as specialization such as data engineering, data science, data visualization, and software such as Tableau, Power BI, Excel, and much more. They also offer some of the most in-demand fields in the future like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The DataCamp platform relies on subscription to make money and they have a free plan that gives you access to only the first chapter of every course but if you want to enroll in the full course you have to pay at least $12.42 per month for getting access to more than 335 courses.

There are also some other plans that give you more options like using the course projects as well as applying the assignment of the platform without the need to install anything on your computer.

The platform allows people to create courses but not anyone can do that like the case with Udemy, you have to apply for this role to become an instructor on the platform and maybe you will get rejected if you don’t qualify and that to ensure the quality of their courses and their reputation among the other e-learning platforms.

Big companies like Paypal, Google, Intel, Uber use the DataCamp platform to train their employees in fields of programming and data science and that definitely ensures the quality of their instructors and courses. 

The USP of DataCamp is their interactive learning platform which allows you to learn things by doing which is the best way to learn new technologies. They also have a skill path to acquire data skills which is much more organized and they also have an assessment to check your skill level which constantly gives you feedback that where do you stand. For example, you can take this free assessment to check your data skills. 

So, if you want to have a single membership that allows you to learn many things in an interactive way, on your browser, without setting up anything then DataCamp is the best platform for you. Their structured career path and the assessment also help to level up your skills to go to the next level. 

That's all about Udemy vs Datacamp. I have shared with you guys two of the platforms that are considered one the best options for everyone to start learning new skills and probably start a new career as an expert in various industries whether you want to be a data scientist or Freelancer.

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