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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Review - Is Certified Web3 Professional (CW3P) on 101 Blockchains worth it

The evolution of technology has shown us the volatile nature of change. The most hyped technological phenomenon of one decade is redundant in the next. When you take a look back at the first time the world was introduced to the internet, all you can find are static pages. Today, the talks about the internet stepping into the web 3.0 phase have been gaining momentum. A Certified Web3 Professional can make the most of the emerging career opportunities in this field. However, it is important to know what web 3.0 actually means and how it would affect your career choices. Here is an overview of a few reasons why the CW3P certification by 101 Blockchains is a relevant choice for you.

Is Certified Web3 Professional (CW3P) on 101 Blockchains worth it?

Now, let's do a deep dive ot this certification and understand whether its worth it or not:

What is the Importance of Web3 Now?

The first thing you need to know before the reasons to pursue a web3 certification is an overview of
web3 itself. Web3 or web 3.0 is the third generation of the internet after web 2.0. How did the internet evolve through all these years? In the initial days of the internet, it was all about static pages designed for offering information. Web 1.0 also set the foundations for online transactions, such as ticket booking software. However, users did not have any active contribution to the content on the web.

The next phase, i.e., web 2.0, introduced the facility for user-generated content, thereby drawing in users to interact with the web and shape it up. For example, social media pages have been developed all over the years with user-generated content. Although revolutionary, web 2.0 implied serious concerns regarding privacy of user data.

Web 3.0 emerges as the solution to the problem of centralized data control by emphasizing decentralization. You can think of web 3.0 as the same internet and applications, albeit with more control in the hands of users. A Certified Web3 Expert is actually the need of the hour as decentralized technologies become more commonplace. Therefore, a suitable certification can help you tap into the opportunities in the web3 ecosystem. 

How will 101 Blockchains Web3 Certification Help You?

The 101 Blockchains web 3.0 certification is a promising tool for anyone who wants to take the edge with skills in web3. Certification from a reputed blockchain certification and training course provider is obviously a trustworthy advantage. On top of it, you also have the advantage of a unique first-of-its-kind certification for web3 professionals.

You can think of it as a web3 developer course or a professional-level course for web3 experts. However, it is also important to wonder how far it is reasonable to pursue a certification in web 3.0. Here are a few reasons which can verify the necessity of the CW3P certification for your career.

  • Learn Everything about Web 3.0

The most prominent advantage of the certified web 3.0 professional certification is the opportunity to learn all about web3. You can find the best account of web3 explained in detail with the training course for the certification. The comprehensive explanation of web3 basics alongside the benefits as well as challenges and risks of web3 showcase all you need to know about web 3.0. The course also reflects on the various use cases for web3 technologies, thereby strengthening your command over web 3.0 trends. 

  • Build Your Career with a Futuristic Perspective

The essential elements for a successful career not only imply the need to choose the best technology you can find. On the contrary, the Certified Web3 Professional certification helps you view a long-term picture for your career in web3 technologies. Sooner or later, web3 is all slated to be the next norm of interacting on the internet. Enterprises would need new applications conforming to web3 standards, thereby suggesting the need for certified experts in web3 technologies. If you want to be a part of the revolution for the future labor market, then the certification prepares you for the same. 

  • High-quality Training

The most valuable advantage of the 101 Blockchains web 3.0 certification is the facility of high-quality training. You can become a web3 developer with the awareness of basic concepts of web3 technologies. The certification course helps you learn for the certification in different modules, thereby supporting your learning experience. 

You have the assurance of training from expert instructors to help you familiarize with web3 concepts easily. On top of it, the variety of topics in the certification course focuses on exactly what you need to become a certified web 3.0 professional. Therefore, it is less likely that you would lose your path in the course of training. 

The clearly evident reasons for choosing the Certified Web3 Professional certification serve as an important highlight for any aspirant. However, you could not jump to conclusions randomly just by choosing a certification. Remember that you have to prepare for the exam, qualify for it and earn your credential. Still, then, you would have to struggle for a job as the market for web3 professionals is quite tough. 

If you become a Certified Web3 expert, you might have an additional edge over your peers. Try using the edge to your benefit with professional networking by reaching out to other professionals. The ability to interact with potential employers or partners may come up as a surprise. Show your knowledge and skills of blockchain, metaverse, and other web3 technologies in the community. When you spread the word about your skills, you are more likely to be noticed. 

Is the Certified Web3 Professional Certification Meant for Professionals Only?

The web3 certification by 101 Blockchains is one of the innovative offerings among the diverse assortment of courses and certifications on the platform. As the popularity of web 3.0 trends has been crucial in fuelling the demand for learning about web3 technologies, anyone can try learning about web3. 

However, it is important to know that web3 is comparatively new, and you may experience some difficulties as a beginner. On the other hand, the interesting thing you must note here is that everyone is a beginner in web3. The new iteration of the internet is new to everyone, and no one claim to be an all-round expert in web3 technologies.


You can start your journey of becoming a certified web3 expert by leveraging the best course which works for beginners. In addition, the certification training course has been tailored with balanced proportions to ensure that beginners, as well as professionals, can make the most of the course. 

What is The Time Allotted for Completing the Certification?

The Certified web3 professional certification offers more than the regular training courses on web3 technologies with the advantage of flexible learning. You can complete the certification training course at your own convenience. 101 Blockchains does not have any strict guidelines for completing the training course within a given time period.

On the contrary, you can complete the course objectives without any restrictions, thereby offering the advantage of seamless learning experiences. Most important of all, candidates must understand that they must invest more time and effort in each module of the course. Therefore, you should worry about improving your knowledge rather than developing concerns about the speed of completing the course.

If you want to become a web3 developer, then you must have a clear idea of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for the same. Any certified expert in web3 technologies must capitalize on training to ensure that they are capable of addressing their responsibilities.

Best Practices for Utilizing the Training Course

The training course with the CW3P certification is a trusted instrument for helping every candidate qualify for the certification exam. However, you must follow a specific set of best practices to make the most of the training course. Here is an outline of the reliable methods you must take into account while using the training course with the web3 certification by 101 Blockchains. 

  • Study all the training course objectives to find whether the modules in the course help you achieve the objectives.

  • Review all the modules carefully to check out the topics you have to cover in each module.

  • Create a preparation plan on the basis of difficulty of the modules and organize the plan with different milestones.

  • Use the interactive exercises and demos to learn more about the practical value of web3 technologies. 

The final and most crucial factor for ensuring your success in the Certified Web3 Professional certification is faith in web3 technologies. You need to trust the long-term potential of web3 as it slowly evolves as the next phase of the internet.        

Bottom Line

The CW3P certification by 101 Blockchains is definitely a unique credential for the workforce of the future. You can build awareness regarding web3 technologies and how they work. The certification course would not only showcase the fundamental principles of web3 but also how they work in action.

At the same time, you also have the support of quality training materials and a credible list of topics in the certification course. You must check the details of the certification on your own before enrolling in the course. Start checking your preparedness for the web3 jobs in future with a proven credential by 101 Blockchains.

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