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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Course Review

 The artificial intelligence revolution nowadays seems to be the future of human life. This technology is implemented in every app or website you visit and used for unlocking the door with your face to secure any money transaction and used in gaming to put your face in any character you want, and this list goes on. That means getting the skills in artificial intelligence under your belt is a good investment in the future to get a job or even create your own business that uses artificial intelligence to solve people's problems. Most people think that you need a degree in this area to have a job. Still, companies are looking for your skills more than your degree, so you can take an online course like IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate and start your journey.

Is IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Course on Coursera worth it?

Let's find out whether Applied AI Professional certificate by IBM on Coursera is worth your time and money or not by reviewing instructor experience, course curriculum and content depth. 

1. The Instructors Review

This applied AI professional certificate course is created by the five employees that work in the IBM company, and these instructors have good experience in their field. Some have a Ph.D. degree with solid experience in the AI field, data science, and more. Do you can feel comfortable while learning this artificial intelligence science from experts people.

2. Course Content

2.1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This first section will introduce you to artificial intelligence science, how it works, how it transforms people's lives and the use cases of this field. Next, you will see AI concepts such as machine learning and deep learning and how this science can learn from data and make decisions. You will also see understand the issues that face artificial intelligence and the ethical consideration. Finally, understand the future of this field and why you need to learn artificial intelligence.

2.2. Getting Started with AI using IBM Watson

After getting familiar with the artificial intelligence area, you will begin familiar with IBM Watson AI and how it works. These supercomputers help business and professional people in their daily work. Next, you will explore different Watson AI services like Watson machine learning, Watson OpenScale, and computer vision and how the organization uses them in its business. Finally, you will see the common use cases for artificial intelligence.

2.3. Building AI-Powered Chatbots Without Programming

This section will teach you how to create a very complex chatbot using one of the Watson IBM services without writing any code by leveraging the power of natural language processing. You will learn how to plan, implement, test, and finally deploy your chatbot on different platforms like WordPress very easily, and much more will be discussed in this section.

2.4. Python for Data Science, AI & Development

Python language is the most used one in artificial intelligence and data science, so you will start by learning the basics of this language, like variables and data structure such as tuples, lists, dictionaries, and more. Next, you will see how to implement loops and iterate over items in python, which will be handy in most of your applications. Finally, you will learn to work with data and files and use the APIs to collect data.

2.5. Python Project for AI & Application Development

This section is related to the previous one. It is intended not to teach you python but rather implementing the python language to create a web application using the Flask framework powered with artificial intelligence solution. You will also learn unit tests and package an application with the help of many labs, and you will gain experience working on a real project.

2.6. Building AI Applications with Watson APIs

You will learn how to build code that leverages the power of the Watson services by connecting by the APIs, so you will start by discovering the service you will be using in this course and how to get their keys to connect.

You will see how to use the Watson discovery, a tool used to extract insight from large unstructured data. You will also practice again in the Watson assistance to create a chatbot for students and integrate it with other services to provide voice instead of text messages and deploy it on Facebook and slack.


Learning artificial intelligence has never been easier thanks to the python language that supports this science and the different Watson services that will enable you to use this field without writing a single code and deploying them on your website to add value to your users.

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