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Review - Is Web Applications for Everybody Specialization on Coursera Worth it?

Hello guys, if you are looking for an amazing course to start your web application development career or you are looking for great web development course on Coursera, or you are thinking whether Web Applications for Everybody Specialization is worth it or not then you have come to the right course. In the past, I have shared best web development courses form Coursera and in this article, we will review this course. Every company needs a website to run their business and connect with customers and companies. Nowadays, technical people can do that and program the website with complex functionalities, but people from non-technical backgrounds can use some services to make a shopping website. What if your website has some complex functionalities to perform other than just a simple web page.

Developing a website is just learning the front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and host them. Still, for a booking website or any other website that offers some functionalities, you need to hire a developer who already knows the back-end technologies to build it for you. One of the most used languages out there is called PHP programming language.

PHP language is a server or back-end language that tells your website what it should do, like registering the user’s data. Suppose you want to learn this language to build your web application for your business or work for companies. In that case, I will highly recommend enrolling in this course known as Web Applications for Everybody Specialization.

Review - Is Web Applications for Everybody Specialization on Coursera Worth it?

Web Applications for Everybody Specialization Review

Now, let's deep dive into this popular Coursera course to learn Web application development. We will review this course on three parameters, instructor experience and teaching quality, Course content and structure and based upon people's review who have already taken this course. 

1. The Instructors Review

The instructor of this massive specialization is the clinical professor Charles Russell Severance who created over 46 courses in this platform Coursera and has taught over 3 million students in his courses like Python For Everybody and Django For Everybody, which gained massive success among the Coursera courses. He wrote many books on programming languages such as python.

best Web application development course on Coursera

2. Course Content and Structure

Now, let see how is the course is structured, which topics are covered and all. The specialization contains multiple courses to learn individual topic so we will go through them to find out more. 

2.1. Building Web Applications in PHP

You will begin by learning how web applications work and how your browser interacts with them and exploring the response-request cycle of the HTTP protocol. Next, you will learn HTML to create web pages and style them using the CSS language, like adding colors and more. 

Then you will install the PHP environment, which is XAMP and MAMP, in your operating system, create your first MySQL database, and write your first PHP code.

You will also learn about the PHP programming language and its basics like variables and the different keywords used in this language, expressions, and control structure. Then move to the intermediate level in PHP by understanding the arrays in PHP, arrays functions, variable scope, and modularity.

best coursera course to learn PHP

2.2. Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)

You will learn how to install the environment of PHP and MySQL database on your computer operating system then moving to learn about the databases and the basics of the SQL language operations and how to pull data from the database and filter the results and also learn about the different data types in SQL language and the database keys & indexes.

The databases should follow a pattern according to your project. You will learn how to create relational database design, normalization & the foreign keys, building a physical data schema. 

Finally, learn about the many relationships you need when you represent users, roles, and more.

best Coursera course to learn SQL

2.3. Building Database Applications in PHP

You will start at an intermediate level of PHP language and learn the different object-oriented patterns available in PHP. You will begin by understanding the object-oriented concepts and creating objects in PHP and other object-oriented libraries public in this language. 

Next, you will explore the various PHP database libraries, run SQL queries in PHP, connect MySQL database to PHP using portable data objects, and avoid the SQL injection vulnerability.

You will see how you create an authentication system where users can sign in to the web application and implementing flash messages. Finally, build a CRUD application to create, read, update, and delete data, a complete simple web application project.

Best Coursera course to learn database with PHP

2.4. JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON

This last section will teach you about the JavaScript language, which is considered one of the most used languages among web developers. You will learn about its basics, the core language features, variables and expressions, Document Object Model (DOM), and more. 

Then you will see how JavaScript supports the object-oriented pattern and building objects.

You will also learn about jQuery, which is a JavaScript library for do-in-browser manipulation of DOM. Finally, learn about the JSON, a syntax used to exchange data between the server and the user browser.

best Coursera course to learn JavaScript and JSON

3. People' Review

Talking about the social proof, more than 87,008 people have already enrolled in this course and it has got excellent reviews and ratings. On average it got 4.8 rating from close to 5K participants which is phenomenal. If you are looking to get into the field of web development with PHP than this is the best course you can get online.

Dr. Chuk has done an excellent job with the course. The Course will help you to explore various functionalities of PHP. 

Building Web Applications in PHP Course Review


That's all on this review of Web Application for Everybody specialization on Coursera by University of Michigan. Charles Russell Severance has done an excellent job with this course similar to his earlier masterpiece courses Python For Everybody and Django For Everybody

Learning to build a web application with PHP is a very in-demand skill, and most of the websites are using PHP, and their frameworks such as Laravel to create the back-end even WordPress, which is the most commonly used CMS, uses the PHP in the back-end.

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