Top 10 Programming/Coding Problems and Challenges Websites

Do you love programming challenges? If Yes, then you will be happy to see so many free resources available to improve your programming skills. There are so many websites, which has interesting programming questions, puzzles, riddles, problem set and challenges. Some of them even provide a world wide ranking, so that you can judge yourself among other programmers from all over the world. In this article, we will see my collection of 10 websites, which provides programming and coding challenges. I have tried to include a mixture of sites which have both easy, moderate, tough and extremely difficult programming challenges.

Some of the sites allow the user to comments and you can learn so much from those comments, in terms of approach, an alternative solution, and experience of those developers. I highly recommend any programmer to choose one of these sites, which he feels comfortable as per his programming skill, and then slowly increase the difficulty level.

Programmers, who are aiming job at Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, ThoughtWorks, Directi and other technology companies, must try to solve some programming challenges from these websites.

The TopCoder is most recognized among all of them and if you are really good, you must participate in Google Code Jam as well. Not only these improve your programming skill but also improve your reputation as star programmer. Many companies look this website and also hires top programmers.  So what are you waiting for, go register and try some challenges?

Top Coder :
Code Chef :
ShareCode :
Interview Street Challenges :
Code Golf :
Leet Code :
Project Eureka :
Project Euler :
Sphere Online judge :
Code Eval :

Apart from these 10 websites, there are a lot of other places on the internet which offers programming challenges of varied difficulty level. Remember, a number of the website will not make you a better programmer, it's you, your approach and dedication which will help. Sometimes too many things confuse as well, that's why I  why I suggest choosing one of them, go through them.

Once you have some confidence, you must try TopCoder, one site which is well recognized and respected in the programming world. By the way, you can also let me know, which is your favorite programming website, have you tried programming challenges from any mentioned sites?

Other sites
Reddit programming challenges:
UVA Online judge
Google Code Jam
Rosetta Code:

Code Kata:
Facebook Programming Challenges:
Python Challenges:
Al Zimmermann’s Programming Contests
Ruby Quiz:
C Puzzles:
Check out There are some fun Python challenges.
29 Programming challenges for beginners from Ubuntu forums

Recommended Books :
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Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena

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