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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Is AI for Everyone on Coursera by Andrew Ng worth it? Review

Hello guys, if you are looking for an introductory course to learn about Artificial Intelligence and what it can or cannot do, then AI for Everyone by Andrew Ng is the best one to join. This course is informative and interesting, and it will teach you  AI basics without boring you with complex details. The length of the course is also just nice. The presentation is both interesting and engaging, which makes learning easier. If you are in a rush, I highly recommend you to join this course and if you have some time, then stay on, and we'll review this course in detail and learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Coursera courses. 

There is no doubt that AI (Artificial. Intelligence) is the future skill, with an estimated 15 billion dollars by 2030 to contribute the new science to the world. There is skill-shortage when we talk about very qualified people in artificial intelligence, which means getting a certificate or a degree in this field can guarantee a good position in a company or even create and launch your own product that uses AI to solve people's problems.

Most people are using artificial intelligence in their life even without recognizing them, like the recommendation system on YouTube and amazon for shopping recommendations, Google assistance to answer your questions, the spam filtering system in your email provider, the fraud detection when transferring money, and even self-driving cars like Tesla, to name a few, but the options are endless.

So we understand from all of these statistics that artificial intelligence is the future and most companies should apply this field in their system to leverage its power of making user’s life easier. 

To be honest with you, Artificial intelligence is a vast field, and there are not many online courses that can give you all the practical knowledge you need to know for starting a career in AI. AI for Everyone by Andrew Ng is one of the rare courses which gives a great overview of Artificial Intelligence without boring you. 

If you have already decided to join this course, go ahead and join, you will not regret your decision. It's worth both your time and money. 

Review - Is AI For Everyone by Andrew Ng on Coursera Worth it?

As I said then, AI for everyone's courses is a great introductory course to give everyone theoretical knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. Not only can programmers understand how artificial intelligence can be implemented and how it is used in your life, but any non-technical person can also join this course to understand how AI is changing the future and the impact of AI in modern life. 

Now, let's review this course in detail. I generally look at three things when joining a course, Instructor profile, like who is instructor, whether he is knowledgeable about this topic, and whether I connect with him or not. 

Second, I look at the Course structure, content, and syllabus; this is about what I will learn in the course, and the third thing is I look at what others are saying about the course. We'll review AI for Everyone in all these parameters to find whether it's the right course for any beginner who wants to learn I or not. 

1. The Instructors Review

This course is created by Andrew Ng, one of the co-founders and minds behind the Coursera platform. I first come to know about Andrew Ng when I joined his free Machine Learning course, which is, to date, the most popular machine learning occurs with more than 4.3 million students and gets impressed with his knowledge and teaching style. 

Andrew Ng worked as an adjunct professor at the University of Stanford and created more than 100 papers in machine learning, robotics, and other similar fields. He is also the platform dedicated to teaching people worldwide artificial intelligence in theory and practice through many courses.

He has created over 31 courses in Coursera and got more than 5 million enrollments which is insane, and most of the world’s best instructors can’t even get close to this huge number. You can join any of Andrew Ng's courses when learning about AI or Machine Learning; he is a genius and master teacher. 

Is AI for Everyone by Andrew Ng worth it?

2. Course Contents and Structure

Enough talking about this instructor, and let’s focus more on the content of the AI for Everone course. Now, let's see how this course is structured and what topics are covered in this course. 

2.1. What is AI?

You need first to remember that this whole course is for everyone. It is a theoretical and not a practical course, so you will introduce the machine learning field and how computers can learn from the data without being programmed. You will understand about what is the data needed for the algorithms to learn from it.

Next, you will understand the terminologies of artificial intelligence and what makes a company an AI company. Machine learning also has its capabilities and can’t do everything you can imagine. You will know what machine learning can and can’t do with some examples and finish this course by understanding deep learning.

2.2. Building AI Projects

After learning the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will move to the workflow phases of how someone can build AI projects like data collection & pre-processing, model training, model evaluation, and more.

You will also see the workflow of the data science project, like data preparation and the auto-documentation process. Finally, you will see how to choose an AI project and work with your team to build the artificial intelligence project.

Is AI for Everyone worth it?

2.3. Building AI In Your Company

This course is also teaching you how the company can build AI projects and implement them in their system so you will learn some roles in any AI team or, n other words, what are the positions needed for any AI team like a data engineer, data analyst, data scientist, statistician, machine learning engineers, and maybe even more.

Creating an AI project is not easy, and you may face some problems that will stop you from creating this project, so you will see some of the AI pitfalls that most companies do and how to avoid them and how to take your first step into the AI world.

2.4. AI and Society

Artificial intelligence can significantly improve the work environments and maybe going to dangerous places that humans can’t go to. This section will give you a realistic view of artificial intelligence, the adversarial attack of artificial intelligence, some adverse use of this field, and more.

3. People's Review

This is the third most important parameter for me when I review any course or join any course. It's a great idea to look at what people are saying about the course who have already gone through the course. This will give you some idea about what others find good in this course.

Talking about AI For Everyone, more than 630K people have joined this cours which is one of the biggest social proof of the quality of the course. More than 12% of learners who joined this course also got a new job or career benefit which is another good thing about this course. 

Most of the reviews I read about this course are also positive and indicate that it's a great beginner-level course to learn about Artificial Intelligence, What it can do, what it cannot do, and how to use it as a tool to make things better. Now, that if you are convinced or already made your mind to join this course, then. 

Here is the link to join this course - AI for Everyone

Review - AI for Everyone by Andrew Ng on Couresra

That's all about the review of the AI for Everyone Course on Coursera. This course will give you an overview of artificial intelligence and how the world and economy can benefit from this technology. Still, if you want to have a career in AI, you have to see other practical courses that will teach you machine learning and deep learning in-depth.

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Thanks for reading this article. If you like this AI For Everyone Review and find this information useful then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.

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