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Top 7 FutureLearn Courses to Take in 2024 - Best of Lot

Earning a degree nowadays from a university in things like programming, science, artificial intelligence isn’t enough to be ready for the market and have a job because much of what you learn in the university cant’ be applied in the real-life. Hence, you need to enhance your expertise from people who gain experience in that domain in real life, and you can do that by enrolling in an online course.
Many online platforms offer courses created by normal people like udemy, but some other platforms accept only courses created by big universities such as Coursera, edx, and futurelearn. Futurelearn is a digital platform located in the UK founded in December 2012, offering courses for free, and some of them are paid. The courses are created by top universities such as the university college London and the University of Oslo.

7 Best FutureLearn online courses to Take in 2024

Here are the bet online courses from FutureLearn which you can take in 2024 to learn essential tech skills like Cyber Security, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Azure, Java, Python, Digital Marketing and more

1. Advanced Cyber Security Training

Data breaches can cost companies millions of dollars and put customer-sensitive information like their credit card info and phone number at risk. Hence, it is worth hiring a cyber security expert to monitor the company infrastructure. This course will teach you protecting the company passwords and network security, how an attacker can hack into this network, and how to increase the security of your web application.

2. Data Visualisation with Python

Data visualization is the process of converting large data into charts and graphs to understand your data better and make a decision. This course will use python and different libraries to help you learn these skills. You will learn using the matplotlib library to create different plots and charts and learn using seaborn, another data visualization, and Bokeh for interactive visualization.

3. Advanced and Applied AI on Microsoft Azure

The artificial intelligence market size will be more than $299 billion by 2026. Companies are trying to involve this technology in their software to improve user experience and improve their product quality. Therefore, you can take this course that will teach you how to apply AI in your software using the programming language called python and the Microsoft Azure services such as azure machine learning models and creating a chatbot using their services.

4. Software Development with Python and Java

The software developers will design and develop a program for users, either desktop applications for Windows and macOS or developing systems and phone apps and web applications using many different technologies and programming languages. This course will help you learn two of the most used programming languages, a python that almost dominated every industry, and learns Java language used to develop android phones, websites, and desktop applications.

5. Master Digital Marketing Strategy

One of the best methods for any business owner to market their business is to take an online course about digital marketing and apply these concepts to gain customers and spread the word about their brand. You will learn in the program how to use different marketing techniques to show your business in front of people, such as using content marketing like creating videos and writing blog posts, and using email marketing to get leads and educate your client more about your business.

6. Data Analytics for Business

Doing a business is not only offering services or selling products to your customers but also involves analyzing your collected data from your customers and other different sources to make decisions better and transform the business to the next level so that you can enroll in this Data Analytics for Business course and learn how to use different tools such as Excel for data analysis and also learn statistics to make decisions about your business better.

7. Programming Applications with Python

Python programming language has almost dominated many industries, from making intelligent software to create data visualization and IoT devices, to name a few. This course will help you create applications using the python programming language. 

You will start by learning the basics of this language like data types and variables and using python with data like collection and analysis. Then, you will learn to create GUI applications using Tkinter.


These courses are recommended by the writer based on the most in-demand jobs from companies. These fields, such as marketing and programming and protecting your company infrastructure, are essential job positions for any organization to operate and deliver services for their users.

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