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Saturday, May 21, 2022

The 2024 Laravel Developer RoadMap

Hello folks, if you want to learn Laravel for Web Development but no idea from where to start it then you have come to the right place. Laravel is one of the top PHP Framework for web development and also quite popular one. In the past, I have shared best Laravel Courses and best PHP courses and in this article, I am going to share the full 2024 Laravel RoadMap. I love these roadmap and in the past have shared many of them which you can find at the end of these article. They are often the most comprehensive guide to learn a new technology. 

So, when I wanted to create a Laravel RoadMap, I looked if there is something already existed and found this Laravel RoadMap on Github. Similar to these web developer roadmap and Java Developer RoadMap this one is also very comprehensive but you don't need to learn all the things mentioned in the roadmap to become a Laravel RoadMap. 

I have also simplified the key points which you absolutely need to become a Laravel Developer in 2024 and also shared useful resources to learn them. You can follow along to learn where to start and how to become a Laravel Developer in 2024. 

The 2024 Laravel Developer RoadMap

Web development jobs are in significant demand in this modern world. Every company needs a website to operate, reach its audience, and build web applications to offer services for millions of users. One of the best frameworks to learn is Laravel. This article will show you the roadmap to becoming a Laravel developer step by step.

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1. Learn PHP Language

PHP is a general scripting language used to develop the back-end of your websites and web applications. It was created back in 1994 and is considered the most used programming language for developing the website's back-end using its frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter.

5.1. PHP for Beginners

This is a miniature course of 4 hours of video content explains to you using the PHP language in your local environment by installing the Xampp to make your computer behave as a server. Then you will move to learn its basics, such as its basic syntax, variables, constants. 

You will also learn its data types such as integers, floats, strings, using the functions, date & time, and more.

2. Learn HTML Language

HTML language stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and it is the most straightforward language to design your website and its look, such as the text where it is located, images, where to put the buttons, and more. 

Learning this language has many advantages since it is easy to understand, supported by all the browsers, most friendly for search engines, simple to edit, lightweight, and more.

1.1. Introduction to HTML Web Development: you will learn the basics of HTML language elements such as HTML tags and create simple HTML pages like HTML title tag, body tag, inserting HTML comments. You will learn to insert images to your pages, work with ordered and unordered lists, add HTML links, create HTML tables, and work with HTML forms.

3. Learn CSS

CSS is used to style your HTML pages and give them the final look of a web page. You can use CSS language to add colors to your text, change the look of your buttons and their colors, and space to the content.

2.1. Mastering CSS: although mastering the CSS language will take you months, this course will teach you the basics of this language. You will start by styling your text, complex selector, styling forms and buttons, creating a responsive design with CSS, transitions & animations with CSS.

4. Learn JavaScript Language

JavaScript is developed to create interactive web pages and make the website's back-end using frameworks such as Node JS. Using this language has many advantages, such as the execution's speed, ease of learning, its community, and more.

3.1. JavaScript for Beginners: This course is for beginners in JavaScript. It will teach you the basics of this language and then learn the animation using JavaScript &JQuery, one of the JavaScript libraries for making interactive web pages. You will learn data manipulation in the JavaScript language.

5. Learn Databases

Web developers should understand the design of the databases and work with them, especially SQL databases. You will need to store the user's data inside this database and ensure it works properly. There are many types of databases and software to use, but I will focus here on PostgreSQL, which is used a lot in web development nowadays.

4.1. PostgreSQL for Everybody: this is an excellent specialization offered by Michigan university to teach people using the PostgreSQL database. You will learn the basics of running SQL commands in the database, and then you will learn to design them in PostgreSQL. Then you will know the specifics of aggregation, reading & parsing CSV files, using JSON with PostgreSQL, and much more.

6. Learn Laravel Framework

Laravel is a server-side PHP framework developed to make web development more manageable and straightforward. They've invented this framework to make adding authentication, sessions, cashing easy for development.

6.1. PHP with Laravel for beginners: you will learn the Laravel basics such as setting up the environment first, then learn routes, controllers, views, Laravel blade templating engine, databases. You will also learn the CRUD operations, forms & validations, uploading files, authentications, security, sending emails, creating a user profile, and much more.

That's all in this 2024 Laravel Developer RoadMap, your guide to become a successful Laravel Developer.  Learning Laravel will take you at least months to be a beginner level in web development. Still, you need years of experience to develop an extensive website that can scale to millions of users, so you need to practice as much as you can to reach this level.

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