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How to prepare for Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Exam in 2024? [Ultimate Guide]

Hey folks, today we're going to go over the Google Digital Leader exam in detail, including how to prepare for it, the best courses, books, and practice tests available to help you ace this exam, and what other points you should keep in mind to pass this exam on the first try. But first, let's go over what this exam is all about, how it's structured, and how it can benefit your career or profession.

1. Why Google Cloud Digital Exam?

The Cloud Digital Leader exam is job-role agnostic. Individuals who wish or are obliged to comprehend the purpose and application of Google Cloud products can take the exam to test their knowledge and skills. Google Cloud certifications are an excellent method to demonstrate your understanding of the Google Cloud Platform. 

The Google Cloud Cloud Digital Leader Certification is a great place to start if you want to work in Google Cloud. It's a great way to be ready for Google Cloud's Professional Cloud Architect, Developer, and DevOps certifications.

This certification is a great place to start for those new to cloud computing, and it can also be used as a stepping stone to higher-level Google Cloud certifications.

2. The exam structure:

  • Within 90 minutes, We would have to answer 59 questions.
  • It cost $99 to register.
  • Languages used: English and Japanese
  • Multiple-choice and multiple-select questions are used throughout the exam.
  • This course covers a broad range of general cloud and Google Cloud services and products.
  • This exam does not require much hands-on experience, and theoretical knowledge is sufficient to pass.
  • The Cloud Digital Leader test is job-role agnostic and does not necessitate prior Google Cloud expertise.

 3. The Cloud Digital Leader test measures your expertise in three categories, as defined by Google Cloud Platform:

                           I.          Knowledge of the cloud in general (15-25%)

                         II.          Knowledge of Google Cloud in general (25-35%)

                        III.          Products and services offered by Google Cloud. 45-55%) 

3.1 The exam guidelines:

Section 1: Introduction to Digital Transformation with Google Cloud (approximately 10% of the exam)

Section 2: Innovating with Data and Google Cloud (approximately 30% of the exam)

Section 3: Infrastructure and Application Modernization with Google Cloud (approximately 30% of the exam)

Section 4: Understanding Google Cloud Security and Operations (approximately 30% of the exam)

4. Who should take GCP Cloud Digital Leader Certification?

  • GCP Cloud Digital Leader Certification is for anyone who wants to be a digital leader in the cloud.
  • GCP Cloud Digital Leader Certification is for anyone who wants to be a leader in the cloud.
  • The GCP cloud leader certification is your first step and introduction to Google Cloud if you are a cloud entry-level professional.
  • Learn how to articulate Google Cloud core products, services, and benefits to a wide range of enterprises if you work in cloud marketing or sales.

  • The GCP Cloud Digital Leader is a wonderful introduction to the cloud for aspiring students.

5. How can you get closer to being a Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader?

Boost your confidence before taking the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader exam. Here's a quick rundown of our five-step procedure.

Step 1: Go well over the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader test guide to see what subjects will be covered and how they will be weighted.

Step 2: Use our video course to brush up on the fundamentals of cloud computing and Google Cloud Platform.

Step 3- Take the first practice exams to see where your knowledge gaps are and to get a feel for the exam structure. Examine the explanations that come with each answer.

Step 4 - Revise thoroughly to ensure that you have covered 90% of the syllabus, with an emphasis on your weak areas.

Step 5 - Take the second practice test and make sure you get a score of at least 85%.

6. How long does it take to become GCP certified?

Each GCP certification will take a varied period of time, and it will range from person to person and depending on the materials used! You should plan to spend between 10-20 hours of study time before taking your exam for a basic course with no experience. For more in-depth courses, this could mean spending up to an hour a day preparing for a month, or around 5 hours a week for three months.

Don't speed through your exam! Make sure you've gone over the course material thoroughly enough for it to stick (and don't forget about practical application), and take a practice exam to see how prepared you are. Google has practice exams, but there are other internet sites that will help you.

7. Benefits

  • Cloud Fundamentals: This certificate clarifies the fundamentals of cloud computing and Google Cloud.
  • GCP-certified specialists are in high demand for client-facing roles at large IT firms pitching cloud solutions.
  • Certification Outcomes: The GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification gets you started on your certification journey. This is the first step toward becoming a Cloud Expert for the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Career Advancement: A GCP Certified cloud leader gets 20 to 25% more than the average income for their position.

 8. Before taking a test, follow these five steps:

  •  Follow the appropriate study path. There are several alternative study routes available, which cover everything you need to know about the certification topic. Choose wisely
  •  Learn how to use Google Cloud Platform firsthand. Hands-on Labs and Lab Challenges are quick and easy ways to obtain hands-on experience with genuine cloud environments without having to set up your own infrastructure.
  •  Examine the exam guide's outline for any knowledge gaps.
  •   Questions about extended case studies appear in the examinations. These case studies can be found in the test manuals. Make sure you read them all the way through.
  • Take a practice exam on Google.

9. Below I have suggested a few online courses, Practice tests, and books that would help you in your preparation.

In order to ace the exam in 2024, you'll need to plan ahead in the following manner:

So here is a three-step strategy to assist you to pass this exam in one sitting. It is not a difficult process; all you have to do is go through some of the online courses available, read a few books, and practice tests to ace this exam.

Here I've put up a list of courses and other resources to assist you.

9.1 Join an online Course

Joining a good course is the best way to get started on your Google Cloud Digital Leader exam preparation. Fortunately, there are many good resources available, especially on Udemy and Coursera. Here are some of the courses I recommend for anyone studying for the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam in 2024.

1. Google Cloud Digital Cloud Leader Certification Crash Course – Udemy

This certification excites me since it puts Google on par with AWS/Azure when it comes to entry-level certifications.

After completing the course, you will have a thorough understanding of how to complete the following duties or hold appropriate discussions and will be able to do the following:

  •  Explain what cloud technology is and why the cloud era is changing the way businesses operate.
  •  Develop a transformation challenge that is appropriate for your organization.
  •  Determine the aspects of a security program to include in your transition.
  •  Create a business case and summary page for your complete transformation project using the templates provided.

2. GCP for Beginners - Become a Google Cloud Digital Leader – Udemy

For people who are new to cloud computing, this certification is a great place to start and can be used as a stepping stone to higher-level qualifications. A Cloud Digital Leader is able to explain the capabilities of Google Cloud's core products and services, as well as how they help businesses. The Cloud Digital Leader may also discuss common business use cases and how cloud technologies may assist a company in becoming more successful.

Things you'll discover:

  •    How to Get a First-Time Pass on the Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam!
  •     Learn about Google Cloud's Business Advantages.
  •     Learn about Google Cloud Compute, Storage, Networking, DevOps, Big Data, and Machine Learning services.
  •  Learn about the exam's goals.

3. Google Cloud Digital Leader Training Professional Certificate

The Cloud Digital Leader program is a set of courses aimed to provide you with a solid understanding of cloud technology and data. This course also gives you an overview of Google Cloud products and services that can help you with your company's digital transformation. This course will equip you and your team(s) to participate in cloud-related business activities across your company.

This training improves knowledge in the following areas:

  • ·     Knowledge of the cloud in general
  • ·       Knowledge of Google Cloud in general
  • ·       Google Cloud offers a variety of products and services.
  • ·       Data, AI/ML, and digital transformation
  • ·       Modernizing the IT infrastructure and applications of the company


9.2 Read Books

Books can be very effective since they can provide you with a wealth of information on the topics you want to learn more about. There are numerous books available for studying, but I will highlight a handful that may assist you in better preparing for the exam.

The Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud, written by Lee Boonstra, is at the top of the list, and it explains how to use Google's Dialogflow conversational AI technology to build enterprise chatbots for the web, social media, voice assistants, IoT, and telephony contact centers. . This book will show you how to get started with Google's conversational AI and how to use Dialogflow for enterprise users as part of Google Cloud.

To learn more about Google's cloud digital leader, you can read Google Cloud Platform by Sachin Srivastava or A Beginner's Guide To GCP by Valarie Lestourgeon.


9.3 Solving Practice test:

Without practicing the topics you're studying, any exam preparation is incomplete. You must put your preparation to the test in order to achieve the best results. Taking practice tests will give you a better sense of the types of questions that will be asked on the exam. They also help students boost their competitive exam scores.

  • Mock exams are tests that are reproduced based on a yearly or competitive exam's format.. The major goal of organizing online test series is to assess students' potential before they take the actual exam. The following are some of the most important advantages of mock tests:
  •  Gives students a lot of practice: Practice exams provide students a lot of practice, which helps them during the exam. Taking practice examinations enhances problem-solving speed and allows students to recognize their weak areas.
  •   Mock test papers assist students in calculating how much time each subject will take in the exam. As a result, students will have a better notion of how much time they should set out for numerical and theoretical questions.
  •  During the mock examinations, students can mark questions on which they have questions and have them answered by teachers. This ensures that by the time students sit for the major exam, they are fully prepared.
  •   Provides a sense of the actual exam: Mock examinations allow students to become familiar with the actual exam scenario. These practice assessments are administered in a non-stimulated environment with the goal of assessing students' knowledge. As a result, candidates must pass this exam seriously.

The practice tests you can go through are:


                          I.          Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader Practice Tests

The following are some of the most notable elements of these practice tests:

      o   A passing grade here is a strong indicator of your ability to pass the certification exam.

o   While completing the questions, you can understand crucial topics from the well-explained answers and conduct more study using the reference links provided. IAM, Networking, Storage, Compute, Machine Learning, Migration, Data Analytics, Security, Billing, and Data Management are just a few of the areas they address.

o   A scenario-based method was used to create the questions.

o   These practice tests were designed to be slightly more difficult than the actual exams.

o   There are questions about product selection, commercial decisions, and architectural considerations, among other things.

o   These are entirely original questions written by me; they are not exam dumps. So you're properly preparing.

                        II.          Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Test 2024 [NEW]

These Cloud Digital Leader practice test 2021 are a collection of many modules from the complete course and have been constructed according to the style and pattern of the official examination paper. This bundle of practice tests is really beneficial and covers the complete examination course pattern.

Following the practice test, candidates will have a thorough understanding of how to design, tune, and monitor a high-performance data system.

We must give practice tests that fulfill the time requirements since the cloud is an exponentially increasing platform.


                      III.          Google Cloud Digital Leader-Practice Test (New Updated 2024)

These Cloud Digital Leader practice tests are a collection of numerous modules from the complete course and have been developed according to the reviews and pattern of the original Certification Exam for the 2024 examination paper. 

This set of practice examinations is quite beneficial, as it covers the whole course schedule for exams 2021 and 22. Following the practice test, candidates will have a thorough understanding of how to design, tune, and monitor a high-performance data system.

10. Wrapping up:

So, along with consistent learning, this is all you have to do to pass the exam. Simply prepare carefully, take as many mock exams as you can, read deeply about the topics you're studying, surf the web, and absorb as much knowledge as possible to fully comprehend the subject.

If you've made it this far, thank you for sticking with me. I hope you find this useful, and best of luck on your exam!!

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