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Monday, April 17, 2023

The 2024 PHP Developer RoadMap

Hello guys, if you want to become a PHP developer in 2024 and looking for guidance like PHP Developer RoadMap, particularly PHP Backend developer roadmap then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best free PHP courses and MySQL courses for web developers and today, I am going to share how to become a PHP Developer in 2024 and a complete PHP Developer RoadMap which you can follow along. Making web applications can be fun and a promising career since it is insignificant demand and has a respectful salary. Many people are even learning this skill and working as freelancers from home. If you are planning to learn this skill, I will suggest learning the PHP language to make the back-end code of the web apps. This article will help you learn the roadmap to becoming a PHP developer.

The 2024 PHP Developer RoadMap

Here is the 2024 PHP Developer RoadMap you can refer to learn all the essential skills a PHP Backend developer in 2024:

PHP Developer RoadMap

1. The Front-End Basics

To develop a website and make the back-end code, you need to connect the front-end with the back-end, which means you need to have at least the basics of the front-end web development.

1.1. Introduction to HTML Web Development: 

HTML is the basic one that will give the structure of your websites, like adding the text, images, buttons, and more. You can learn this language in a small amount of time. Usually, a few days and you are intermediate level in this language since it is fundamental. All of the things mentioned will be learned in this short course with 5 hours of video content.

1.2. Mastering CSS: 

People make the website structure using the HTML language, but it will look so ugly if you've used only that language. CSS is another styling language used to add the touch to your website, like changing the button's shape and colors, and adding the shadow to them and the text. This course has 2 hours of video content, but you will learn a lot in this language that will help you style your website.

1.3. JavaScript for Beginners

Another excellent language alongside HTML/CSS used for making your web pages interactive and stunning is JavaScript. It can add the offline mode, make the website responsive, easily maintain your code, etc. This course on Coursera will help you learn this fantastic language in just one month, from the basics till you learn its libraries such as jQuery and more.

2. The Database

The database is the software that will store the website data, such as the user's data and their credentials for authentication. There is a lot of this software, such as PostgreSQL, SQL, NoSQL, etc. Most of them are similar, but it would be better to learn more than one type of these databases since every project has its ideal database.

2.1. PostgreSQL for Everybody

This type of database, known as PostgreSQL, is the most advanced open-source database for your website, and it is used a lot with the PHP language among developers. It is a highly stable database developed for more than 20 years. This course will help you understand this database from scratch and implement the CRUD operation.

2.2. MongoDB — The Complete Developer's Guide

MongoDB is a software database used to store unstructured data in the NoSQL database. It was developed by the MongoDB company and used a lot among developers and big companies with millions of accounts. This course will help you master this database software from scratch until being an advanced user and learn it in detail.

3. Learn PHP Language

The PHP language is a server-side scripting language and general-purpose also used for developing the back-end of the websites and will be suitable a lot for people who want to use the HTML/CSS and JavaScript as the front-end. I will suggest two of the courses that will help you master this language:

3.1. PHP for Beginners to Inventory POS Sales Project

This course has 26 hours of video content and will help you master the PHP language from scratch as a beginner and then move to create a POS sales project. It will use the MySQL database for building the project and storing the website data. It requires you to have a basic understanding of the front-end language.

3.2. Practical MongoDB with PHP Project

Another excellent course for learning PHP by doing projects and it uses the MongoDB database, which is a NoSQL database for storing the data, and it requires you only some basics of the PHP and SQL, which is why I will suggest enrolling in the first course before moving to learn more in this one.


That's all about 2024 PHP Developer RoadMap. Thanks for reading! These resources will help make you a PHP developer, and you need only to practice more on building projects. Many other front-end languages can be used with PHP, such as Bootstrap, which you can learn, and many PHP frameworks that make web development much more accessible and better.

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