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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Coursera's Meta Android Developer Professional Certificate Course Review

Hello guys, if you want to become a certified Android developer in 2023 and looking for a certification program which can not only teach you Android platform and how to code Android app but also give you certificate which is recognized in Software and Android App Development industry then there is no better course to join then Meta's Android Developer Certification on Coursera. This is one of the most well organized, up-to-date, and in -depth certification to learn Android app development in 2023 and in this article, we will find whether its worth it or not for you. 

Is Meta's Android Developer Course worth it or not?

More consumers are using their smartphones to order food or to make simple notes. The industry of mobile app development has revolutionized the world in the last decade and companies are competing in this industry so it become more in demand by them.

If you are interested to learn android app development then I’ve found one of the best online courses to get an overview of android app development offered by the Meta platform.

1. The Instructor Review

This course is taught by the Meta platform which was Facebook previously. There are a lot of other courses that the Meta platform teaches in Coursera and it has a good reputation among people which proves the quality of their instructors with a 4.7 rating score for this Meta Android Developer course.

Coursera's Meta Android Developer Professional Certificate Course Review

2. The Course Review

2.1. Introduction to Android Mobile Application Development

You will start learning the career path of becoming an Android application developer and a high-level overview of the tools and programming languages needed for this career. Explore android studio, an IDE for helping you make the code, and learn about different operating systems.

2.2. Version Control

You will learn how modern software developers collaborate across the globe without messing up the code which can be a useful method to learn in large projects and working as a freelancer. You will learn also to use command lines in Linux to work with files and create a workflow to automate your work.

2.3. Programming Fundamentals in Kotlin

You will learn kotlin programming language which is a cross-platform language used for building android apps. Next, you will learn the functions, classes, and objects in this language and it is intended for people who are new to this language.

2.4. Principles of UX/UI Design

This section will teach you about the design interface of your android app and understand the best practice interaction design. You will learn to use Figma for designing the interface and learn to make the design consistent.

2.5. Create the User Interface in Android Studio

After learning to make the best app design using Figma, it’s time to start coding it using android studio and the Kotlin language. Starting with the basics of building the app UI with kotlin and then using Jetpack Compose to build the UI.

2.6. Advanced Programming in Kotlin

In the previous section, you’ve learned the basics of Kotlin but in this part of the course, you will become advanced in this language. You will develop your understanding of classes, objects, advanced object-oriented features, and functional programming.

2.7. Working with Data in Android

You will often interact with other services to get data from and store this data in your phone and luckily, Kotlin offers this feature which you will in this part of the course using the RESTful API. Finally, understand the database and implement SQLite in your android app.

2.8. Mobile Development and JavaScript

Javascript is a programming language used for making web pages and it can also be used for making android apps. You will get an overview of this language then start learning the basics of JavaScript and also move to the object-oriented programming paradigm and the Node.js library.

Meta Android Developer Professional Certificate | Coursera

2.9. React Basics

React JS is a JavaScript library for making the front end based on the UI components. You will explore this library’s basic structure, make a single-page application, and dynamically change the content on the web page. Finally, learn updating assets in React JS and make your first react app.

2.10. React Native

React Native is an open-source JavaScript-based mobile app framework for building mobile apps developed by the Meta platform. Later, you will learn about the core components like pressable components to build buttons and other clickable areas. Finally, learn about React navigating between screens.

2.11. Android App Capstone

You will use the knowledge you’ve learned in the previous parts of this course to fix a real-world problem in which you will make an ordering app for food from a little lemon restaurant. Finally, you will have an interactive mobile app to show your expertise to recruiters and impress employers with.

2.12. Coding Interview Preparation

After completing all of the previous parts of the course, you are now ready to understand how the coding job interview works and prepare yourself. You will have an introduction to the data structure, and also gain some knowledge about algorithms with a final grade assessment to assess your knowledge.


Thanks for reading! This course will definitely give you the fundamentals of android app development and understand how the different languages that are used for app development are used and work but you need to make more projects to get more experience.

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