Thursday, April 30, 2020

Top 5 Java 8 Courses to Learn Stream and Lambda Expression - Best of Lot

It's been more than 6 years since Java 8 was launched on the March 2014 and many of you already thinking that Java 8 now legacy version but there are still so many Java developers out there who don't know how to code using new language features of Java 8 like lambdas, stream, and method reference. It's high time for all those programmers to learn and master Java 8 before their skill becomes outdated. After that, we already have a couple more Java releases like  Java 9, Java 10, and Java 11 in the space of just 6 months apart but Java 8 is still the most used version, particularly when it comes to coding style.

Difference between Inheritance and Polymorphism in Java and Object Oriented Programming

Both Inheritance and Polymorphism are key OOP concepts and similar to Abstraction and Encapsulation, they are also closely related to each other. Because of their similarities, many OOP programmers, especially beginners get confused between Inheritance and Polymorphism. Even though they are closely related and you need Inheritance to support runtime Polymorphism they are a totally different concept. Inheritance refers to the ability for classes or objects to inherit properties of other classes or interfaces. It means you can write code for common functionalities and reuse it at different places by just using Inheritance and not re-writing those codes again and again. For example, you can write code to

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

5 Must Read Books to become Software Architect or Solution Architect

I receive a lot of queries from senior Java developers, who aspire to become software architect or solution architect, like what can they do to become a software architect? Which books, resources, or certifications can help? And general queries like how much experience you need to become a software architect etc. In the past, I have been suggesting them individually about some books to read to expand their knowledge base and look at the software from architecture and design perspective, and this article is a compilation of many of such suggestions. Since a lot of books can confuse, I have only select 5 best and must-read books from the software architect's perspective.

Top 5 Online Computer Science Degrees You can Join in Coursera in 2020- Best of Lot

A lot of my readers were asking this question, is it possible to get a computer science degree online? Do Coursera online degrees are worth it? How much is the charge? is it cheaper than any regular university degree? is it recognized worldwide? will I get employment using this degree, and how much time I need to spend daily, etc?  These are a lot of questions about online degrees but I have been receiving them for quite some time and now the frequency has even increased. The short answer to this question is, Yes, now it's possible to earn a Master of Computer Science degree 100% online. Things are changing in the education space and they are changing at really fast speed.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Which Programming Books Would You Buy If you got 100$ to Spend?

Hello Guys, it's time to take a hypothetical question in Javarevisited. I love books and I have so many in my library and on my phone but this time, I am asking for your recommendations. Which programming book, would you love to buy, if you are given 100$ to spend? I know, when it comes to buying, people want the worth of their money, and that's why I am posting this question to you guys. Suppose you are looking for some books in a bookstore and suddenly salesman comes and say, at this particular minute, we are giving you 100$ FREE to buy any programming book.

Java HashMap ContainsKey and ContainsValue Example - Check if a Key or Value exists in the Map

Hello guys, one of the common problems many Java developers working with HashMap face is about how to check if the Map contains a particular key or value? You can use this to check duplicate keys or just to ensure that you are not overriding current value because if you insert a key that already exists in the HashMap, then you end up overriding its value. Since HashMap also allows duplicate values, it's also possible that the same value may be paired against multiple keys, so just removing a mapping may not be enough to remove that particular value. Not paying attention to these details has actually caused issues in Java application.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Top 10 Advanced Java books for Intermediate and Experienced Developers

Hello guys, once you learn Java and done with reading some of the best known introductory books on Java and have a couple of years of experience under your belt, you would be hungry to transition from an intermediate Java developer to an expert Java programmer, also known as Java guru. This transition is not smooth, and I have seen many Java developers having 2 to 6 years of experience stuck where they are and have absolutely no knowledge of advanced topics like JVM internals, Concurrency, Garbage collection, and Performance tuning.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Top 5 Advanced SQL Books for Experienced Programmers - Best of lot, Must read

If you an experienced programmer and know how to write SQL queries and database fundamentals but want to take your SQL and database skills to the next level then you have a come to the right place. In this blog, I have shared a lot of free SQL books and courses you can use to start your SQL journey. This is also the second article about SQL books, In the first part, I have shared some of the best SQL books which are essential to learning SQL queries and fundamentals of database like normalization, indexing, and other design stuff, if you haven't read it yet, I suggest to do it now. You will find some amazing books to start learning SQL.

Top 5 Course to Crack AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam in 2020 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, do you want to become a DevOps engineer for cloud platforms like AWS but don't have a target, then you have come to the right place because today, I am going to talk about AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam and share best online courses to prepare well for this prestigious exam. While being a good developer is great and writing scalable codes is an asset, delivery time is very important in all IT projects as well and that was what prompted the first DevOps day in 2009. DevOps is a combination of the word development and operations which is the operations that lead to faster software development. Getting a certificate in DevOps enables professionals in IT to display their skills and qualifies them to be part of DevOps leaders.

Friday, April 24, 2020

10 Books Every Java Programmer Should Read - Best of Lot, Must Read

If you are a Java programmer and wondering what to read to improve your knowledge of Java and become a better Java developer, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the best Java books ever written. In fact, this is my list of all-time great Java books. They have withstood the test of time and emerges as more and more successful years after years. It doesn't matter if you read them this year or reading them next year, you are always going to learn a lot, and that's why I call them all-time great books.

Top 5 Course to Crack AWS Solution Architect Professional ((SAP-C01) Certification Exam in 2020 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, today, I am going to talk about the toughest AWS certification and probably one of the toughest Cloud certifications as well, yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the AWS Solution Architect - Professional certification. This is not just the toughest but also most desired and reputed cloud certification and not many developers and system admin can pass it. It's slightly easier to pass the AWS Solution Architect- Associate exam but this one is a completely different nut to crack. You would need an in-depth knowledge of not just cloud computing but also many essential AWS services to crack this coveted certification. The good thing is that there is a huge demand for AWS certified Solution architect and once you pass the exam, you will get the job you always want and you can even get a much better salary.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Top 5 Books to Learn Groovy for Java Developers - Best Of Lot, Must Read

Groovy is a programming language that is specially created for Java developers with a view to being a fast-paced, scripting companion to Java. It aims to increase the productivity of Java developers by simplifying Java code and removing unnecessary boilerplate. Groovy not only present a succinct and easy to read syntax but also provide a much more elegant and convenient API than Java for common stuff. For example, a Groovy file can do in 50 lines what a Java source code does in 500 lines. You can declare an array as [] and map as [: ] which really makes code full of data without much syntax. Because of this property, Groovy is heavily used in unit testing of Java application. Some popular unit testing frameworks like Spock is also built on Groovy.

How to find all unchecked checkboxes from a page using jQuery? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, In the last tutorial, you have learned how to get all the checked checkboxes from a page using jQuery, but sometimes you also need all the checkboxes which are not selected. In this tutorial, you will learn that. If you remember, we have used the:checked pseudo selector to get all checked checkboxes, but, unfortunately, there is nothing like the :unchecked selector in jQuery, so using that will result in the syntax error. Even the!:checked or :!checked will not work, instead, you need to use not() jQuery selector, which does the negation job.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Top 5 Courses to build Chatbots using Python, DialogFlow, and Artificial Intelligence in 2020 - Best of lot

Hello guys, do you want to learn how to build chatbots? the darling child of Artificial Intelligence? If yes, then you have come to the right place. I have helped many of my readers who wanted to build chatbots but didn't know where to start? I think joining an online course is a good idea, and if you are looking for some online courses, then you will find some good ones here, but before that, let's talk about chatbots. If you are not living under the rocks, you might have seen several applications of chatbots like in your online banking portal or any other websites.

7 Examples to Read File into a byte array in Java

Hello guys, Java programmers often face scenarios in real-world programming, where they need to load data from a file into a byte array, it could be text or binary file. One example is to convert the contents of a file into String for display. Unfortunately, Java's File class, which is used to represent both files and directories, doesn't have a method say toByteArray(). It only holds path and allows you to perform certain operations like opening and closing file, but doesn't allow you to directly convert File to a byte array. Anyway, no need to worry as there are several other ways to read File into a byte array and you will learn those in this Java file tutorial.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Top 5 Courses to Learn IntelliJIDEA and Android Studio IDE for Java Programmers - Best and Free

There is no doubt that IntelliJ IDEA is THE best IDE for Java development, even though Eclipse may still be probably used by more people because it's FREE, IntelliJ IDEA is the most feature-rich and complete IDE. The Android Studio, which is the official IDE for Android development in Java, is also based upon IntelliJ IDEA, which further cement its place as the IDE Java developer should learn. The only thing which stops many other Java developers and me from moving from IntelliJ IDEA in the past was the lack of resources. Since Eclipse was free from the start, there are tons of resources, like books, courses, and tutorials are available. There are also a lot of resources to learn productivity tips, like keyboard shortcuts, and debugging techniques, but there were not many for Intelli IDEA.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Top 5 Courses to learn gRPC and Google Protocol Buffer in Java, Golang and C#

Hello guys, you might have heard about the gPRC, the Google Remote Procedure Call solution. It's the latest buzz in the tech circle, and people are talking enthusiastically about it. The buzz is evident because it's coming from Google like Angular, Golang, Flutter, Dart, TensorFlow, and other latest technologies. For those who don't know, gRPC is a super-fast, super-efficient Remote Procedure Call (PRC) system that will help you to develop distributed systems like Microservices. This means you can use gPRC to communicate between your Microservices at super-fast speed. Like other RPC solutions like SOAP, it allows a client application to call a method on the server as it is a local object. The server defines service and indicates that it can be called remotely with method parameter and return type and then provides implementation and an RPC server that can handle client calls.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Top 5 Books to learn UML (Unified Modeling Language) for Java Developers - Best of Lot, Must Read

The UML stands for Unified Modelling language and it is one of the great tools for Object-oriented design. It allows you to create several diagrams like class diagram, sequence diagram, object diagram, etc, which helps you to understand your system better.  The UML also helps you to convey your thoughts and design to peers and team members before implementation. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, those interactions often help you to find shortcomings and loopholes in your software design very early. That's actually the reason I use UML in our projects. Btw, I didn't know about UML or UML diagrams when I first started Java development.

Top 10 Advanced Core Java Courses for Experienced Programmers

Hello guys, A lot of my readers have been asking me for advanced Java courses to improve topics like Java collections, Stream API, Design Patterns, Concurrency, Java Performance, Generics, Garbage Collections, and new features introduced in recent Java releases like Java Modules System. If you also had that question in mind and looking for some great courses to learn core Java in-depth, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the advanced core Java courses for experienced programmers. These are the courses you should take to truly master Java programming concepts, tools, libraries, and become a Java expert that every company wants to hire, particularly big investment banks.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Top 5 FREE eBooks to Learn jQuery Online or download PDF

Hello guys, Everybody loves free resources, don't you? Well, I do and that's why I am always in search of good free resources like eBooks and training courses. In the last article, I have shared some of the free JavaScript books and this time I am sharing a couple of good free eBooks to learn jQuery. JQuery is one of the most important skills in today's internet world. It is the JavaScript library that has changed the face of websites, they are now more interactive and smooth than ever before. The Internet is also not short of free resources and when it comes to learning jQuery, you will find thousands of articles and tens of eBooks, but not all resources are good. Some of them are not up-to-date and many of them contain incorrect information, hence choosing a good resource is vital.

10 Things to Remember while doing Database Server Migration

Hello guys, recently, I have to work on a high profile project which involves migrating a live database from one server to another server as part of their data center exit program. This was one of the critical projects to pull off because we can't afford any mishap or data loss or production outage. There are a lot of things that I learned and would like to share with you guys. All these lessons not just apply to migrate databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL database from one server to another but to any production process, you are migrating from another server. These are the things we learn from experience but as I have said in the past, you can only learn a few things

Friday, April 17, 2020

3 Books to Learn Eclipse IDE for Java JEE Programmers - Best of Lot

In order to become a good Java developer solid knowledge of Eclipse IDE, or whatever IDE you use, like Netbeans or IntelliJIDea, is a must. Java has been blessed with excellent tooling which turbo-charge application development. IDEs or Integrated Development Environment allows you to code, run, test, and debug from just one tool. They are an immense productivity booster. Since I have started Java development coding in Notepad, TextPad, and JCreator, I know how it feels to have the power of IDEs with you. There are three big IDEs in Java world, Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJIDEA. The first two are free, and the third one requires the license. I use Eclipse, and it's also the most popular IDE in Java world.

Top 5 Courses to learn Regular Expression for Programmers

Hello guys, you might know that a Regular expression is a powerful tool for pattern matching and searching text. As a programmer, you often need searches like error messages in log files or particular information. Good knowledge of regex can help you to do your job more efficiently. Almost all programming languages support regular expressions. You will find APIs for creating and applying regex in Java, Python, Perl, JavaScript, C++, and others. Similarly, many tools and commands in Linux like grep, awk, and sed also support regex. This really helps while analyzing data in text files. Knowledge of regular Expression is also often a difference between a beginner and an experienced programmer. It certainly makes you a better programmer by expanding your knowledge and giving you a powerful tool for searching and troubleshooting.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Top 2 Books for OCPJP8 Certification - Java 8 1Z0-809, 810, 813 Exam

This is the second part of the best books for Java 8 certifications. Since you need to pass two exams, OCAJP8 and OCPJP8, to become a Java SE 8 certified developer, I have shared some of the best OCAJP8 books in the last article. In this article, I will tell you more about the second exam, OCPJP8, and suggest the best books to prepare OCPJP8. This exam is known as a professional level exam, and it's more stringent than the associate level exam. The OCPJP8 stands for Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer. The exam code for this certification is 1Z0-809.

How to Crack Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Exam in 2020? The AZ-300 Exam Preparation Guide

Hello guys, based on the new Azure role-based certification path, the Microsoft AZ-300 exam is the main step towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect. Earlier, I have shared a few tips, courses, and practice tests to pass the AZ 104, AZ-900, or Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam and today, I'll talk about AZ-300 or Azure Solution Architect certification exam. This exam requires experienced candidates with skills in roles including Azure development, Azure administration, and DevOps. In addition, they must have expert level skills in at least one of these areas. However, observing these requirements, some of you may think that it would be completely impossible to pass a Microsoft AZ-300 Architect Technologies exam preparation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Top 5 Java SE 8 Certification Books - Best of Lot Must Read

Hello guys, If you are preparing for Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer, also known as Java SE 8 Programmer I or OCAJP 8 exam and looking for some good resources then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared some courses, and practice tests to pass the Java SE 8 certification. Actually, I have been sharing some of the most useful resources for Java 8 certification aspirants ever since the exam was launched. You can find a lot of this exam and essential resources in this blog. To continue that tradition, I am going to share some of the best books to crack the Java SE certification like OCAJP 8 (1Z0-808)  and OCPJP 8 (1Z0-89). Yes, you need to pass two exams to become Java 8 certified professional.

How to Crack Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Cloud Certification in 2020

Cloud computing skills are in demand and companies are increasingly looking for people who know and worked in public cloud platforms like AWSGCP, and Microsoft Azure. If you are looking to get started into Cloud Computing, particularly on the Microsoft Azure side then AZ-900 or Azure Fundamentals certification is probably the best way to start. You will not only learn about Azure but also learn essential Cloud Computing fundamentals like storage, network, compute, and memory among all things. You will also learn about things like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service), Sales and Pricing, which are very important for both technical and non-technical IT professionals.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Top 10 Java Programming Books from Beginner to Expert - Best of lot, Must Read

These top Java programming books are some of the good books to learn Java and I would say some of them are simply the best Java books ever published. Whenever a programmer starts learning Java programming language, the first question he asks is "Which book should I refer to learn Java?", or "What is the best book to learn Java for beginners?" or "Can you tell me some good books to learn Java?" .That itself says how important Java books are for programmers especially beginners.  Despite having so many free resources available in Java, like tutorials, online courses, tips, blogs and code examples, Java books have their own place because of two reasons:
  • They are written by programmers who are the authority in the subject
  • They cover the subject with more details and explanation.

Top 5 Courses to learn Functional Programming in Java with Lambda Expression and Stream - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you remember, Java 8 changed the way we usually code in Java by introducing some Functional Programming concepts. It brings features like lambda expressions and Streams, which give birth to new patterns that result in clean code in Java. Now there is a better and more declarative way to write Java. If you use them correctly, then they can express the intent of code better and thus makes it easier to read and maintain. There is another bit which many people miss is the introduction of Functional programming concepts like the map, reduce, flatmap, and filter, which enable us to write more readable code in Java.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Top 5 Apache Kafka Courses to learn Online - Best of Lot

Hello guys, you might have heard about Apache Kafka, the next generation, Big Data messaging system which is handling billions of messages per day on companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Airbnb, Twitter, etc. It's a revolutionary technology and perfect for today's mission-critical application which has so much data to process and analyze. From last year, I have been sharing a lot of resources like books, courses, and tutorials to learn these sunrise technologies so that you can aware of these and learn it to make yourself more valuable or jump into some exciting career path. For example, In the past, I have shared some awesome courses on Big Data, Spark, and Hadoop and many of my readers requested me to share similar suggestions for Apache Kafka.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin - Book Review - A Must Read Book to Become Software Architect

Hello Guys, today, I am very excited to talk about a nice book (Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design) from one of my favorite author of programming books, you guessed it right, Uncle Bob. The same Uncle Bob (aka Robert Martin) who brought you the Clean Code and Clean Coder has been at it again. It's been a long time since I last read an Uncle Bob and somehow I wasn't aware of this book. It comes to me as a surprise yesterday when one of the colleagues mentioned it and I didn't take time to realize that I need to buy and read this book. I just cursed myself that why I didn't know about this book before, it is still new but given I love to read his books, it's just a miss for me.

Top 5 Courses to learn Java Collections and Stream API - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you have been programming in Java, then you know that Collections and Streams are two of the most important Java APIs. There is hardly any Java program I have written in my 15 years of professional Java development career where I have not used any classes from Collections and recently from Stream API. I strongly believe that every Java developer should have a good knowledge of both of them, and that's why I am writing this post. If you are new to Java, then you might be thinking why they are so important? Well, they are important becuase they deal with data, and data is at the heart of every application and business. For example, if you create an application like Facebook, then where do you store your Users on memory?

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Top 3 Programming Languages Java Developers Can Learn in 2020 - Kotlin, Scala, and Groovy

If you are a Java programmer and thinking to learn some news programming languages to expand your knowledge and skill, but not sure which programming language is better for you then you have come to the right place. In this article, I'll share 3 programming languages Java developers should learn in 2020 and why they should learn them. There is no surprise that all of these programming languages are JVM based programming languages but they all have different qualities which makes them unique and useful for a certain task. Also, being a Polyglot developer is good quality and often valued high on interviews. It also expands your thinking because different programming languages have different features that make certain things really easy.

Top 5 Courses to become Full stack Java Developer in 2020 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you want to become a full-stack Java developer in 2020 but not sure what path you should take and how to get there, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I'll share some online training courses you can choose to become a full-stack Java developer. The demand for full-stack Java developer is very high becuase Java is the #1 programming language for backend and server-side development. Frameworks like Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are also leading the Microservice architecture development, which is better suited for deployment in Cloud like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Top 5 Books to Learn SQL and Database Design for Programmers and DBAs - Best of Lot

The database design and modeling are one of those topics which rarely get the attention they deserve, especially at the start of the project, but once things have gone out of hand, then everybody talks about them. Comments like - this database is designed poorly, the schema is not performing well, you cannot add a new column easily, etc. becomes very common. The most problem with database design is that it is mainly done by application developers like Java or C++ developer who knows SQL, but they are not the expert on how to design tables and schema. The Database admins or DBAs know database and SQL better than application programmers, but they mostly focus on the admin part of the database, preferably on application part like designing tables and relations between them, which is left to the application developer.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Top 10 Free Courses to Learn Angular and React.js for Web Development - Best of Lot

There is no doubt that both Angular and React (also known as Angular JS and React JS) are two of the most popular frameworks for modern web development, particularly front-end development. It was Angular who started the new way to develop a web application using JavaScript, but now React, and Vue.js is taking that to another level. I have seen more and more people are learning React in recent time. Btw, today's world is all about full-stack developers like you should know how to develop a web application end-to-end, starting from front-end to back-end, and that's why as a full-stack Java developer, you should React or Angular Framework.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Top 5 courses to Learn Maven for Java Developers - Best of Lot

The Apache Maven or commonly known as just "Maven," is an essential tool for Java Programmers. It allows you to build your project, manage dependencies, generate documentation and lot more. I can vouch for Maven's usefulness because I have come from the pre-Maven world of Software development, where you need to manage all the JAR files required by your project. It may seem easy to you that just download the JAR file but it's not so easy in practice.  For example, you added a new library in your project say Spring framework which also needs log4j but you thought log4j is already there so you didn't do anything, only to realize that your application is not starting anymore and throwing long and convoluted errors. This can happen because of version mismatch like Spring needed a higher version of log4j than available in your project.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Top 5 Java 8 Certifications Courses to Prepare OCAJP (1Z0-808) Exam Online

If you are preparing for Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Associate exam, also known as OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 with exam codes 1Z0-808 and looking for a decent online course to kick start with your preparation then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share some of the best online courses to prepare for Java SE 8 certifications. Btw, first of all, configurations to make the right decision. If you are a Java developer then certifying for your skill will not only distinguish you from millions of other non-certified Java programmers but also improve your knowledge and understanding of Java SE 8. If you are looking for a job then this can help you to get a better job and if you are looking for career growth like to become a senior Java developer, these certifications can help you to get a promotion.

6 Date and Calendar Details Every Java Programmer Should Know

Hello guys, to appreciate the brilliance of the new Date and Time API introduced in Java 8, you must remember nasty problems you have faced. Another reason for this article is that even though Java is ready with the new, shiny, and carefully designed Date and time API, your project is probably not. Most of the prominent organizations that use Java at large scales, like Investment banks, Insurance companies, major E-commerce giants, are quite reluctant to upgrade. There are many firms, both big and small that are still running on Java 5 and expect to migrate to Java 6 in a couple of years.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Top 5 Android Online Training Courses for Java Developers - Best of Lot

Hello guys, Java has been very lucky that Android uses it as a programming language. This opened a big door of opportunities for Java developers in Android app development. Many people ask me why Java Developer should learn Android? My simple answer is that having knowledge of Android OS and Android SDK improves your chances of getting a job and making a difference in people's lives because Android Apps are a direct way to connect billions of people. Android is, without a doubt, THE biggest mobile platform in the world, with over 80% market share and billions of devices running Android. By creating apps for such a big platform, you have an excellent opportunity to make a difference.

SQL GROUP BY and HAVING Example - Write SQL Query to find Duplicate Emails - LeetCode Solution

Write a SQL query to find all duplicate emails in a table named Person.

| Id | Email   |
| 1  | |
| 2  | |
| 3  | |

For example, your query should return the following for the above table:

| Email   |
| |

Note: All emails are in lowercase.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Top 5 Courses to Learn Software Architecture for Experienced Programmers - Best of Lot

Every Programmer wants to grow in their career, but it's not easy, and if you don't pay attention to your job, you will likely stay in the same position for many years. The growth in the initial few years is generally fast. Still, once you reach the barrier of 5 years, you need to decide which direction you want to move like - people management, product management, or software architecture. For tech guys, who don't want to go on people and product management, the software architecture or solution architecture is the final position, which is not surprising.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Top 4 Books to learn Oracle PL/SQL Programming - Best, Must Read

In last summer, I had to work on a Java project which was using the Oracle database at their backend. The project was a mix of Java code with Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures, where Stored procedures were quite big and complex to read. I had not worked on Oracle for a couple of years and almost forget whatever I knew before. So, to revise, update and re-learn and I looked over some of the books and online courses like The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course which helped me a lot. In my quest to revise and re-learn Oracle SQL, I also find lots of their used books on Oracle PL/SQL which are both interesting to read as well as provides a great wealth of information to any programmer.

50+ Java Collection and Generics Interview Questions with Answers

Hello guys, If you are preparing for Java interviews then you may know that Java Generics and Collections are two of the most important topics, particularly Generics where some of the trickiest Java questions can be asked. They are also used to gauge your experience and depth of your Java knowledge, hence it's imperative for both beginners and experienced Java programmers to prepare this topic well. While Java Collection framework provides an implementation of some command data structures like ListSetArray, Hash table, Queue, Stack, PriorityQueue, etc, Generics provides Type safety.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Top 5 books to learn Agile and Scrum for Programmers - Best of lot, Must Read

When I started my career, it was all waterfall model. You try, fail, and then with every version you get an improved version of the software. I pretty much used to this model of software development until I was introduced to Agile development methodologies in my next company. I was confused about Agile as some people say its Scrum and Sprint, other ways its XP and Kanban, etc. The confusion lasted for a long time because I was afraid of asking questions (afraid of being perceived as dumb and someone who wastes time on meetings) and only getting information in bits and pieces and I wasn't good at searching books at that time. From that experience, I learned that, when you have confusion and want to learn more about new technology, nothing is better than a book or online training courses to start with.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Top 5 Books to Learn Unit testing, JUnit and TDD in Java - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you done some professional Java development then you know that Unit testing is a very, very important thing to learn to adapt. I would say this is the single most practice in my book, which differentiates an excellent programmer with a professional programmer. It's one way you can see how disciplined a programmer is? It's also the best way to write clean code; a code that can stand the test of time, a code that is flexible enough to accommodate future changes and a code that you don't afraid of while changing. Despite several efforts of promoting unit testing by programming community and emphasizing unit testing by many notable programmers, it's still one of the lacking practice.

How to Crack Microsoft AZ-103 / AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate Exam Certification in 2020

Hello guys, if you are looking for cloud certifications in 2020 then Microsoft Azure Cloud certification can be a great addition in your profile. Earlier, I have shared a few tips, courses, and practice tests to pass the AZ-900 or Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam and today, I'll talk about AZ-103 or Microsoft Azure Administrator certification.  Microsoft launched two new certifications AZ-100 and AZ-101. These are the replacement of 70-535 for new role-based Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification. On May 1, 2019, both AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams have been replaced by the AZ-103 exam.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Top 5 Books to Learn DevOps for Developers - Best of Lot

Hello guys, DevOps is one of the in-demand skills for experienced developers. It also offers a career path for senior developers who don't want to go to project management and want to remain technical and close to the code, but what is DevOps? and how can you learn DevOps? In the past, I have shared some of the best DevOps courses and a complete DevOps Developer RoadMap, and in this article, I'll share the best books to learn DevOps for developers, but before that let's understand What is DevOps?  It is nothing but is an integration of the word development (Dev) and Operations (Ops). Development here refers to software development, I mean the process of writing code, unit testing, debugging and running source codes to create software. While Operations are Information Technology Operations like deployment, support, and creating new environments.