Friday, December 16, 2011

Is Apple IPhone4S Siri going to replace the Google Search Engine

I am sure this is one of those most optimistic title you can think of but that is what my first thought after seeing apple introductory video of Siri, there new voice recognition and task completion service integrated on Apple Iphone4s. I was amazed with smoothness and accuracy of Siri as shown on that video. You just say siri what's whether, find me new restaurant, traffic status and you get a response you are looking for, this looks to me a new way of searching web and technology.  Asking questions is more natural than typing on Google and believe if Siri kicks of like that you will suddenly have more search volume via siri than google, though only limiting factor is not everybody has Apple Iphone4s with them :). People are also thinking Siri as Google Killer let's see.

It's been said that Siri's technology has base on military research and is a result of 40 years of experiment and since Apple has both siri there is no way any one can use original siri technology and only way to compete siri is to build a similar or more powerful voice recognition technology. Google already has voice recognition ability and you can even perform google search by voice (as you might have noticed little Mike icon in google search box) and new Google search App for most of mobiles including Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile, but most threatening thing to google is the artificial intelligence built on Siri which makes Conversation between Siri and IPhone4s user like a real conversation rather than giving instruction in a predefined language. Siri is also smart enough to understand what do you mean and keep the context while searching, so if you are looking for restaurant and than you say name of particular restaurant or food it can assist you.

Siri is much more than a Search Engine:

There are many Search engines available including Google and there are many devices available which supports voice recognition but what keeps Siri apart from all these is that its deeply integrated into Apple iOS which allows it do things which is not possible for others to do , for example it can setup alarm, execute any builtin Iphone Apps, Send messages , emails, schedule meetings  and even call which makes it more like a task completion service and if you hear the voice I bet you feel you have a persona secretary J

Is Siri a real threat to Google
As of now, no way but technology is fast moving space. No buddy has thought that Google will topple Internet Search engine pioneer yahoo so easily. Neither has anyone predicted success of Facebook nor is twitter with established competitor like Google nor what is more important that Siri is from Apple which is a company known for its innovative experiment just like Google. So giving it a thought and preparing for battle is right  thing for google to do which I presume its has already started with its new product called Mazel, which is going to be a much improved version of android technology for voice recognition and an effort to make that more a natural language translator than a voice recognition software.

If Siri is going to be big like google than there is many things it can do, it has many thing in his side like it could be easily integrated with Phones which has inbuilt speaker and every person always carry his mobile rather than being in-front of PC. At more basic level voice based search is definitely better than typing especially in case of mobile devices where typing is rather difficult than talking or listening, remember mobile has been originally built for just communication talking and listening. But what's real blocker for Siri to be a new search engine technology is its availability , its not available in every single mobile its only on Apple IPhone4S which is just a few percentage of mobile available world wide. So Google definitely has time to prepare well for Siri or similar technology.

Challenges ahead for Siri
Siri is definitely one of the many reason to buy Apple IPhone4S and even with its beta version its lot more functional, natural, convenient and exciting to use. But as said its still on beta and more will be revealed after initial use of few months. Challenges will be adapting different accent and languages, if Siri can not pick accent or is not localized than there is little chance of its global acceptance because most important thing is it should understand your language. Google will definitely push his team to give a tough time to Siri so it also has to maintain its being first advantage and carry on his momentum.

That’s all guys, go check Siri features on Apple’s site and if you can buy, buy the best smartphone IPhone4s; nothing can beat apple’s class.



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Anonymous said...

If I might offer a correction to your article title...
"Does Apple IPhone4S Siri going to replace Google as Search Engine"

Might be better written as...
"Is Apple IPhone4S Siri going to replace the Google Search Engine?"

Javin @ spring interview questions answers said...

I take your suggestion Anonymous, thanks for comment. I was also initially thinking for that title but end up with this. how about article, do you like this ?

Unknown said...

No. I guess that's the short answer.

Is a longer answer.


In short: It would appear that Siri requires an ability to connect to a 'search engine'.

Unless Apple are going to create their own (who knows?) then you are dependent upon the ones that exist.


52% Android
15% iOS

It's nice to write that iPhones sell in bulk and that it is the (individually) biggest selling phone. However, it is entirely misleading to consider this means much in terms of the effect the software in the phone has on the market at large.

Android-powered smartphones are sell so many more that the iOS is a puny dot on the market.

Thus, Siri will have little effect on the operations and future of any search engine unless it is paired with one, like Yahoo. Even then, Yahoo has 16% and Google 65%.

If all of the worlds iOS smartphones were to use Yahoo instead of Google (or even an Apple engine) it would still be a mere dot on the landscape.

Javin @ Java Iterator said...

@Patrick , thanks for your detailed comment but I think killing google means killing the the model on which is based. with voice based search there click based business model will suffer, though than some one says that voice based ad will come which is highly unlikely at this stage.

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