Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C language and Unix has passed away

I just come to know about this sad news that Dennis Ritchie passed away, It is second blow to technology world after Steve jobs who has recently passed away. Dennis Ritchie is the first programming figure I come to know when I started my programming classes in C and C++ and that's why when I heard this news I feel sad about it and suddenly I remember my programming days and I thought about this post to pay my tribute and remember him.

Dennis Ritchie creator of C and Unix passed away
There is lot of Great information available on Dennis Ritchie in web and Wikipedia but two of its main contribution is:

1) C Programming language, which is still number one after Java.
2) His Contribution in UNIX Operating System which is best Server Operating system available.
3) Author of book

Let’s remember this programming genius and pay 2 minute tribute to him, without his C language and immense contribution to programming language, community will never forget him.

May god rest his soul in piece.


Rohitt said...

I cant believe it. How did i happen.?

SRG said...

Sad news indeed, just been informed that Dennis Ritchie Developer of the C language, Multics and our beloved UNIX operating sytem has passed away. (September 9, 1941 – October 8, 2011).
I have spent 20+ years working as a UNIX Systems Engineer / Admin, thanks to the ground breaking and innovative development Dennis and the rest of the Bell Labs gang laid out in the 70's. RIP Dennis and Thank You!

javin paul said...

hi Kevin and SRG, its indeed very sad and loss of Dennis can not be full filled but they will always live in programming community and until C and Unix are alive. Big Thanks to Dennis for these great technologies and RIP Dennis.

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