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Top 5 Free Data Science courses on Coursera to become Data Scientist in 2023 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn Data Science on Coursera and are looking for free Coursera Courses for Data Science, you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared both the best Coursera courses for Data Science as well as 15 Free Coursera courses where I have shared few free Data Science courses, but many of you asked for more; hence, I have created this article where I have shared 5 best free Coursera courses for Data Science. These courses have been chosen from top universities like Johns Hopkins and the University of Michigan and famous tech companies like IBM. You can audit these courses for FREE to learn key Data Science concepts in 2023. 

Most people think they need the fortune to study at a university and get a degree in data science to have the skills needed for the job, but actually, they don’t have to. 

The demand for qualified data scientists has risen, and many companies care about your skills and what value you will get from you more than the degree you had from the university.

Still, if you have a degree from a university in data science, it will be better also to learn this field in practice. Many online courses will help you achieve this goal, and one of the best platforms known as Coursera, with courses in almost everything, not just data science, is FREE of charge. But you must pay if you want to have a certificate.

In this article, I have curated a list of the best free Coursera courses for learning data science and improving your skills even if you already working in this field. They aim to target beginners and intermediates Data Science practitioners, but even if you know Data Science, you can use these free online courses to fill gaps in your learning. They are taught by experts, and there is always something to learn. 

Btw, if you don't mind paying a few bucks to learn an in-demand skill like Data Science and need a comprehensive, well structured, and up-to-date course, then you can also join this Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, a high-end program by Google itself to teach you everything about Data. More than 686,000 are already enrolled in this program, making it the most popular Coursera Professional certificate. 

5 Best Free Data Science Courses and Certifications On Coursera for Beginners in 2023

Here is my list of free Coursera courses you can join to learn about Data Science. This list includes free courses to learn Data Science basics, programming languages like Python and R Programming, SQL, Data Science tools, and libraries like NumPy, Sci-kit Learn, matplotlib, etc. 

1. Introduction to Data Science in Python

This is one of the most popular free courses to learn Data Science in Python on Coursera. More than 614,000 people have joined this free course to learn Data Science. It's an ideal course for beginners, and this course should be taken first if you are planning to learn python and data science simultaneously. 

You will start learning the fundamentals of python, like data types and functions, and move on to read data from CSV files and numeric calculations using the NumPy library.

Next, you will see how to use simple commands of pandas like indexing and handling missing values. You will move to more complex commands of the panda’s library, like merging data frames and generating summary tables. 

Finally, get your hands on the statistics such as distributions and other forms of structured data. This course is offered by the Univesity of Michigan of the US, and it's also part of the Applied Data Science with Python Specialization, which you can join if you want a certification in Data Science from Coursera. More than 290K people have already joined this specialization. 

Best free Coursera course for Data Science

2. R Programming by Johns Hopkins University

 One of the popular programming languages used among Data scientists is the R Programming languageThis is another popular free Coursera course for Data scientists which will teach you how to use R programming for Data Science. More than 600,000 people have already joined this Coursera course which tells a lot about the popular it of this course. 

In this course, you will install and configure the R studio IDE on different environments such as macOS and Windows, then start learning the R data types like vectors & lists, matrices, factors, and data frames.

Next, you will see control structures like the if statements, for loops, while loops, and scooping rules. Later, you will cover the loop functions such as applying over the lists, applying, splitting, and debugging tools like diagnosing the problem. 

Finally, learn how to simulate data in R language and generate random numbers and simulate linear models. In short, one of the best Johns Hopkins courses to learn R Programming for Data Science

free coursera course for R programming

3. Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python

This is another popular free Coursera course for Data scientists. This free course from IBM and Ravi Ahuja will teach you SQL, an essential tool for Data Science. The SQL language is also widely used among data scientists to fetch data from the database for analysis purposes. 

This free course will teach basic SQL statements and practice them on a live database such as SELECT & INSERT statements. You will then understand the database relationship, its concepts, and how to create tables.

Next, you will learn to use string patterns and rangers and sort resulting sets, and group resulting sets. You will also discover the built-in database functions. Later, you will learn how to access the database using the python language, like creating tables and loading data. 

Finally, you will see some advanced SQL commands for the data engineers. More than 202,000 people have joined this course to learn SQL for Data Science on Coursera. 

free coursera course for Data Science and SQL

4. Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python

Data visualization and extracting meaningful insights into your data are data scientists' main purpose and job. You will understand the principle of information visualization. Then you will dive into the charts using real-world data and create graphs like a scatterplot, line plots, and bar charts using matplotlib.

You will also explore the charts fundamentals and implement new visualization charts like subplots, histograms, box plots, and heatmaps. 

Finally, you will also see how to use pandas library for data visualization like matplotlib and other data visualization, known as seaborn for statistical visualization. This course is also part of the Applied Data Science with Python Specialization, one of the popular certifications on Coursera for Data Science. 

free coursera course for Data Visualization

5. AppliedMachine Learning in Python

Predicting data scientists in created using machine learning algorithms and models. This course will begin with the fundamentals of machine learning and the sci-kit-learn library and see how to apply classification using the K-Nearest Neighbors.

You will also learn about supervised learning and how to apply classification and regression, overfitting & underfitting, logistic regression, and support vector machines. 

Then you will evaluate and optimize the performance of the model. Finally, you will dive more into advanced supervised learning, such as random forests and neural networks. 

In short, one of the best free Coursera courses to learn Machine Learning using Python. More than 237K students have already joined this course, and you can join as well. The cours is also part of the Applied Data Science with Python Specialization and is offered by one of the top US universities, the University of Michigan. 

free coursera course for Machine Learning

That's all about the free Data Science Courses from Coursera for Beginners. By the way, Data science is more than just taking some courses and calling yourself a data scientist. Still, you have to learn statistics and practice more and more on real-world datasets to be qualified to get a position in a company for making decisions for them through data. 

While taking these free Coursera courses will not make you Data Scientist, they will guide you and teach you key skills needed to start your career in Data Science; you need to do the hard work to apply the knowledge you learn. 

If you like Coursera courses and certification, I also suggest you join Coursera Plus, a subscription program from Coursera which gives you access to more than 3000+ top Coursera courses and unlimited certification for just $59/month. 

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