Difference between Web3, Metaverse, and Blockchain?

Web3, metaverse and blockchain are probably the most highlighted terms in every discussion about modern technology. Most recently, the web3 vs. metaverse vs. blockchain debate has been gaining momentum. Web3 and metaverse have shown massive potential for transforming user experiences on the internet.  The superficial perspective on web3 and metaverse shows that both of them have many overlapping aspects. However, web3 and metaverse are completely different topics, and blockchain is the technological foundation for creating web3 and metaverse solutions. The following post helps you understand the difference between web3, blockchain and metaverse. 

Definition of Web3

The first thing you need to learn the difference between web3, metaverse and blockchain is the definition of the terms. Web3 is the term that denotes the third stage of the internet, which relies on blockchain technology. You can identify the difference between web3 and blockchain in the fact that blockchain empowers decentralization for web3 solutions. 

Most of the applications in the existing web2 era depend on major tech giants, such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple. The big businesses have control over deciding the services which customers can access. I

n most cases, the big companies serve as intermediaries between customers and the desired outcomes of specific services. Web3 utilizes blockchain for removing intermediaries between users and services of an application. 

You can find the ideal foundation for web3 vs. metaverse and blockchain technology comparison with an overview of important web3 components. The primary components of web3 include semantic web, AI, 3D graphics, spatial computing, connectivity and blockchain technology.

As you can notice, the three-dimensional worlds of the metaverse are only a part of the web3 revolution. You can learn more about Web3 with the Certified Web3 Professional certification training course on 101 Blockchains. 

Definition of Metaverse

The definition of metaverse invites attention to the Meta revolution initiated by Facebook. However, a deeper understanding of the role of blockchain in metaverse shows that Facebook is not the one building the metaverse.

The metaverse is a device and vendor-agnostic shared three-dimensional virtual space which blends virtual and physical worlds. The metaverse features a unique virtual economy powered by NFTs and digital currencies. Therefore, the metaverse represents the spatial web experience with web3 rather than web3 itself. 

In addition, the metaverse vs. blockchain comparison also finds some explanation for the uses of blockchain for metaverse applications. Blockchain helps in ensuring decentralized access to virtual spaces in the metaverse without any specific organization dominating the metaverse.

In addition, blockchain also helps in creating the assets required for the independent economy in the metaverse. You can uncover more insights on the metaverse with Metaverse Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains.  

Understanding the Differences between Web3 and Metaverse

The web3 vs. metaverse vs. blockchain debate reflects on how blockchain serves as a technology for enabling web3 and metaverse. You can find a better impression of the differences between them by comparing the differences between web3 and metaverse and the differences between web3 and blockchain.

Web3 focuses on decentralized ownership and control of digital assets and experiences. On the other hand, metaverse is a shared digital reality where users can interact with each other, participate in activities and access services. 

The difference between web3 and blockchain suggests that blockchain is only one of the technologies in web3. On the contrary, metaverse also uses other technologies, such as AR and VR, to offer immersive user experiences.

From a broader perspective, the overall goal of web3 focuses on introducing a new set of standards for utilization and governance of the internet. The metaverse provides a new environment for internet experiences such as social media, gaming and retail experiences. 

Difference between Web3, Metaverse, and Blockchain?

Where Does Blockchain Fall in the Metaverse vs. Web3 Equation?

The role of blockchain in metaverse development is one of the significant highlights for describing the difference between metaverse and web3. You can identify how blockchain is the common element in web3 and metaverse. Web3 technologies include blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and DAOs. 

On the contrary, metaverse relies on blockchain, human interface, connectivity, creator economy and spatial computing. Therefore, it is difficult to put up a metaverse vs. blockchain comparison. You can uncover more details about underlying technologies for metaverse through the Metaverse Technology course on 101 Blockchains. 

Applications of Web3, Blockchain and Metaverse

The best way to learn the difference between web3, metaverse and blockchain is to compare their use cases. What is the primary objective of web3, metaverse and blockchain? Web3 focuses on transforming conventional applications with the advantage of decentralization and complete ownership and control of users.

The applications of web3 can transform many conventional systems and processes alongside offering new innovative solutions. For example, NFTs can deliver a new way of proving ownership of digital assets.

Metaverse focuses on transforming user experiences in virtual worlds by blending the physical and virtual worlds. The use cases of metaverse would include transformation of virtual workplaces and e-learning experiences. Examples of play-to-earn games and virtual experiences by top brands in the metaverse indicate the potential use cases of the metaverse.


The difference between web3 and blockchain does not undermine the potential use cases of blockchain. Blockchain technology can help in transforming business operations with better efficiency, such as in supply chain management operations. With the help of smart contracts, blockchain-based applications can fit within the requirements for major use cases across different industries. 


The overview of the web3 vs. metaverse vs. blockchain comparison serves as proof of the ways in which the three technological concepts differ from each other. Blockchain is the common link between web3 and metaverse as it offers the decentralization required in both technologies. Web3 is a broader term that emphasizes creating digital solutions which empower users with control over their data and assets.

Blockchain serves as the ideal infrastructure for creating web3 solutions with traits of decentralization, transparency and immutability. On the other hand, the metaverse is a unique solution based on principles of web3 and the foundation of blockchain technology. Blockchain can help in creating NFTs and tokenization of metaverse assets and experiences. Learn more about web3, blockchain and metaverse with training courses on 101 Blockchains now.

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