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Top 20 Amazon and Google Programming Interview Questions

Hello, In this article I am going to sharing some frequently asked programming job interviews from technical giants and startups. If you are going for a programming job interview with Microsoft, Google or Amazon, you better be prepared for all kinds of questions. These companies are known to ask tough questions, tricky puzzles, and lots of data structure and algorithm questions. Since it's hard to prepare all these in a short time, it makes sense to at least have a good idea of frequently asked programming questions in Microsoft, Google, or Amazon.

There are a lot of questions spread across the internet and if you are good in googling (not to mention, an important surviving skill in programming job), you can get tons of questions asked in these companies, or you can read Cracking the coding interview book, which contains 150+ programming questions and their solutions.

This list of programming question is a mix of difficult, tricky, and easy questions, mostly collected from previous interviews on Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

I have not included answers of these questions, as you should try them first by yourself if you are not able to solve, then just google it, you will see a lot of answers, approaches, and hints for these interview questions. If you are still unable to find answers then post as a comment and I will help you to find answers to these programming interview questions.

Also, basic knowledge of essential data structure and algorithms is also very important and that's why I suggest all Java programmers join a comprehensive Data Structure and Algorithms course like Data Structures and Algorithms: Deep Dive Using Java on Udemy to improve your knowledge and algorithms skills.

Frequently asked Google and Amazon Interview Questions

Google Amazon Microsoft Interview Questions for ProgrammersHere is my list of 20 common programming questions from Google, Amazon, Flipkart and other technical startups interviews. You might have seen them already but here they are again. If you don't know answers of all the questions then it's worth spending some time revising these vital questions.

1) Write code to reverse a linked list, if you able to do it using loops, try to solve with recursion.(solution)

2) How to rotate an array by K? (solution)

3) Given an array which contains N-2 numbers in unsorted order, find two missing numbers? (solution)

4) Given an array which has a number in the majority (a number appears more than 50% in the array), find that number? (solution)

5) How to detect a loop in singly linked list? If you are able to detect loop then find the size of linked list? (solution)

6) Given N steps to climb to reach a floor, a person can take 1 or 2 step at a time to climb. Find the number of ways to reach nth step? (discussion)

7) Design Snake and Ladder Game by using Object Oriented analysis and design technique. Explain the reasoning behind interface and class structure? (discussion)

8) How to merge two sorted linked list, write a program in your favorite programming language e.g. Java, C++, or Python.

9) Write a Program which checks if two Strings are Anagram or not? (solution)

10) How to print all permutations of a given String using recursion? (solution)

11) How to check if a binary tree is balanced or not? (solution)

12) How to swap two numbers without using a temp variable, write code which is free from Integer overflow? (solution)

13) How to find all pairs of elements in an integer array, whose sum is equal to a given number? (solution)

14) Write a program to check if a binary tree is BST or not? (solution)

15) Write a function to print nth number in Fibonacci series? (answer)

17) Write a function to count a total number of set bits in a 32 bit Integer? (solution)

18) Write code to implement an LRU cache? (solution)

19) Write a function to remove duplicate characters from String? (solution)

20) How to find the 3rd element from end, in a singly linked, in a single pass? (solution)

That's all guys, These are some of the most frequently asked programming questions in technical companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, but it's not limited to them, many of them also appears in programming job interviews with other companies like Cognizant, Directi, Nomura or CTS. It's best to know and prepare these questions well in advance, with alternative solutions and BigO notation analysis. These are also good questions to share your programming skills.

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asgs said...

Thanks! These are like basic questions. I'm sure there are other Advanced questions asked by companies like Amazon.

javin paul said...

@asgs, yes Amazon and Google is famous for their much more tricky questions, but these are the most common ones you will often find, mostly on campus interviews on engineering colleges of India.

Anonymous said...

Can you please share Amazon Interview questions for software engineer and web development engineer position? It would be great if you could share both phone interview and onsite interview questions.

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