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Coursera Review - Is Django For Everybody Specialization Worth it?

Hello guys, if you are looking for best Coursera course to learn Django or just wondering whether to join Django for Everybody specialization on Coursera or not, you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared best Django Courses and best Python web Development Courses and in this article, I will review Coursera's popular Django course, Django for Everybody specialization by University of Michigan USA. This course is created by none other than Charles Russell Severance, instructor of Coursera's most popular Python for Everybody specialization which is trusted by millions of learners worldwide.

In other words, you will be learning from expert who have taught millions of students through his past courses. But before we jump into this Django course for web development, let's find out what are web applications and why becoming a web developer is such a great idea in 2022. 

Web applications are programs or software that run on the client-side and the server-side in which deliver services for the users like Gmail for sending emails or Canva for editing pictures or even Facebook to chat with your friends and see others' posts.

The web application should allow their users to create an account and access them using their browser, not just a regular website where you can view articles and leave.

These web applications are created using languages like HTMLCSS, and JavaScript for the front-end design and even other frameworks like Bootstrap to deliver a better users experience and use other languages and frameworks such as Node.js or Laravel for developing the back-end, which is what happens inside the server like registering the user's accounts and handling the payments.

One of the best and used frameworks to build web applications is Django which is a framework built using python and has become popular among companies to create small and large web applications. And it has ready-to-use components that make rapid development of your application.

Many courses out there learn these skills of developing web applications using the Django framework. Still, this one on Coursera called Django For Everybody is the best choice for starting this framework's journey.

Coursera Review - Is Django For Everybody Specialization Worth it

Review - Is Django For Everybody Specialization on Coursera Worth it?

Now that we you know that Coursera has a great course to learn Django from scratch, let's review this course in depth and find out whether Django for Everybody is worth it for not and its really for everybody or just beginners. 

We will review this course on three parameters, who is the instructor? Is he subject matter expert, how the course is structured, and what other peoples are saying about this course. These three are a key indicator whether a particular online course is worth your time or not. 

1. The Instructors Review

As I said,  Charles Russell Severance is the instructor of this Django course, and he has created one of the best courses to learn python, known as Python for everybody as well as web application for everybody, one of the best course about web application. 

He has taught more than 3 million students in his 46 courses created in Coursera and worked as a clinical professor in the University of Michigan school of information. Charles has a god gifted ability to explain technical concepts in clear word which makes learning really easy. 

best Django course on Coursera

2. Course Content

Now, let's see which topics are covered in this course and how those will help you to learn Django and Web development  better.  This specialization contains 4 courses, two of which covers web technologies while two are focused on Django and Python. 

2.1. Web Application Technologies and Django

Before you start taking this specialization, you need first to understand the Python language since the Django framework uses this language to create the web application back-end. Starting this first section by understanding how web applications work and how your browser interacts with them. 

Next, you will install the Django framework on the PythonAnywhere platform to make it accessible everywhere since you will submit your assignments for others to review. 

Then you will learn about the HTML language for developing the front-end web pages and the CSS language to style your website, add colors, and make it better visually appealing. Finally, learn about the SQL language and how the databases work to store users' data.

best course to learn Django on Coursera

2.2. Building Web Applications in Django

This section will teach you the Model view controller (MVC), a software design pattern developers use to create the user interface. You will learn about the Django data models and using the Sqlite3 database. Next, you will learn about the Django views and how to use templates in Django and perform inheritance in Django templates.

Then you will learn about the Django generic views, which are some view functions that can perform such common things in web applications and save you a lot of time when building your application. Finally, learn how to perform the Get, POST, and HTTP requests and build HTML forms, and more.

best Django course for beginners

2.3. Django Features and Libraries

You will begin this section by learning about cookies and how it works inside the browser and how to use them for supporting sessions in Django then move to learn how to let the users create an account in your web application and managing them also add the login and log out pages URL in your application and how to create forms in Django which is a place in your website where users can send you information.

Then you will learn about the one to many data models, which is a technique to replace data replication using links between the rows in different database tables, and also learn about owned rows which is a technique to make certain rows belong to a certain user for storing his data and many to many models.

best online course to learn Django

2.4. Using JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON in Django

First, you will learn about the JavaScript language and how to make interactive web pages and learn its basics like arrays and functions. Next, you will move to learn the object-oriented programming (OOP) of JavaScript and classes. 

There are many JavaScript libraries to make it easy for developers to create interactive web pages and jQuery is one of them, and you will learn how to use it in this course.

best course to learn web development with Django

3. People Review

So far we have seen that this course score well on both Instructor quality and Course structure point of view now let's find what other people  are are saying about this course. Most of the people says the course deliver what it promises. 

Talking about social proof more than 51,973 people have already enrolled in this course and it has excellent reviews and ratings. For example, it has on average 4.7 rating out of 5 from close to 1700 participants which is amazing. 

Overall a great course to learn Django on Coursera. You will not only learn about Django but also about web application, how internet works, and how to develop web apps which can change people's life. In short, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Django, particularly beginners. 

Here is the link to join this course - Django For Everybody 

Coursera Review - Is Django For Everybody Specialization Worth it


That's all in this review of Coursera' best Django course, Django for Everybody Specialization by University of Michigan. Django framework has gained too much popularity since its creation day in 2003. Developers are adding new features every day to this framework, making it one of the most loved between developers and companies to use in their web applications.

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