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Review - Is Fintech Certification CFTE on 101 Blockchain worth it?

The domain of fintech or financial technology has been growing at a rapid pace, with new innovations making a mark. At this point in time, the demand for a fintech certification course is increasing consistently as more professionals want to pursue their careers in fintech. Market research reports have indicated that the global fintech market could achieve a capitalization of almost $174 billion in 2023. The fintech industry has registered promising growth in terms of investment, adoption rates and a number of fintech startups. As of now, there are more than 35,000 fintech startups worldwide. On top of it, the total value of investment in fintech amounted to almost $164 billion dollars in 2022.

Can you trust a fintech certification by 101 Blockchains for building your career in this lucrative industry? The following discussion helps you find the answer with a description of the new certification training course on fintech by 101 Blockchains.

What is the New Certification Course on Fintech by 101 Blockchains?

101 Blockchains is a popular and trusted platform for blockchain and web3 training courses and certifications. The platform has recently come up with the best fintech certification to help you validate your abilities for working in different fintech roles. 

The Certified Fintech Expert or CFTE certification is a unique credential that helps every individual learn about fintech and its practical implementation. CFTE certification training course focuses on empowering learners with effective resources to learn fintech and pursue lucrative career opportunities. How? 

You can find how to utilize the CFTE credential for career benefits by reflecting on its learning objectives, such as,

  • In-depth understanding of the effect of technology on financial services. 

  • Developing knowledge about the different subdomains and best practices for fintech innovation.

  • Specialization in unique approaches and best practices for facilitating fintech transformation. 

Is Fintech Certification on 101 Blockchain worth it?

Who Should Enroll in the CFTE Certification Training Course?

The first advantage of the CFTE certification in fintech points to the assurance of fintech training for all learners. If you are a beginner in fintech, CFTE can offer the ideal starting point for developing skills and knowledge in fintech. 

You can also choose the Fintech Fundamentals training course on 101 Blockchains for learning the basic concepts in fintech. Strong foundation-level knowledge in fintech can help you cover the topics in the CFTE certification training with ease. 

Here is an outline of the ideal candidates for the Certified Fintech Expert certification on 101 Blockchains. 

  • Senior management executives and financial service professionals can use the fintech certification to understand and respond to changes with fintech. 

  • Business analysts or owners can learn about fintech and develop expertise in the tools required for adapting to fintech disruption. 

  • Financial regulators can rely on the CFTE certification training course to learn about the rules and new regulatory precedents for financial service management. 

  • Innovation managers and entrepreneurs can choose the fintech certification online to uncover new ideas to establish a fintech business. 

Who Should Enroll in the CFTE Certification Training Course?

What Do You Learn in the CFTE Certification?

The Certified Fintech Expert credential by 101 Blockchains offers an exclusive option for aspiring Fintech professionals to boost their skills. You can become a fintech certified professional with the CFTE certification training course with fluency in multiple important topics on fintech. Here are some of the noticeable topics you can find in the CFTE certification training course. 

  • Effect of fintech on payment and lending services.

  • Fintech use cases in RegTech, InsurTech, Super Apps and Neo Banks.

  • Working mechanisms of digital currencies and the rationale of central banks for adopting digital currencies.

  • Financial service risks, challenges and regulations. 

  • Influence of technology and digital identity on financial services.

  • Fintech business use cases and effect on empowering customer experiences.

  • Future fintech trends and use cases of embedded finance other than payment services. 

Steps to become a Fintech Expert

How Does the CFTE Certification Help Aspiring Fintech Professionals?

The details of the Certified Fintech Expert certification by 101 Blockchains provide a brief impression of its benefits for learning about fintech. As a matter of fact, it is better than common fintech training programs as it can guarantee multiple value advantages for learners.

Here is an outline of the top advantages for aspiring fintech professionals with the CFTE certification course. 

1. Comprehensive Fintech Training 

The biggest advantage of the CFTE fintech certification course is the breadth of topics in the training course. It starts with the introduction to fintech and digital assets, followed by moving towards advanced concepts such as embedded finance, open banking and central bank digital currencies. The CFTE certification training course includes multiple modules on fintech concepts you would need as a fintech professional. 

2. Support of Other Courses in Training Library

101 Blockchains features a massive training library with courses that help you hone your skills for fintech jobs. You should notice that preparing for a fintech certification with awareness of other concepts, such as DeFi and its technology, can provide viable improvement in your preparations. The advantages of training courses on fintech concepts can help in broadening your capabilities as a fintech professional. For example, the DeFi Fundamentals and DeFi Technology courses can offer valuable improvements in your skillset. 

3. Expert Instructors

The most promising highlight of the CFTE certification is the assurance of training by expert instructors. You can use the certification in fintech to access valuable insights from experts and learn from their experience in the industry. On top of it, you can always rely on the experts for guidance and suggestions to overcome your apprehensions and doubts in fintech.

Fintech Expert RoadMap


The Certified Fintech Expert certification by 101 Blockchains is a proven and trusted credential for fintech professionals with its comprehensive learning outcomes. CFTE certification offers the benefit of fintech training programs alongside serving an industry-recognized credential for your fintech skills. 

In addition, it also brings you the opportunity to develop fintech expertise with the help of experts. Candidates for fintech job roles can also find the assurance of professional and structured training for fintech concepts with the CFTE certification.

When it comes to joining this certification, you can join this individually or you can get a 101 Blockchain Membership which not only give you access of this certification but also several other powerful and in-demand Blockchain and Web3 certification and courses for just $25 per month on their annual plan (50% discount now).

You can find out more details about the Certified Fintech Expert certification training course and its benefits for your career right now here.

All the best with your Fintech Career.

Feel free to ask any question you may have in comments section.       

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