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Hello and welcome to this comprehensive and important article that has provided you with all the information you need concerning the best websites to learn Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language). Perl is a programming language that was created by Larry Wall on February 1st 1988. This programming language is considered as an easy language to learn and therefore you should have no worries whatsoever. In this article, I have sampled not just websites and courses but the best ones which will lead you to the right destination as far as acquiring knowledge is concerned. No one wants poor services and am sure you also don’t need poor websites. If you seriously want to learn Perl, all the websites and courses I have listed below should be where you run to.

5 Best Websites to learn Programming and Scripting?

Here are the best online places and websites where you can learn Perl Programming language and scripting in 2023:

1. Udemy

Udemy is a safe and conducive platform to advance your Perl skills or even start from scratch if you have no idea about Perl. Learn Perl 5 By Doing It has a good rating and is the best course to learn Perl on Udemy. It is the course that has many learners who have purchased it as far as Perl is concerned.

It costs just $24.99. John Purcell who is a software development trainer is the instructor of this fantastic course. This course has a total of 14 sections which consists of 67 lectures and could see you use a total of 14 hours in covering the entire course. 

You will also find 1 article here as well as 54 resources which can be downloaded for use. Upon completion of the course, you will get a certificate of completion. Enhance Your Skill Set with Perl is a Perl course on Udemy that will push you to the next level in regards to Perl.

This course was created by Darryl Pace and the main language used is English. For only $34.99 you will be able to access this course and learn quite a lot of things. It is not a very long course which makes it easy for you to cover and effectively understand every key thing. It has a total of 16 sections with 115 lectures which can be covered in 15 hours and 58 minutes.

Top 5 Websites to Learn Perl Programming and Scripting

You will learn how to download and install Perl on your computer. You will also learn how to use Perl to work with numbers and strings. These are just but a few skills which you will be able to learn in this course.

One thing you will not miss after completing this course is a certificate of completion. If you are serious about learning Perl on Udemy, you can never miss to get good services from Perl Programming for Beginners. This course is short and will take you approximately 7 hours and 42 minutes to completely cover everything in it. You will also be guaranteed of getting a certificate of completion once you finish learning.

2. Coursera

In coursera there are limited number of Perl courses. I have only suggested one, Create a Macro Processor with PERL for you and I think you will like it. This is a Coursera project where you will learn  how to access files with PERL , how to create and write to files with PERL  and learn about PERL file handling security considerations. I am sure you will find some skills that will boost your know-how in Perl programming language.

3. Pluralsight

If you need a website that will take care of your needs as far as learning Perl is concerned, Pluralsight will always be there for you so don’t panic. Remember you will be required to pay a monthly subscription of $29 on Pluralsight. It is not a very high or huge amount considering the fact that you will get a good number of courses which will cater for your learning needs.

I selected three courses for you which will be a great boost to your learning ambition if that’s what you are looking for. Learn Perl by Doing – Part 1 is a course by John Purcell which can equip you with skills in Perl if you are at the intermediate level. Learn Perl by Doing- Part 2 is a continuation of part 1 and it is still a course for learners at the intermediate level.

It ensures that you elevate to the next level what you learned in part 1. That’s a good thing since you won’t struggle going elsewhere to look for courses in order to continue learning. If you complete this part 2 you can proceed to Learn Perl by Doing- Part 3. Part 3 is a notch higher compared to part 2. Here you will get deeper and enrich your understanding in Perl.

It will take you approximately three and a half hours to complete this course then from there you may proceed to part 4 if you wish. Learning never stops and so if you have the chance to keep on going don’t look back. All these courses have been created by John Purcell. You will also enjoy a 10-day free trial in these courses.


Learn Perl from Scratch is a beginner course that awaits you if you completely have no knowledge in Perl. As the name suggests, you will start learning from scratch as you go up the ladder. You will learn all the principles and syntax of Perl in a good way you will surely enjoy it. You will cover a total of 75 lessons and you will also be required to complete 11 quizzes before you can finish this course.

Always keep in mind that this is not a free course and therefore you will have to be ready to pay before you can start your learning process. After completing the course you will get a certificate of completion. Hope this course will suit you best.


Perl themselves as an organization have their customers in mind and that is why they also provide a course where you can learn Perl programming language.The Beginning Perl is a good course for beginners who are trying to understand Perl.

It is free of charge and therefore you have no reason to worry where you will get the dollars to start learning. This course has no specific time frame but it depends with the speed of the learner.

That's all about the best online places or websites to learn Perl programming and Scripting in 2023. In conclusion, I can say that the above websites are the real deal when it comes to learning Perl. All the best skills that you need to know in Perl will be found in the courses available in these websites. You have no reason to doubt anything in these websites because they are simply the best.

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