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Friday, August 6, 2021

5 Entertaining Posts from StackOverFlow - Must Read

StackOverFlow is great place to look for help, learn and participate, but it's also a great place to taste some real entertainment, contributed by programmers from all over the world. Though, due to strict policies of, most of the entertaining post either are either gets closed or deleted, some of them remained to entertain programming community. Being a regular reader of StackOverFlow from long time, I have found couple of threads which are truly amazing, and has lot's of funny and entertaining content. Here I am going to share 5 of my favorite StackOverFlow posts, which I suggest you to read, if you get bored or you have some time to kill. By the way, don't forget to leave comments and let us know which is your favorite funny and entertaining threads in StackOverFlow.

What is your best programmer joke?
WOW, this was my reaction after reading couple of jokes :)  Some of them you might have heard already, but this is a huge collection. Knowing couple of programming jokes, doesn't heart your chances of being like-able in your team. By the way, here is my favorite one,  "if you put a million monkeys at a million keyboards, one of them will eventually write a Java program. The rest of them will write Perl programs". I would rather change that, rest will write JavaScript :).

Here is another one :

"What's the object-oriented way to become wealthy?"

A: Inheritance

If you want more fun, go check yourself this post here.

What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered? 
I guess, this is most classic, popular, entertaining and funny StackOverFlow thread, As you can see it's closed already :). While writing code comments best practices, I didn't think that world of comments are so funny. It has lots of classics, which you will remember forever. The very first one (highest voted), seems like a prologue of movies like Lord of the Rings to me, or may be 300 :)

and here is one more from same thread :)

Go, read some of them and enjoy, here you go

What's your favorite “programmer” cartoon?
How many of you are Dilberts Fan? I am sure quite a lot. I just loved them. They are short, humorous with pitch of reality and sometimes just amazing. This post is one of the best collection of Programming cartoons, I have ever seen. Many of them are just amazing. By the way this is my favorite and I guess many of fellow programmer's as well :

There is one more which is about Code quality, I first saw that in the Clean Code book and it become my second favorite.

If you enjoy these two cartoons then you will enjoy many more from this thread, here is the link

New Programming Jargon
Unfortunately, this post is deleted from StackOverFlow, but Jeff Atwood keeps it alive with some meta-commentary in his blog. I love this post and it's quite interesting for any Programmer. Out of Top 30 collected by Jeff, my favorite is Yoda Conditions if( 4 == count), and of course it's meta-commentary, as it reads like "Blue is the Sky" or "round is the earth".

Here is the link to enjoy :

Strangest language feature
This is one of its kind post and you will not find something similar. It's also a test of your programming love, how much you know the C programming language you have been programming from years. To be honest I didn't know about the first post that you can declare array in C as 10[a], its really strange, isn't it?

As you can see it's closed but thankfully not delete and you can still check out some strangest feature of any Programming language,

That's all guys, have fun and make most of your spare time. I really hope if StackOverFlow was little relaxed about their policy and understand that these kind of posts also add value to their site. A community needs entertainment and programming community is not different, in fact it needs more to keep up with the stress of deliveries, deadlines and customer satisfaction.

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Peter said...

On account that StackOverFlow recently touched 10M questions, they should highlight these kind of posts and as you said, relaxed their policies little bit on something which is liked by community and accepted by community.

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