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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Is Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) worth it? Should you join

Blockchain technology creates a unique data structure featuring inherent security qualities. The primary highlights of blockchain infrastructure include cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and decentralization. With the mention of cryptography, it is important to wonder how the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification can help the career aspirations of any professional. Blockchain has data structured into different blocks, with each new block connecting to previous blocks with a cryptographic hash function. In addition, decentralization implies that there is no single point of failure in the blockchain network. 

On top of it, you should also notice the advantage of consensus mechanisms for validating transactions on a blockchain network.

Is Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) worth it? Should you join?

The following discussion helps you figure out whether the CBSE certification for blockchain security by 101 Blockchains is worth investing your effort and time in. 

1. Importance of Blockchain Security

Before finding out whether 101 Blockchains offers the best blockchain security certification, it is important to know blockchain security risks. Some of the common security attacks in blockchain networks include phishing attacks and Sybil attacks. 

In addition, you can also find 51% attacks, code exploitation, and routing attacks. Blockchain has been one of the favorable grounds for investment in recent years with many new and innovative solutions.

The scope for blockchain security jobs has been growing profoundly with the increasing instances of violations in blockchain networks. Therefore, professionals with knowledge about security tools, technologies, and best practices for blockchain networks can have a competitive edge. Professionally certified security experts could have better scope for employment in blockchain projects and enterprises.

2. Why Do You Need Blockchain Security Certifications?

The details of blockchain security explained can help you develop a comprehensive impression of its
significance. In addition, it helps you know how you can leverage it to your benefit. Certified experts in security of blockchain networks can easily grab the attention of employers.

At the same time, certification also ensures that they have the necessary skills to protect blockchain systems from security threats. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains delivers an interesting choice to become a blockchain security expert with an industry-recognized credential.

However, many people have doubts whether the certification by 101 Blockchains is actually worth the effort. So, let's find that out. 

Is Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) worth it? Should you join

 Is the CBSE Certification Necessary?

The outline of blockchain security benefits shows that enterprises adopting blockchain-based systems would have to resolve security threats on blockchain. The CBSE certification by 101 Blockchains delivers a comprehensive and unique credential for expertise in security technologies and best practices for blockchain networks. Here are some of the reasons which show why the certification by 101 Blockchains is a trustworthy credential.

  • Clear Objectives

The first thing about the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification points out to the clarity regarding the objectives. You wouldn’t encounter any random objectives for developing your knowledge and skills about security in the blockchain landscape. On the contrary, the clear outline of objectives lets you find out what you are in for with the certification. 

The certification helps you develop a comprehensive impression of blockchain security threats alongside performing blockchain threat modeling and vulnerability evaluation. Subsequently, the certification also helps in designing and developing secure decentralized applications and blockchain systems.

  • Comprehensive Content

If you thought that the 101 Blockchains certification paints a vague set of goals, then you must take a look at the content of the certification. The concepts of blockchain security explained in detail throughout different lessons of the certification training course deliver prolific learning outcomes. You can explore everything from introduction of blockchain basics to the best practices for blockchain threat modeling. 

The certification training course covers the basics of blockchain cryptography alongside security of consensus algorithms and the blockchain nodes and network. Furthermore, the lessons on smart contract security and blockchain system testing as well as enterprise blockchain security indicate the depth of training offered with the certification course.       

  • Proof of Continuous Learning and Development

The next important factor which can encourage you to choose the best blockchain security certification is the proof of your skills. You must have something to show for your blockchain skills and knowledge to potential employers. The 101 Blockchains certification in security of blockchain systems delivers a well-recognized credential for boosting your career portfolio. 

Most important of all, the CBSE certification provides an indication of your effort to learn about security threats to blockchain systems and networks. Any individual preparing for blockchain security certifications would have to invest a considerable share of their time and efforts in addressing all the exam objectives. The certification would show employers that you are actually interested in learning more about security of blockchain-based systems. 

  • Professional Recognition

The advantages of certification don’t extend only to blockchain security jobs, as you can leverage the certification for professional networking. Any certified blockchain professional would have the opportunity to display their credentials through digital badges on social media. 

As a result, the certification could not only help you become visible to employers but also build a solid professional portfolio for enterprise blockchain security expert roles. The certification can help you network with other professionals as experts on the concerned subject matter. 

For example, you may interact with professionals working on their own blockchain projects and develop interactions based on your shared interests. If things go well, you may end up as a vital contributor or partner in the new blockchain projects. Participation in communities and virtual discussion forums offers a solid opportunity for boosting your skills in security of blockchain networks. 

Can A Beginner Take the CBSE Certification?

The first thought regarding the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification by 101 Blockchains implies that it might be suitable for professionals only. As a matter of fact, blockchain security is an essential and value-based specialization for blockchain professionals. Therefore, the CBSE certification is an ideal choice for beginners with a solid command of blockchain basics.

Without a productive impression of what the blockchain is and how it is structured, it is practically impossible to figure out the security concerns of blockchain. Even if the certification training course does not impose any prerequisites or conditions for registration, beginners must have expertise in blockchain basics. 

If you want to pursue blockchain security jobs, then you should have an in-depth understanding of how blockchain is structured. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains makes it easy for beginners to learn the concepts pertaining to security on blockchain networks.

The course starts with fundamentals of blockchain technology before diving into blockchain security fundamentals and different types of security. Professionals would have a great time with this certification, as it deals with every side of blockchain security explained carefully in different modules. 

How Much Time Should You Invest in the CBSE Certification?

Most of the candidates preparing for the best blockchain security certification would obviously look for the quickest way to succeed. However, you must invest dedication and efforts in the right proportion to ensure desired results with the certification.

The critical significance of blockchain security in the newly emerging ecosystem of decentralized applications is an obvious highlight you would never miss. You can have a substantial amount of time to prepare for the certification at your convenience. 

At the same time, you must also look forward to the facility of a reasonable training schedule spanning a period of 4 weeks. You can complete the blockchain security expert certification objectives by dedicating around three to four hours every week to the training course.

Candidates also enjoy the privilege of completing the course with a flexible learning approach. You don’t have to face specific time restrictions for accessing the course materials. 101 Blockchains lets you prepare for the CBSE certification with the best value advantages for your career.

What Is The Best Way to Qualify for the CBSE Certification?

The understanding of blockchain security benefits and basics of cryptography doesn’t necessarily prove your skills as an expert. However, they are essential requirements for ensuring your success in certification for security-based roles in the blockchain ecosystem. Here is an outline of some of the other methods and practices to ensure your success.

  • Learn about the certification exam objectives and how they can support your career development goals. 

  • Complement your preparation by studying for all exam topics with practical examples for backing up your learning outcomes.

  • Leverage the interactive exercises in the certification training course to improve your skills for the final certification exam. 

If you want to become an expert in security of blockchain-based systems and applications, the certification requires dedicated effort from you. Identify the significance of security in blockchain and explore a new career path now.      


Final Words

The value advantages of the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification on 101 Blockchains show that it is actually worth every effort. Just like every other technology, blockchain is also vulnerable to security issues.

Enterprises would obviously need professional experts to address security concerns of their blockchain-based systems. With a broad range of topics, the 101 Blockchains security certification serves as a comprehensive tool for skill development. 

You can prove your skills for catering to the requirements of modern job roles based on enterprise blockchain security. Apart from learning the best practices of threat modeling and security, the certification also allows you to familiarize with all aspects of security on blockchain. Learn more about security for blockchain systems and how to use it for career development with 101 Blockchains now.            

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