Udemy Courses vs Edureka vs LinkedIn Learning Review

Hello guys, if you are learning online and confused between different learning platforms like Udemy, Pluralsight, Edureka, LinkedIn Learning, Educative, etc then you have come to the right place. Earlier I have answered questions like Pluralsight vs. CodeCademy and Udemy vs. CodeCademy but never explained about Edureka vs. Udemy,  or LinkedIn Learning vs Udemy which many of my readers have been asking for a long time. Now, the wait is over as I will review Udemy, Edureka, and LinkedIn learning in this article. After going through the article, you will have enough information about strong areas of each platform and which online platform is suitable for your learning goals. 

Learning is the ability to adapt new information and skills in any industry in this world and a necessary thing for your life or professional career and it make you able to understand faster and solve your life problem with ease and helps your brain acquiring critical thinking skills. 

For this reason, many platforms out there come to te real word to help people connect with the instructors and learn new skills everyday online without the need to spend that much time and money to go to universities and make it accessible for everyone and some of the best platforms called Udemy, Edureka, and Linkedin learning.

In this article, you will see the differences between those three platforms in many things so you decide which one will be the best to fits your need and spend your time learning new skills.

Udemy vs Edureka vs LinkedIn Learning - Review

Without wasting any more of your time, let's deep dive into each of these learning platforms to find out more about them and see what is their unique selling point and whether it aligns with your learning goal or not. 

1. Udemy

Udemy is a marketplace platform where people can learn from thousands of courses in almost every industry from programming to business and consulting and career development and anyone can convert his passion to a course and sell it on this platform and maybe make a living from doing what he loves.

The platform allows instructors to charge whatever they want for their courses and the low price is $9.99 per course and for a lifetime not a subscription for some time like most platforms do and the most expensive courses around $199.99 for each course but udemy sometimes runs a sales and reduce the costs of the courses for a while and instruction can make their courses for Free to get some reviews then convert it to paid one.

The platform allows anyone to join them as an instructor and publish his course for the price he wants whether Free or paid so it relies on people help to full the platform with the course and make some money from a commission for every course purchases and the good thing in udemy is that most of their courses are big and some of them can reach more than sixty hours of video content.

So, if the cost is your concern then Udemy is the best learning platform as you can get courses with thousands of dollars in just $10 but at the same time, it's not easy to find the right courses on Udemy that's where recommendations help. 

Here are my recommended Udemy courses to anyone learning to code using Java, Python, and Javascript:
  1. The Complete Java Masterclass by Tim Buchalaka (for anyone who wants to learn Java)
  2. The Python 3 Bootcamp by Jose Portilla (for anyone who wants to learn Python)
  3. The Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Real-World Project (to learn JavaScript from scratch)
  4. The Complete 2021 Web Development Bootcamp by Angela Yu ( to learn web development)

Udemy vs Edureka vs LinkedIn Learning Review

2. Edureka

Edureka is an online learning platform focusing on all industries related to information technology or IT in general such as programming, web development as well as the data analytics and data visualization and security, and much more created by some Indian IT professionals and has thousands of enrollment in their courses and more than a million subscriber in their youtube channel

Edureka courses are often expensive compared to udemy or other online learning platforms with pricing starts with $200 and more but the instructors are so professionals compared to the other online platforms. 

The professionalism that Edureka has on its content justifies that high prices and sometimes they run sales and reduce the cost to around 30% of the actual price. The instructor-led training is also the unique selling point (USP) of Edureka. If you prefer learning on one-to-one coaching and require guidance the Edureka is the right online learning platform for you. 

The platform does not allow individuals instructors to teach on their platforms like udemy or the other ones and instead of that, all the courses have created the team themselves to ensure the highest quality of the information delivered to the students and their reputations and that explain why the pricing is so expensive. 

Here are my recommended training programs from Edureka for programmers and developers:
These are great training programs to learn from Instructor-led DevOps Live online classes.

best Edureka course to learn Devops

3. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin learning is a platform for online courses just like udemy where instructors can submit their courses and get reviewed before published to their students and originally the platform was known as Lynda.com but soon Microsoft has acquired that company and join it to the Linkedin platform.

The Linkedin learning platform accepts only people who have experience at what they are teaching and offering to their students so not anyone can create a course and publish it like udemy without passing the verification process and that makes this platform more trusty at what they teach about. 

You can start for a Free trial of Linkedin learning courses then you need to upgrade your plan to be paid for $29.99 per month as a subscription so you can take as many courses as you want unlike the previous two platforms Udemy and Edureka where you need to pay for individual courses and you will have more option such as getting certified when you complete a course as well as quizzes and more as well as they have a plan for a large team and organizations. 

LinkedIn Learning vs Udemy review

That's all about Udemy vs Edureka vs LinkedIn Learning for learning tech skills online. You have explored three platforms that are considered the best options for anyone to learn new skills and maybe start a new career as a professional in many industries whether you want to be a web developer start your own business or Freelancer.

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P. S. - If you are looking for free online websites to learn Coding for FREE then don't worry, you will find a lot of free courses on Udemy. If you need more options, you can also check this list of 20+ websites to learn Coding for FREE on Medium. 

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