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Top 6 Websites to learn Blockchain for FREE in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn Blockchain in 2024 and looking for best website to learn Blockchain for FREE then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared best Blockchain books, best Blockchain course, and best Blockchain certification, and in this article, I am going to share best places to learn Blockchain for FREE. Blockchain is a newbie technology that is gaining popularity in the marketplace. If you wish to pursue a career in this field, you must first get a thorough understanding of blockchain technology. Online certification courses can equip you with both academic and practical understanding since it is a sophisticated and relatively new technology.
In this list, I have included best websites, online learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera and dedicated community to learn Blockchain like 101 Blockchain. If you have any other places which are great to learn Blockchain, fee free to share in comments. 

6 Best Places to Learn Blockchain Online for FREE in 2024

Without wasting anymore of your time, here are best websites which provide online classes to learn Blockchain and also the best places to learn Blockchain Technology for FREE. 

1. Udemy

All levels of expertise are catered to by Udemy's extensive online courses on Blockchain technology and the Blockchain ecosystem. A few of its classes may teach anybody who has no prior knowledge of Blockchain how to use the technology, how it works, and what is around it.

Udemy's courses are taught by professionals in the industry who are able to cover a wide range of topics, including security and the fundamentals. Blockchain technology, development, cryptography, advice, and tools may all be found here.

Why Udemy?

Udemy is one of the oldest and most famous online learning platforms available, and it is packed with a plethora of online courses. It offers a diverse selection of courses ranging from fundamental skills to creative arts and even professional themes. There are almost 45,000 courses available on the site, which reflects the popularity of the platform among students.

Because of its unique open approach, Udemy offers a large number of courses – over 65,000 separate courses, according to its website – and has a large number of students. A diverse variety of areas are covered in the courses, such as programming and development as well as business and design, among other things.

Here are a couple of free Blockchain courses on Udemy you an take in to learn Blockchain in 2024

And, if you can spend few bucks to learn Blockchain then Blockchain A-Z :Learn how to build your first blockchain is also a great course. It is a thorough and hands-on Blockchain education. Along with establishing safe blockchain technology, It will also tell you philosophies underlying in this subject.

Top 5 Websites to learn Blockchain for FREE

2. 101 Blockchains

This is another great website to learn Blockchain in 2024. 101 Blockchain Academy is founded by Aviv Lichtigstein -and its one of the best platform that specializes in practical blockchain professional training and certification programs. 

101 Blockchains have both free and paid Blockchain courses as well as industry recognized Blockchain certifications like Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional and Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect, both are also great resources to learn Blockchain in depth. 

101 Blockchains serves as your one-stop place for boosting your blockchain expertise and professional credibility, and its also the largest community of Blockchain practitioner and learners with more than 30K Blockchain professional on board.  

As I said, they also have free Blockchain course, Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals which you can use to learn Blockchain concepts for free. This free course on enterprise blockchains gives you the an opportunity to explore the platform and what it offers and learn the key concept of Blockchain along the way. If you are just starting with Blockchain, I highly recommend this course to you. 

best free Blockchain course for beginners

You can also become a member of 101 Blockchain for just $25 per month on their yearly plan and get access to all of their premium Blockchain learning material and certifications. Something I highly recommend to anyone who want to start their career on Blockchain. 

3. Coursera

Coursera is a platform that provides online courses with subtitles in a variety of languages for anyone who wants to learn online. Almost all of the blockchain courses accessible on this platform are available with subtitles in a variety of popular languages, including French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Italian, Russian, and simplified Chinese, to name a few examples.

Why Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning platform that has been carefully chosen. Students may take courses and receive degrees from some of the world's most prominent schools and academic institutions, including Stanford, the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania, and others via their online learning platform. Every course at the university is taught by a senior member of the institution's faculty.

This varies depending on the kind of course you take and the level of commitment you are willing to make. Coursera's courses provide a range of awards, ranging from a certificate of completion to a completed degree in various fields.

Each course lasts 4 to 6 weeks and includes both active participation and graded homework assignments. Assignments may be evaluated via the use of auto-grading or peer review. The best thing about those are that you can audit them for free. 

Here are a couple of Blockchain courses from Coursera you can audit for free

And, if you need certification then you can also join this Blockchain Specialization by University At Buffalo and State University of New York, a complete course that is suitable for those with or without previous experience in software development. 

This beginner-level course will take you around 10 hours to finish in total. It not only introduces you to the fundamental technology, but it also discusses the ideology that underpins decentralization.

best Blockchain course on Coursera

By the way, if you like Coursera courses and certification then you can also take Coursera Plus, a subscription plan which provides access to more than 7000+ courses, professional certifications, and specializations on Coursera from reputed universities companies. It cost around $399 per year and is definitely the best investment in your upgrading yourself. 

4. Pluralsight

Blockchain courses are also available on Pluralsight, a reputable company that provides online blockchain courses. A variety of blockchain courses are available on this platform for both professionals and people.

While Pluralsight is not exactly free it often runs Pluralsight free Weekends where they open the platform for a weekend where you can checkout their courses for free. 

They have many great Blockchain courses like Blockchain Fundamentals and Blockchain - Principles and Practices to learn Principles of blockchain technology, critical business blockchain terminology, smart contracts fundamentals, and blockchain transformation are some of the topics covered on this platform. You can also use their 10-day-free-trial to check any of these Blockchain course for FREE. 

Why Pluralsight?

At the time of writing, Pluralsight has about 5000+ online courses accessible on its website. The fact that these courses have been carefully chosen and are being delivered by certified persons distinguishes it from the competition.

There are also some more goodies to be found here, such as numerous learning routes, skill assessment, and other useful features. These courses are fully self-paced, which makes it simple to study no matter how little time you have available to devote to your studies.

Pluralsight provides nearly 5000 online courses at the time of this writing. The fact that these courses have been carefully selected and are presented by licensed instructors distinguishes them from the competition.

Additional features include a variety of learning pathways, skill assessment, and a variety of other options. These courses are totally self-paced, making it easy to study no matter what time of day or night you want to study.

Featured Pluralsight course to Learn Blockchain

The Blockchain Fundamentals course might be of use to you if you are a newbie. It will teach you Ethereum programming as well as other key topics that you will need in order to be productive with blockchain technology in the future.

The course will last around two and a half hours. Methods for constructing a private blockchain, smart contracts, DAPP development, and other similar activities are also covered.

best Blockchain course on Pluralsight

5. LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of blockchain courses to help you learn more about the technology. LinkedIn has evolved into more than just a business software; it has also evolved into one of the most popular educational platforms.

Why LinkedIn

A similar platform to Udemy, LinkedIn Learning allows teachers to submit their courses for approval before they can be made accessible to their students via the site. The platform was once known as, but Microsoft purchased it and combined it with the LinkedIn platform when the latter was acquired.

Because only individuals who have prior knowledge in the subject matter they are teaching and delivering to their students are permitted to build and publish courses on the LinkedIn learning platform, anybody may create and publish a course on the site without restriction.

The professional networking site LinkedIn also provides a highly competitive plan that gives programmers and developers access to over 16,000 courses for as little as $19.99 a month and they also provide one-month free trial which is ideal for programmers and developers who are constantly learning new skills.

LinkedIn course

If you already have a basic understanding of the technology, consider enrolling in the intermediate course Blockchain: Basics.  The course will last 90 minutes in total. It provides an introduction to Blockchain technology and explains what decentralized, encrypted data implies for business and society as a whole. You can join this course for FREE by using their 1-month Free trial

best Platform to learn Blockchain for FREE

6. EatTheBlocks

EatTheBlocks is a platform that provides a diverse range of courses on blockchain development and associated technologies, as well as other connected topics. Not only are these courses self-paced, but you'll also get lifelong access to the training materials once you enroll in them.

Why Eattheblocks?

Eattheblocks is a platform especially open for all technological learning. They provide free and paid courses for all technological lessons. Their courses are made by their professional teams which are highly educated in the IT sector.

EatTheBlocks course

Learn Blockchain development 

Its 6-Figure Blockchain Developer course will assist you with gaining a thorough understanding of the fundamental ideas of blockchain technology, bitcoin, and Ethereum. You'll also learn about decentralized apps, blockchain development tools, smart contracts, solidity development, and how to secure a job as a blockchain developer. You'll also learn about decentralized applications and blockchain development tools.

best place to learn Blockchain for FREE

That' all about the best websites, online platforms and places to learn Blockchain for FREE in 2024.  It concludes our discussion of the finest Blockchain courses and certifications available for learning Blockchain in detail. 

Blockchain is used for more than simply delivering safe money; it may also be used to monitor supply chains or for individuals who wish to manage their digital identity, allowing them to access financial services in underdeveloped areas of the globe.

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P. S. - If you are serious about  learning Blockchain technologies and looking for the best Blockchain certification to start with then this Blockchain Certification on Coursera is the best resource to start with. Many of my students and readers have taken this course and feedback has been awesome.    

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