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Camunda Platform is a workflow and decision-making automation platform that is open-source. Camunda Platform includes tools for constructing workflow and decision models, as well as for running deployed models in production and allowing users to complete workflow tasks. [2] It's written in Java and distributed under the Apache License as open-source software. Camunda is headquartered in Berlin and has offices in San Francisco and Denver, Colorado. It includes a BPMN-compliant workflow engine and a Decision Model and Notation (DMN)-compliant decision engine, both of which may be integrated in Java applications and communicate with other languages over REST.
Camunda Platform is a Java-based lightweight framework. It may work as a stand-alone process engine server or as part of bespoke Java applications. It provides a REST API and specific client libraries for non-Java developers to connect to a remote workflow engine.

5 Best Online Courses to learn Camunda in 2023

if you are worried how do you learn Comuda and where to find the best courses to learn Comuda then don't worry, I am going to share 5 best Courses to learn Comuda in this article. These are the best online courses I found after going through a lot trash and they are from popular online platforms like Udemy, Coursera

1. Camunda BPM Beginners to Advance [Udemy]

The Camunda BPM course was created using my many years of Camunda implementation expertise for organisations like as AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange, Verizon, Tech Mahindra, Ericsson, and others. I tried to keep all of the examples as simple as possible. 

The course is created in such a manner that everyone, from a novice to an expert, should be able to benefit from it but the audio is a little less clear at times. Instructor says It will be improved as soon as possible.

Here are things which are covered in this course. 
  • Introduction of Camunda BPM
  • Download and Installation of JDK, Eclipse and set JAVA_HOME
  • Download and Configure Camunda Modeler, Camunda Wildfly Server
  • Create and Build a Camunda Project in Eclipse
  • Start the Camunda Wildfly Server and Deploy the Application
It also touch base on Camunda Events in Details - Start, End, Intermediate, Boundary (message, timer, link, signal, escalation etc), Camunda Gateway in Details - Inclusive, Exclusive, Parallel, Event based etc, Camunda Sub Process in Details - Embedded, Event based, Call Activity.

TOp 5 Online Courses to learn Camunda BPM

2. Camunda In Action [Udemy]

This course is for those who wish to study BPMN with Camunda via practise rather than reading and gain more real understanding through practise. By building a real-world business use case using Camunda, you can learn BPMN (Trading Cryptocurrency). 

Each component of BPMN is taught through real-world examples. Camunda's advanced development (coming soon...). Camunda Architecture: An Overview (coming soon...). By the end of this lesson, you'll be able to use Camunda to work on any BPMN project.

Here are key things you will learn in this course:
  • Introduction to BPM project development in general
  • Introduction to BPMN
  • Camunda environment
  • BPMN development with Camunda with real use case
  • BPMN gateways with Camunda examples

Camunda Platform is a Java-based lightweight framework. It may work as a stand-alone process engine server or as part of bespoke Java applications. It provides a REST API and specific client libraries for non-Java developers to connect to a remote workflow engine.

3. Camunda BPM-An Overview of Workflow and Decision automation:Udemy

Camunda is a low-code development platform and open-source business process management (BPMN 2.0). For process design, Camunda employs (BPMN 2.0) and expands it with case management (CMMN 1.1 ). Designing Business Rules with User Experience:

Here are key things you will learn in this course:
  • BPMN 2.0 : Business process Design and Modelling in Camunda
  • DMN 1.3 (Decision Modeling and Notation) in Camunda
  • CMMN 1.1(Case management modelling) in Camunda
  • Agile BPM development
  • Low code Process Design and Development
Camunda offers a variety of options for writing business decisions that are compliant with DMN 1.3. (Decision Model and notation ). Camunda uses the CMMN 1.1 to develop case management (Case management and modelling and notation) Converts processes into apps that are easy to use.

Time-to-market: Fast implementation and thanks to the coverage by the product of all what is it needed to build modern business solution based on process and data integration - possibility to cover a lot of different business cases ( from purely human process-oriented cases to more complex cases involving data gathering and other system integration ).

4. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN):Coursera

The missing connection between model-based process analysis and data-oriented analytical methodologies is process mining. The course teaches data science expertise that can be applied immediately to assess and improve processes in a range of sectors using actual data sets and simple tools. 

Because firms that are unable to use (big) data intelligently will not survive, data science is the profession of the future. It is insufficient to concentrate just on data storage and analysis.

In addition, the data scientist must link data to process analysis. Traditional model-based process analysis (e.g., simulation and other business process management approaches) and data-centric analysis techniques such as machine learning and data mining are bridged by process mining.

 Process mining aims to bring event data (i.e., observable behavior) and process models together (hand-made or discovered automatically).

  • Camunda Sub Process in Details - Embedded, Event based, Call Activity
  • Camunda Listeners in Details - Task Listener, Execution Listener
  • BPMN tasks with Camunda examples
  • BPMN events with Camunda examples

  • 5. Camunda BPM [Udemy]

    This is an introductory course on Camunda BPM. This course is built for BPM Architect, Developer and Analyst who wants to learn this superb product of Camunda BPM. This product gives flexibility for Java Developers to work for BPM domain. 

    Camunda BPM is one of the leader in BPM market which has both Community and Enterprise products for process development. Camunda BPM is very lightweight workflow engine with simple development interface. It is built on top of Java framework which will give more flexibility on Spring Boot and other Java framework for implementation.

    The course explains the key analysis techniques in process mining. Participants will learn various process discovery algorithms. These can be used to automatically learn process models from raw event data. Various other process analysis techniques that use event data will be presented. 
    • learn Camunda BPM overview.
    • You will learn how to use events in Camunda BPMN and what are the event types
    • Process Modelling in Camunda BPM
    • You will master usage of pools and lanes to show collaboration in a process
    • Camunda BPM Basics
    Moreover, the course will provide easy-to-use software, real-life data sets, and practical skills to directly apply the theory in a variety of application domains.

    As you must have realized, these are the best courses on the Camunda available on the internet. You can use the courses on this list to transform yourself from a beginner to an expert Camunda developer within a matter of weeks. If you liked this list of the Best Camunda courses, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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