Top 10 Essential Skills to become a Better Data Scientist in 2023

Hello guys, if you want to become a Data Scientist but not sure which skills to learn then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best Data Science courses, tutorials, books, and best sites to learn Data Science online, and in this article, I will share essentials skills you can learn to become a successful Data Scientist in 2023. Since just knowing the skill is not enough, I have also shared relevant courses to learn those skills from Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight and other popular online learning portals, as its more important to learn those skills rather than just knowing it. It's more likely that you already know many of them like Mathematics, Statistics, SQL, and Problem Solving but knowing where to go to refresh and hone those skills can help you to become better. 

Data science is an ever-evolving field, and the demand for these jobs is increasing year after year since companies need them to run their business better and make better decisions but to be a data scientist, you need to master many skills, and this article will help you discover those skills to have a successful career as a data scientist.

By the way, if you are just start your career with Data be it Data Scientist or Data Analyst or anything to do with data then I highly recommend you to checkout Google's Data Analytics Professional Certificate on Coursera. 

This is one of the most well structured course I have come across to get into the field of Data Analytics, It will give you all the skills you need to succeed as Data Analyst and Data Scientist, particular if you are starting from scratch.  More than 850K people have already joined this course to start their career in Data Engineering. 

10 skills to become a Successful Data Scientist


10 Essential skills to become a Data Scientist in 2023

Here are the essential skills, technologies, tools you can learn to become a successful Data Scientist in 2023.

1. Statistics

Data scientists use statistics and probabilities to analyze the data and gather much information, which will be used later for data visualizations, data processing, data imputation, model evaluation, and more.

Even when you learn machine learning used for prediction, you need to understand this field to apply machine learning to your data. 

And, if you want to learn statistics for Data Science, I highly recommend you to checkout Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis course on Udemy. This is a great course to both learn and refresh your statistics knowledge. 

best course to learn Statistics for Data Science

2. Mathematics

You can't learn statistics if you don't have the foundation, at least of the mathematics. You better have a good understanding of mathematics to learn and apply machine learning to your data to make future predictions and make efficient models that can solve real-world problems, which is the main benefit of a data scientist who needs you to know math. 

And, if you want to learn Machine learning then there is no better course than Coursera's Mathematics for Machine Learning SpecializationIt's one of the best Coursera course to learn Mathematics for Data Science and Machine Learning as you will implement mathematical concepts with real world data.

best course to learn Mathematics for Data Science

By the way, if you are serious about your data science career then Coursera is one of the best place to learn. It has got many great Data Science courses and certifications from top universities like Stanford, Berkley and companies like IBM, Google, and AWS, and you can get access to all of their Data Science courses and more with just one subscription, Coursera Plus, which cost around $399 per year but worth it given the resources they have. 

3. Python Language

Python is the most used programming language among data scientists, and most of the opening jobs in this field require you to have this skill to work with this language. 

It is used a lot in machine learning when you make predictions, make data visualization, understand your data better, and apply mathematics and statistics, to name a few. 

And, if you want to learn Python there is no better online course than Jose Portilla's The Complete Python BootCamp - Go From Zero to Hero course on Udemy. More than 1.4 million people have already learned Python from this course. 

best course to learn Python for Data Science

4. Data Visualizations

One of the main things you perform as a data scientist is extracting insight from your data and better understanding these data. To do this, you need to understand data visualization. It is the science of converting your raw data to plots charts to have a complete understanding of this data and what type of data you are dealing with.

It's one of the most important skills for both Data Analyst and Data Scientist and I strongly suggest you to learn about Data Visualization using Python libraries and tools like Tableau which can help with visualizing data. If you need a course then Colt Steele's 2023 Python Data Analysis & Visualization Masterclass is a great course to start with. 

best Course to learn Data Visualization

5. Machine Learning

Machine learning is the science of making the machine learn through experience by using the data. It helps you solve a variety of data science problems. It will give you a high-value prediction that will enable you to make better decisions and intelligent actions and lead to better managing your organization and the company you work for.

Learning about Machine Learning can also help you to become a better scientist. If you want to learn Machine Learning in 2023 and need a course then you can also checkout The Data Science Course 2023: Complete Data Science Bootcamp course on Udemy. I love this course. 

best Course to learn Machine Learning for Data Science

6. Analytical Tools

Alongside learning python language and data visualization libraries for data visualization, you also need to know some of the popular data analytics tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Excel spreadsheet, Spark, SAS, and more. 

It will help you understand your data without developing that code and taking time to visualize these data, and both are good to have in your belt.

While you can learn any of these tool, I would suggest you to start with Tableau, as its quite popular and powerful at the same time. If you need a course, then Tableau 2020 A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training for Data Science by Kirill Eremenko on Udemy is  a great course to begin with. 

best Course to learn Tableau for Data Science

7. Write Efficient Code

Understanding a programming language like python or any doesn't mean you are a good programmer. You need to create code that is easy to understand and with good documentation so the other people working in the same organization can understand what the code you wrote is doing and edit it if necessary, or make the code open-source.

If you want to improve your coding skill and want to write clean code then I also suggest you to checkout this Clean Code course by Maximillian Schwarzmuller from AcadMind on Udemy. This code share will teach you how to write readable, understandable and therefore maintainable code - step by step, in an example-driven way.

best online course to learn Clean Code

8. Communication Skills

Whether you are an entry-level data scientist, the CEO of a company, or any job that involves dealing with people. It would help if you learned the skills to better communicate with others because it is a handy skill that will help you get things done efficiently and quickly, so you need even to get a course on how you can better communicate with others if you can.

If you need a course to improve your Communication skill or want to take your CS skill to next level then you can also checkout The Complete Communication Skills Master Class for Life course on Udemy. This course will teach you how to master communication skill for Persuasion, Assertiveness and all business Communication Needs.

best course to improve communication skill

9. Problem Solving

The primary purpose of the company or organization to hire you as a data scientist is solving their problems and extract insight into their data to drive better decisions for their business and make it more profitable, so if you don't know how to solve the issues and work hard for that, then there are no benefits of paying you for this role.

If you want to improve your problem solving skill and need a resource then you can also checkout Consulting Approach to Problem Solving course on Udemy. This course teaches you the problem solving approach and strategies used by top consulting companies like Mckinsey,  BCG, Bain and Strategy&

best course to improve problem solving

10. Critical Thinking

This skill, known as critical thinking, is valuable for data scientists and almost any job you will do. When you are a data scientist, you need first to ask the questions you are solving to understand better the problem you are trying to solve and how these results will lead to better decisions on the company's business.

If you are not sure how to improve your critical thinking abilities but keen to work on them then I also suggest you to join the Critical Thinking Strategies For Better Decisions course on Udemy. This course will teach advanced strategies to get better business outcomes by applying the critical thinking process.

best courses to improve critical Thinking

That's all guys. These are the 10 essential skills you can learn to become a successful data scientist in 2023, and you need to have them even to get hired by employees. Hence, it would help if you focused not only on the technical stuff but also on other things such as communication & critical thinking skills.

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All the best with your Data Science journey.

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