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Monday, May 22, 2023

Database Website to Run and Practice SQL Query Online for FREE - SQLFiddle

Another day, I was looking for a website to execute SQL query online, since I have uninstalled Microsoft SQL Server because of memory and CPU constraint and I don't want to install it again, just for executing another query. Also, installing database is pain, it takes time and eats up lots of resources e.g. RAM memory, CPU, etc; Given so many databases to work with e.g. Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, and SQLLite, it's not really possible to have all of them in your poor laptop. Fortunately, my search leads me to this wonderful site called SQLFiddle, this is what exactly I wanted. This site offers support for a lot of popular databases, allows you to build your database schema online, and execute SQL query on the fly.

I couldn't have asked more, It's a great resource to learn and practice SQL queries online. Apart from many sweet features, it also allows you to share your problem with the community. 

If you are writing a complex query and stuck in middle, looking for help, you can create your schema on SQLFiddle and can share with your query to any forum or question-answer websites like StackOverFlow or any forum. 

Having a collection of the online database just makes running SQL query a fun. You can understand, how happy I am to know about this site, which let me to run and practice my SQL queries online, that I am sharing with you guys. To be frank, there is not many online sites, where you can practice SQL query in your favorite database. 

I was looking for an online website to test SQL query from a long time, but couldn't find anything like SQL Fiddle, Maybe I am not aware of a couple of them like SQLFiddle already exists, but this a site every programmer, database administrator, SQL beginners and SQL Experts must bookmark, a great tool in SQL developer and any programmers armory.

How to run SQL query online without installing a database

SQLFiddle provides nice GUI for building database tables and executing query against that table. It also run SQL query within a transaction and rolled it back, after running SQL query, this allows you to share your schema and letting other people to run queries against that, without affecting original table and data. 

You can share your queries with others by sharing URL generated by SQL fiddle. In order to use SQL fiddle, to build database schema, you can also login into website, and it supports openid from the different provider including Blogger, Wordpress, Google and yahoo. 

Others to whom you are sharing your SQL code, who just want to change and execute query, doesn't need to be login even, they can change schema, create SQL statements and run them online in there browser anonymously, without login. Currently SQL Fiddle supports following database, which I guess covers most of the popular relational database, you probably encounter in a software development project.

MySQL 5.5.32
MySQL 5.6.6. m9
MySQL 5.1.61

Oracle 11g R2

PostgreSQL 9.1.9
PostgreSQL 9.2.4
PostgreSQL 8.4.17
PostgreSQL 8.3.20


MS SQL Server 2012
MS SQL Server 2008

Why you should use SQLFiddle

Well, there are much reasons, why someone will prefer a website, which allows them to execute there SQL statements, without installing database locally in there computer. This is one of the strongest reasons, the programmer will love SQL Fiddle, It just too much pain to install a database for practising SQL Query, especially for beginners. 

I know lot of programmers, who give up doing SQL exercises, just because they couldn't able to buy or install databases, or they don't have luxury of having computers or laptop with 2GB RAM, 100GB hard disk and dual core processor. 

I personally avoid to install, lot of stuff to keep my laptop working, with software like popular Java IDE Eclipse, Netbeans, your machine will slow down a lot. 

Apart from this most important reason or I say the luxury of running SQL queries online without installing the database, the following are a couple of more reasons, why every programmer should know about SQL Fiddle and make use of it :

1) SQL Fiddle allows you to test your SQL Query in lots of databases e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and SQL Lite, so if you just want to know, whether a particular SQL query will be running fine in a particular database, you can use this website.

2) Another reason for using SQL Fiddle is for sharing your problem and getting better help from the community. In order to solve a database problem or create a complex SQL query, you need to know about database schema and data itself, SQL Fiddle allows you to share your schema, data, and query with the community. you can create tables, writhe queries, and can share URL in a forum.

3) Apart from executing and testing SQL queries online, you can also view their execution plans, which will eventually help you to understand better how your SQL was executed, which index is applied, etc.

4) To be frank, it's practically not possible to have all the databases in your computer. I know, developers work in one database e.g. MySQL in one project than another one e.g. Oracle in another project. This website allows you to execute SQL query in host of databases, so no need to worry, you can even use it for migrating SQL query from one database to another.

Thank for reading this far guy. I am really pleased to share this wonderful website, a must know for any Programmer, particularly for a developer who wants to improve there SQL skills and wants to practice SQL query without going through the pain of installing database locally in there computers or notebooks. Let's not forget to thanks the guy, who has created this wonderful tool for us, Thank you so much Jake Feasel. So what are you waiting for, go and try sample SQL Fiddle yourself :)


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I tried but it is really really slow :(

Anonymous said...

Even the queries are build successfull,sometimes its not executing..

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