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Top 5 Projects You can do to learn Flutter in 2024 - Best of Lot

Learning Flutter to build mobile apps for android and iOS does not make you a professional developer that people can rely on you to build their app. In fact, you need to train as much as possible to create mobile apps so you can consider yourself a mobile apps developer. If you are now in the stage of learning Flutter for creating mobile apps and you want to enhance your skills by building as much as possible mobile apps for both platforms android and iOS you’ve come to the right place.
In this blog post, you will see many free and paid courses based projects to teach you how to create amazing mobile apps for both platforms, and by doing that you are actually learning new skills by practicing and enriching your portfolio in projects so you can share this work to your peers or employees.

5 Flutter Project Ideas for Beginners in 2024

Here is the best projects a beginner can build to learn Flutter in 2024. These projects are neither trivial nor very complex and you will learn and apply all the knowledge you have acquired about Flutter while building these projects. 

If you cannot build 5, at least build one, something is always better than nothing and I am sure when you complete with one, you would want to do more and that's where these project ideas will come handy. 

1. Make Login Screen

You will need to create in this project the simplest login/register screen that has the basic fields like the username or email and the password and then converts them to two apps one for android and the other one for the iOS platform.

The project is intended to be for beginners but if someone is stuck for this project maybe he couldn’t convert them for two platforms android and iOS can see this course called Make Login Screen Using Flutter on Udemy for getting some help.

5 Projects You can do to learn Flutter

2. Animated bottom navigation bar

In this project, you will need to build a simple animated navigation menu at the bottom of the screen and when the user navigates through the icons at the bottom he will be changing to the next page screen and you should use some animation to the navigation bar to make it look like modern.

This project can be a little bit confused and maybe hard for some of you so for that I have found a course on Udemy called Animated bottom navigation Using Flutter to help you create this kind of project, so feel free to check it out if you found anything hard to implement.

best projects to learn Flutter

3. Flutter Social Authentication Buttons

This project is a little bit simple and all you have to do is create login authentication buttons for Facebook google Twitter and Microsoft so if the user wants to log in to his account he can use one of these icons or buttons to sign in.

The project is already published on a Udemy as a course called Flutter Authentication Buttons so it teaches you how to implement this Flutter widget library to do this kind of job if you get stuck from this project.

Learn Flutter by building projects

4. Flutter Blog app

You will create a blog application that syncs the data from Cloud Firestore and display the blog titles as elements in the app intro page and when someone clicks in one of them he will be redirected to the blog content with some good design such as navigation and the app bar.

If you found yourself needing some help you can refer to this course based-project called Flutter Blog app on udemy to teach you everything you need to create this amazing and complex project in only one course and many more features to add to your application.

best Flutter projects ideas for beginners

5. Flutter Mobile E-Commerce

You will create in this project a simple e-commerce application and add the square payment option to it so the user can enter his credit card info to pay for the items and you should use some animation such as when someone enters the info the credit card changes its color and so on.

The project is not that hard but if you get stuck doing this as always you can refer to this course known as Mobile E-Commerce on Udemy that teaches you how to add the square payment option to your app with amazing animation on the card when someone types his info.

best Flutter projects for beginners

That's all about best Flutter projects for beginners in this article, you have seen many interesting projects that you can do to get at least some experience in Flutter and mobile app development but if you want more check out this course on Udemy called Complete Flutter development to build around 14 applications such as:
1. Dice roller game
2. Tic Tac Toe game
3. Camera and gesture
4. Background changer

That's all about the best Flutter Projects beginners can do to learn Flutter and Dart better. Building mobile apps and games are fun and hard at the same time but in order to be a good developer in this field you should make as much as you can do mobile application so you gain more experience over time.

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