FutureLearn vs. edX vs. Udacity Review - Which one is better to learn Tech skills?

Online education grows year after year, and thousands of new online courses are added every month. The majority of people still in the 21st century think that the only way to learn new skills or get a deep understanding of a particular topic like IT is to attend a university and spend your valuable money & time learning something new that can get you a job.  The competition for online education is high, and there are a lot of platforms to choose from. Still, if you tend to learn more about the information technology industry, I recommend choosing one of the best platforms, which are futurelearn, edx, and udacity.

Udacity vs FutureLearn vs edX

Now, let's see what are these online learning platforms and what you can learn there and how they stack against each other:


FutureLearn is a British company that offers a range of courses in many different categories such as business, healthcare, information technology, language, law, and more. The nice thing about futurelearn is that only their partners, prominent universities and organizations, can create courses and share them on their platform, meaning that you get a high-quality education for their classes.

The platform has a free version to sign up and see some of their courses, but it ends only five weeks. It doesn't even include all features such as grade, text, getting the certification after completing the course, and the courses that are part of more extended programs can't be audited. 

They also offer two paid plans which you can pay per course and usually cost between $39–$89, and you also have the option to subscript for $39 every month, but you will have access to the ExpertTrack courses.

FutureLearn certificates are good, and you may not find all the topics you would like to learn. Still, the quality of their courses is fantastic because they collaborate with their partners that include the best universities in the world.

2. edX

Edx is an online learning platform launched in 2012 by the Harvard and MIT universities to make online education accessible to everyone. You can learn almost anything you want, such as business, information technology, law, marketing, programming, and more. All of their classes are created by top universities such as MIT, Harvard, Michigan university, which guarantee the excellent quality of their classes.

Edx platform offers many pricing plans, and it depends on the course price. And some of them may cost $49 to unlock all of its features, or you can enroll in the course and take it for free, but without a certificate and with limited options, so you can audit the class and register for free of the classes that have higher prices. 

Edx also offers a plan for businesses to train their employees in computer science, programming, business, data science, and more so you can prepare your entire employee at a low price which can be so helpful for some organizations if they want their employees to learn new technology and use it on their business.

Although Edx courses can be entirely free, I recommend paying for them since they are not expensive. It is also worth putting the certificate on your resume to show your employers that you are serious about your job and fund this non-profit organization.

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3. Udacity

Udacity is another excellent competitor for the previous two ones. And it was founded back in 2011 headquartered in California, and they offer courses related to information technology such as programming, data science, artificial intelligence, and more. Their courses were created by their team to ensure the high quality of their courses.

Udacity single course can cost around $399 for one month, and you have to keep paying every month if you didn't complete these courses. Still, if you enrolled in the nano degree, which is deeper than the other courses, you will pay over a thousand dollars for these courses, depending on many factors. It also offers different plans for enterprises used by big-name companies such as Vodafone and Accenture and for the governments to train their employees.

Although audacity is much more expensive than the previous ones, it is worth trying the platform because it is high quality. Also, some courses are not available for the other platform in-depth, such as the nano degree for making self-driving cars.

Difference between FutureLearn, edx, and Udacity

And, if you like in tabular format here is a nice table highlighting key difference between edX, FutureLearn and Udacity online learning platforms:


That's all about the FutureLearn vs edX vs Udacity. The article has described the differences between one of the best platforms to learn new skills in many different industries. Still, most of them target people who want to understand information technology because this is the most promising career in the future.

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