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Monday, April 8, 2024

Does Oracle's Java Certifications is Good to Start your Career as Java Developer?

Being the author of a Java blog and a certified Java programmer, I receive lots of questions about the usefulness of Java certifications like SCJP, now known as OCJP or OCPJP. Questions like, does getting a Java Certification help to land a job, or does certified Java developers earn more or gets better offers, are quite common to Java developers, especially freshers. In this post, I will try to answer a few of these questions based on my own experience as a Java blogger and a certified Java developer. Well, I did my first Java Certification, SCJP (Sun Certification for Java Programmers) along back when SCJP 1.4 was hot and after scoring 100% on that I did two more Java certifications i.e. my SCWCD (Sun Certification for Web Component Developer) and SCMAD (Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer). 

I did Java certification because at that time I was hungry to learn more about Java, I enjoy doing Java exercises and above all my company was reimbursing the cost of certification :-), but the catch was you have to score more than 95% to qualify for reimbursement.

That time I was at the start of my career and this sort of motivation worked for me, I put in a lot of effort and scored 100% to not only become a certified Java developer but also got full reimbursement for all the expenses I made including the cost of Java certifications, books, and simulators. 

Even though my certification increased my reputation in my company, my biggest gain was my learning about subtle details of Java programming as part of my preparation I learned by passing those exams certainly helps me to understand the language better. 

There was no way,  I would have known subtle details about the method overriding, checked exceptions, and multi-threading in a very short span of time. I realize that preparation is the key, that's the process that will benefit you the most. 

When you prepare, you learned a lot by following the concept, doing exercises, and then analyzing why certain options are correct and others are not. This technical knowledge gives you an edge over other candidates during written exams, telephonic interviews, and even faced to face Java interviews.

In short, Yes, Java Certifications helps a lot in your Job and Career. The tangible benefit of recognition as a Java developer and more importantly, the intangible benefit of becoming a true Java expert is enough to go for Java certifications. 

Now here are answers to some of the questions, which often appear in the mind of Java programmers aspiring for Oracle's Java certification. 

Does Java Certification help in Getting Job?

The answer is YES, it certainly does, but to a limited extent. Remember, companies prefer engineers who have professional degrees in computer science. 

So if you are not an engineer but have completed a bachelor's in computer science or some other computer programming course, I highly recommend you to get certified to have something on your resume, which distinguishes you from other job applicants. 

This means that Java certification immensely helps freshers and programmers with one or two years of experience. 

As you gain more experience, Java Certification likes OCPJP loses its value in the overall job selection process. So, if you are thinking to get certified, do it early. 

Another benefit, and in my opinion, this is even more important, is that Java certification helps you to perform better in Java Interviews.  

I have personally interviewed a lot of Java candidates, both at the junior and senior level, most of the time, the candidate with Java certification performs better than others. 

This is quite obvious because they had learned a lot about language and its feature during preparation. In short, Yes, Java certification helps you to get a job both directly, by providing a distinctive advantage, and indirectly by preparing yourself for Java interviews.

Does Oracle's Java Certification like OCAJP Worth It?

Yes, they do. In fact, this is the most tried and tested way of getting to a higher salary in a quick time. I have seen in my career that if you get certified while working in a company, of course with a respected percentage, you are more likely to get a better raise and promotion than your peers. 

Yes, this can't be just certification, but we are considering the fact that you are also performing well in your job as your peers. 

Since Java certified professional tends to perform better in Java interviews, they almost always have multiple offers to choose from, and this gives them the confidence to demand a better salary in the next interview. 

Remember, more than anything it's the confidence that helps when asking for a salary that is above-market standard, of course, that must be backed by your solid resume, and great interview as well. In short, Java certifications help at both places.

Should I go for Oracle Java Certifications like Java SE 8?

Well, my default answer is always Yes for certifications, at least they help you to learn a lot about the Java language in a very short span of time. 

If you are an experienced or senior Java developer, already have solid experience in a particular domain e.g. FIX based electronic trading of Front office Investment banking, then it's just a personal choice. 

Java certifications help immensely during the start of the career, and it is a must for those who are not from a very good institution and doesn't have a top-class degree. For those IT professionals, Java certifications can be a great tool to get a Job and progress further.

So yes, if you are graduating from college and have just started your career as a Java developer, it's a wise decision to get certified and learn subtle details of the Java programming language. 

Another question, which I have kept receiving in my inbox is whether you need to pass OCAJP  before taking OCPJP8  ( Java Certification for SE 7 and 8) or not, I have already answered them on that blog post. Do check that if you have the same doubt.

Does Oracle's Java Certifications like OCAJP, OCEJWCD, or OCPJP helps in Job and Career?

Resources and Study Material to Prepare for Java Certifications

Many of my readers requested to share study materials and resources to prepare for Java Certifications. I am planning to do it in another blog post, but here are some of the essential resources you need to score well in SCJP

1. Join a good course

There is no better way to prepare for Oracle's Java certification than joining a good course. First of all, it's active learning and you learn 80% of important things in just 20% of your time. I was a big fan of the book and I am still is but in the last few years, online courses have my main source of learning anything. 

One reason for that is cost, in recent years, mostly due to Udemy, the cost of online courses has come down a lot and some of the courses are even cheaper than books the key is to find a good course otherwise you would waste your time on course hopping. 

When it comes to Oracle's Java certification like OCAJP and OCPJP, Whizlab's OCAJP training course is my favorite. It provides the most comprehensive coverage and given their experience in the area, you can rest assured of quality.  There is also more than 50% discount available on this course for you.

OCAJP 8 Online Training course

If you are looking for one more option then Oracle Java Certification - Pass the Associate 1Z0-808 Exam! from Udemy is also a good option and you can get it within $10 on flash sale which happens every month.

2. Buy a good book

You should buy one book which is updated with the latest syllabus of OCAJP or OCPJP, depending upon which version of the exam you are going to take like 1Z0-803 or 1Z0-808. I have suggested a couple of good books to help with the new Oracle Java Certification, on my earlier post 2 Books to Prepare Oracle Java SE exams

It has also included books for SCJP 6 and old Java certification which allows you to become a certified Java developer by passing just one exam, but I suggest going for the latest exam, there is no point upgrading to a Java version for which even Oracle has stopped supporting. 

There is some drastic change in Java certification after the release of Java 8 because of the introduction of the lambda expression, Streams, Functional interfaces, and many more language and API changes. So if you want to get certified soon for whatever reason, this is the right time. 

If you are preparing for Java SE 8 certification then I suggest you take a look at Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808, one of the best books to cover the OCAJP8 syllabus, as shown below:

best Java 8 certification book

3) Buy an Exam Simulator like Whizlabs

There are lots of free and paid exam simulators available over the internet, but I am a big fan of Whizlabs exam simulators, because of their quality. They explain every question in depth, not only right options but also incorrect options. 

In my experience, their mock exams are also very close to the real OCPJP 8 exam, in terms of patterns, types of questions, syllabus, and difficulty level. If you can spend some money then that's worth buying. You will learn every bit of money spent.  

Currently, they are offering 25% discount for the Javarevisited reader if you buy both OCAJP and OCPJP exam simulator together which make sense because you have to pass both exams to become a certified Java developer and they provide lifetime access. 

They also update their simulator regularly so there is no question of it going out-of-date. Just use the coupon code "JAVACOMBO2" to get the 25% discount. 

best Java certification exam simulator

These were some of the essential resources to prepare well for Java certifications particularly for OCAJP and OCPJP. For others like OCEJWCD and OCMJEA you need different resources which I have also shared on this blog, you can just search for them.

Btw, if you need more resources for associate and professional level exams, here are some more useful resources to prepare for Java SE 8 certification exam:

1. Syllabus and Complete detail of Java SE 8 Certification
2. Link to Register for Java 8 Exam
3. Best books and Mock exam for OCAJP 8
4. Recommended Instructor-led Java SE 8 training from Oracle
5. OCAJP 8 books
6. OCPJP 8 books
7. 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809 Exam simulators
8. David Mayers 1Z0-808 dumps

That's all on this post about whether Java certifications (SCJP, OCJP, or OCPJP) helps in Job Interviews and careers. Do let me know if you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer them here, an alternative you can also share your experience as a certified Java developer and how it benefited your career. 

The takeaway is, Java certifications never do any harm, they always add value to your resume and in your knowledge, but at the same time, you need to invest money and time in them. 

For freshers and junior Java developers, I highly recommend doing the latest Java certification available i.e. OCAJP and OCPJP for Java SE 8.

All the best for your exam

P.S. -  If you are looking for a course to prepare for Java SE 8 certification then Oracle Java Certification - Pass the Associate 1Z0-808 Exam! from Udemy is the right place to start it. It explains about new features of Java 8 required for OCAJP 8 exam.


Anonymous said...

What about dumps that helps to crack such exam in a single day preparation and every HR/Technical perception is that He would have clear the exam by dumps.I mean these kind of certifications helps you in learning but not in JOB offers.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir , wish u happy new year.. i am big fan your site. daily i read your articles, those are inspiring me alot and helping me to build a confidence....sir if you don't mind suggest me good books for OCJP or else send me any materials regarding OCJP. Thanks in advance :-)

my mail id:

Muralidhar Nayani said...

Hi Javin, Wish you happy new Year 2014..I wish all your dreams come true...


Vanitha said...

Hai what about OOAD ( Object Oriented Analysis and Design ). Whether is it useful for analysis and to get good knowledge in design part for senior people.

Atishay Jain said...

You are doing great, giving valuable information in Java.

Just want to ask, that is it really necessary to do certification in Java. I meant to say if someone has full knowledge of core java or J2EE and he doesn't have enough money to pay for certification paper, then also it is required.

Because I have seen many people are just reading dumps and giving papers.

What do you suggest ? Thanks in advance.

javin paul said...

Hi Atishay, Java Certification is Not must, but its recognition in itself and money invested in education is the best spent money. Regarding dumps, I don't recommend that. You can clear SCJP by dumps but not any interview, which will again put your credential in question

Unknown said...

hii sir
i am preparing for ocjp1.6 from 2 months. i think i have fully prepared.
but still i want to look dumps atleast once before exam
pls can you tell me where i can get latest valid dumps for ocjp1.6

Unknown said...

Hi sir am right now working as a tester. can i jump to coding field?? Is this java certification helps me to do so??Please reply

rajamd said...

sir,how to write the ocajp exam.please tell the procedure

Unknown said...

Hi sir , wish u happy new year.. i am big fan your site. daily i read your articles, those are inspiring me alot and helping me to build a confidence....sir if you don't mind suggest me good books for OCJP or else send me any materials regarding OCJP. Thanks in advance :-)

my mail id:

ashi said...

hello sir. pls send some material of ocjp or sugst some books. id:

Anonymous said...

I am a Computer Science Engineer in my 3rd year. I have this zeal to do an OCJP and CCNA/CCNP. But a few people are saying that I needn't pursue it as I am doing a B.E. C.S.E. degree hence it would be a waste of time and money. I thought it may help me further boost up my resume and give me an edge over the other thousands of graduates who apply. I am also genuinely interested in Java and Networking. What are your thoughts?

Unknown said...

Are you looking for latest ocjp/scjp dumps
find latest dumps and updates at

Unknown said...


I am working in IT MNC company from last 2 years but not on java platform.
But i want to move into java technology . Can you please guide me what should be the best way to get next job on java platform ? I would like to go for java certification...

appu said...

This blog is really informative for Java programmers.
I recently started learning Java language and I want to seriously pursue it. After reading this blog I am convinced that OCJP certifications add value to my knowledge. I request someone to guide me as to which certification is ideal to start with for java beginners like me. Please reply
Thank you

Unknown said...

i want to do course in core java and advance java can any one help me out ??

Anonymous said...

Sir im doing ocja is it helpfull to get a job

Anonymous said...

Great passage of information. I am a self-employed Java Developer from a country where this sort of career is non-existent! I love the language, taught and sponsored myself from scratch to 4 certifications (OCPJP 6, OCEWCD 6, OCEEJBD 6, OCEJPA 6) scoring an average of 90% in these exams. I have endured frustrations with lack of developer opportunities and for the past 3 years have been channeling efforts towards migrating to countries where can grow and be rewarded for my skills but all i have gotten regrets due to permit issues. Do you have solid advise for folks like me, perhaps which countries have the highest demand for Java developers and sponsor permits for candidates like me?

Anonymous said...

But ocjp is really hard.

Anonymous said...

The article is good, but OCJP is really tough to crack.

javin paul said...

@Anonymous, not really if you have alteast two month to prepare hard. But instead of going bang bang I suggest my readers to go slow, learn and absorb the knowledge, take lots of practice exam and then go for test. Journey is as important as destination :-)

Anonymous said...

I am BE IT fresher.whether ocjp cirtification will be useful for me for my career?

javin paul said...

@Anonymous, If you are interested in programming and Java, OCJP certification can be best thing for you. It will not only help you to learn Java in detail, but also help you to clear Java written test, interviews and increase your opportunity to get a decent job. I suggest, you should go for it sooner than later.

Unknown said...

Currently I am working in mainframe but I want to go for Java..shall I go for ocjp..

javin paul said...

@Rupesh, Indeed it works best for scenarios like yours. You not only learns Java to clear interviews but also got a recognition that you know Java, which is highly recognized.

Unknown said...

I am studying it 3rd year.Is the scjp exam is useful for freshers?please rply

javin paul said...

@thaslima banu, Indeed for fresher a certification is most useful, this will set you apart from other fresher candidates and also prepare you for Java technical written test and interview. If you clear SCJP, your prospect of getting Job improves a lot. All the best

Unknown said...

Hi...i Have no graduation java certification can help me for getting job...plz guide..

Anonymous said...

Hi Javin, 3 years ago, I cleared my OCJP in java 6 with cent percentage. True that the preparation helped me a lot to gain knowledge. Now I wanna go for the next level of certification.
When I explored the certification in Oracle University, I found these 3 certifications as the next level, I'm not sure.
"Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer",
"Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Services Developer",
"Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer".
Is this the next level? Also I noticed that all these are based on Java 5. This could be the latest?
And am double minded on which to choose, Web Service Developer or Web Component Developer as I don't know the advantages of these in the job market.

varun said...

Hii Javin...i am a fresh BE E&TC graduate and looking for a job...i want to pursue career in java for which i am joining a class in pune..they offer 4 month full time training and OCAJP certification for java SE 6(1Z0 851) ...but since SE 8 has been already released, will SE6 certification be helpful for job???

Anonymous said...

Sir,I've Completed in Civil Engineering.I Wanted to shift my career to Java Developer.Does OCJP Certification help In Getting good job with good salary for me.Please reply me sir

vishnu mallipudi said...

sir i have done my in CSE and i m planning for MS in US in computer science. and i have two months of leisure time. In this free time i want to do java certification (interested in java but not on networking),i m a fresher.So which course suits my interest and that must helpful in getting job after my Master's. waiting for your reply.. thanks in advance

javin paul said...

@varun, yes certification in Java SE 6 will surely help you to get the job because most of the company are still running in Java 6. Also there was not much difference in Java 6 and Java 7 when ti comes to language feature and Java 8 even after an year, its still new.

javin paul said...

@vishnu, since you have just two months, I suggest you go for any OCA example e.g. Java SE 7 OCA or Java SE 8 OCA 1Z0-808, you can find the exam code for Java SE 7 by searching in my other post. I personally suggest Java 8 one because it's latest and you will learn new style of programming in Java.

javin paul said...

@Anonymous, Yes, getting Java certification will certainly help you to change your career, go for it.

Sujata Mulay said...

I am a tester and got 10 years of experience in manual testing and planning to move to automation (Selenium), so please let me know if Java certification would be helpful in my carrier.
Also please let me know which version of Java for certification I should go?

Sujata Mulay

javin paul said...

@Sujata, If you are doing testing even with Selenium I don't see Java Certification would be very helpful instead some testing automation certification would be great. From knowledge perspective, if you are keen in Java, then yes you can go ahead with Java certification.

Sujata Mulay said...

Hi Javin,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I have experienced that there is lot of demand for Java tester so I reckon Java certification would be helpful for Java tester profile, please advise.


Anonymous said...

Hello sir, I am an egineering student in 4th year, do you think an ocpj java certification will help me with my placements?

Unknown said...

Hi Javin,

I am working in Automation Testing and want to move in java development.So my question is "Will getting Certified help me to move in development?"

Anonymous said...

Hi Javin,
I love developing mobile and web app but I don't know which certificate is the best for me. Now I am trying to get 1Z0-899. Although I have one year exp in self publishing mobile apps, I have neither company exp nor IT related Degree. All I want to know is if I get 1ZO-899, can I get a job easily in Singapore? I mean: are the companies really impressed by these certificate?

Taher said...

Best site for Learning and Dumps for OCJP.
You will get set of 11 tests which ensures 100% marks in OCJP. All the best

Unknown said...

Hi Sir.,
I have done M.Tech in CSE.. 2015 passed out. I am looking for a job in IT industry.As a fresher, which exam should I take? OCAJP7 or OCAJP8??

javin paul said...

Hello Sangeetha, if you are an M.Tech on CSE than you will get job without any certification, but if you want to go on Java development field, go for OCAJP8, as it's latest and set you apart from other candidates who are not certified in Java 8. All the best!!

javin paul said...

@Anonymous 12th January, Yes, if you skills and certification to back yourself then you will get job in Singapore or anywhere. Companies look for self made programmers as they offer more values.

javin paul said...

@Harsh Singh, Yes getting Java certification particularly OCAJP8 will help you to move from QA to Java development.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I want to inform you that I am a B.Tech CSE Passout. I got selected for TCS ITIS profile. I am good in programming. In my application form, I gave IT(Application ,Development & Maintenance) as the 1st preference and ITIS as the 2nd last preference. But still they gave me ITIS. So, I want to know that if I pass the OCJP exam and show the corresponding certificate to the RMG, will I be able to shift to IT within 1 year?..I am a 2015 batch passout and am 2 months old in TCS.
Also, i would like to know that in case I am unable to switch to IT within TCS and get stuck in ITIS despite the certificate, will the OCJP certificate help me to switch to IT directly in any other organization?..

javin paul said...

@Anonymous, work experience is more important than any certification. Getting OCJP certified is certainly a good idea to push for software development job, and given size of TCS, you will certainly get an opportunity for developer job. Even if you don't get it you have better chance of becoming a Java developer after doing OCAJP certification and showing some relevant experience. It's also a good reason to state that you want to become developer while looking for a job change.
In short, go for OCAJP, you might not get it what you want right now, but you will go somewhere on right track.

Anonymous said...

So sir, are you saying that I should go for OCAJP instead of OCJP?..and also, i would like to know that whether I will be able to shift to IT after the certification?..

javin paul said...

@Anonymous, you can shift to IT eve now because you have computer science degree. Doing Java certification be it OCAJP or OCPJP will only enhance your chances for getting a Java Developer Job.

Anonymous said...

So, what will I do that I can shift to IT right now..I am a new joinee in TCS...will anyone listen to me? guide me sir..I am not liking the ITIS profile.

Anonymous said...

And 1 more thing, where will I have to give the OCJP/OCAJP Exams? any institute?..

javin paul said...

@Anonymous, you can still continue your job search within and outside of TCS for job of your liking. Side by Side you can prepare for OCAJP. You can buy voucher online and book your exam on any Prometric center when you are ready for exam. I think NIIT also sell vouchers but exams can only be given on Prometric centers.

Anonymous said...

Sir, i cannot quit tcs right now because if i puit i have to give Rs. 50000 which is not possible how to convince TCS authorities so that i can shift to IT right now?...

Apoorv said...

I have done B.E.(CSE) with 74% in 2015. Now i am in Ammerpet, Hyderabad learning java. I also came to know about scjp/ocjp. But 2-3 people suggested me go for scjp-6 because it is harder and very recognised exam than java 7 and java 8 exams. But at some places on internet I saw people are writing go for latest technology though you will have to give two exams. java6 is only one exam and java8 is 2 exams. I am totally confused
1.which exam should i prepare for? java6 or java8
2.If I prepare java6 exam than can I be sure that it will not loose its importance now as java 8 is in the market? If I did java6 than any problem?? someone please suggest?
Thanks in advance

Unknown said...

I am working as in Oracle Apps stream. I want to switch to Java.Is it possible to switch to Java using this certificate?

Unknown said...

I also have cleared my OCPJp exam just recently and i would recommend that anyone who is going for an OCPJP certification buy Whizlabs subscription. it helps you a lot

javin paul said...

@Ankit, indeed Whizlabs Mock exam are best as far as Java Mock Exams are concerned.

Unknown said...

Hello Sir, I am new to coding world and i didn't know anything about java.
As i am very eager to learn new languages.
So what should be my learning strategies if i want to do any certification in java?
Kindly guide me from basics.
Thank You

Unknown said...

hello sir,

i want to doing OCJP Cirtification in this week end have any dumps related 1.6 version please send me veary urgent for me
please send dumps on my email id

Anonymous said...

I'm more than 5 years using java. I just take the OCPJP with 1 week review only. I passed but this is not the score I expected.

Anonymous said...

I'm 2018 passed out with backlogs. But I have strong knowledge in java. Am I allowed to write this test ?

Anonymous said...

Hello sir, I'm 2018 passed out with backlogs. But I have strong knowledge in java. Do I need a graduate certificate to apply for this test?

javin paul said...

Hello @Anonymous, yes you can go for Java certification, you don't graduation certificate for that.

javin paul said...

Yes Anonymous you can do go for java certification

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