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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Is Coursera and IBM's Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate worth it in 2024? Review

Hello guys, if you are looking for the best full-stack Software developer course or certification on Coursera or you want to join IBM's Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate program but are not sure whether it's right for you then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review IBM Full Stack Software Developer certification on 3 important points, instructor reputation, Coursera structure, content quality, and people's review. This will help you to decide whether this course is right for you or not. 

Developing a website involves knowing the different parts of the website: the front-end where developers use language such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript to create the design that users interact with within their browser. 

The back-end is the website functionalities like searching and payment, and finally, the database where you store the user’s data, and everything needs to be stored in the database.

Every company should have at least a few developers to create the whole website from the design to the back-end and managing database, but sometimes can one person deliver all of this and the job known as a Full-stack web developer and you have to learn to use some tools to deploy the application on the web so all of these skills can be learned in this IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate specialization.

Review Of Coursera and IBM's Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate - Is it worth it?

Now that we know how important cloud-native development and full-stack development is for modern software development, it's time to deep dive and evaluate this course on 3 main parameters, instructor, course content, and public opinion. 

1. The Instructors Review

Top employees create this specialization in the IBM company. Some of them are experts in their field, data science, and cloud computing. Many of them received Ph.D. in their field, so you learn from experts in this course instead of amateurs in other online platforms like udemy and others. 

2. Course Content

Here are the courses which are covered as part of this specialization:

2.1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

This first section of the specialization will introduce you to cloud computing and its concepts and how it works. You will understand this from a business perspective and its history and emerging technology use cases enabled by cloud computing. You will see various kinds of cloud computing like Saas, Paas, and Iaas.

Best Coursera course to learn cloud computing

2.2. Introduction to Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

You will learn about cloud application development and what it involves, then move to learn the basics of front-end development and its languages which are HTML CSS JavaScript, so you will structure your website using HTML and add different styles and colors using CSS then add interactivity using JavaScript then learn how to use Github for collaboration with the company team.

Best Coursera course to learn html, css and javascript

2.3. Developing Cloud-Native Applications

This section will teach you about the most important cloud concepts. You will learn the different tools and technologies used to build cloud-native applications, learn about the IBM cloud, create, manage IBM cloud applications, and use the DevOps tools for application development. You will learn to use REST to retrieve, delete, update data from the web.

Best Coursera course to learn cloud native development

2.4. Developing Cloud Apps with Node.js and React

This section will teach you to use Node.js, a JavaScript framework for back-end development, and React, a JavaScript library for developing the website’s front-end to develop a complete web application and how to use some of it its functionalities like I/O callback and also use the Express framework.

Best Coursera course to learn node.js and react.js

2.5. Introduction to Containers w/ Docker, Kubernetes & OpenShift

You will learn the concept, use case, and benefits of using the container and the differences between the container and virtual machines. 

Next, learn about the Kubernetes architecture, the most popular container, how to manage your application using this container, and learn about the Kubernetes ecosystem like OpenShift.

2.6. Python for Data Science, AI & Development

This section will teach you the python language. You will start with the basics of this language and then move to the structure of python and how to store multiple values in one variable like lists and dictionaries. You will use loops and functions and learn about OOP programming and using data with python.

Best Coursera course for Python and Data science

2.7. Python Project for AI & Application Development

This small section will require you to develop an application powered by an artificial intelligence solution. You will use Flask, which is a python framework, to develop a web application.

2.8. Developing Applications with SQL, Databases, and Django

You will start learning the SQL language used to communicate with the database and interact with them. Then you will learn about the Django framework and use it for web applications and use its template and build an admin site using this framework.

best coursera course to learn SQL and Django

2.9. Application Development using Microservices and Serverless

Serverless is a cloud-native model of development that allows developers to run their web applications without managing the servers. Examples of this are AWS Lambda, Google cloud functions, and more. This course will teach you serverless programming and discover how it is used.

best coursera course to learn Microservice and serverless

2.10. Full Stack Software Development Capstone Project

This last section will test your knowledge in what you’ve learned to create a web application using the front-end technologies like HTML, CSS JavaScript, and other languages to build the back-end and deploy it on the server and using GitHub in your project.

best fullstack  cloud developer online course

3. Social proof

Talking about social proof, this is one of the most popular cloud-native development courses for web developers. More than 12K students have joined this course and it has on average 4.5 ratings from close to 1000 people which is phenomenal. 

IBM Full Stack Cloud Developer Professional Certificate Coursera Review


That's all in this review of IBM's full stack software developer professional certificate on Coursera. Learning Full-stack web development is very hard, but it is worth the time and pain you put into this career. Many companies are reducing the cost of hiring developers by only using a few people like this to manage and build their websites.

Many people doesn't know but this certification was earlier known as  IBM's full stack cloud developer professional certificate but now they have changed the name of this program as  IBM's full stack software developer professional certificate

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Thanks for reading this article. If you like this review of Coursera's IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate and got your answer about the worth of this popular Software developer certification, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

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