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10 Reasons to Learn React Native for App Development in 2024

Hello guys, if you want to get into App development in 2024 then you have a couple of choices. For example, you can learn Flutter and React Native to develop cross platform apps, or you can learn Android or iOS to develop native apps. Android has been my favorite because you can use Java programming language to code Android application and being a Java developer, that was the easiest way to get into App development but if you are coming form JavaScript background then learning Java or Swift  (which is required for iOS app development) could be difficult. You can either learn Dart to use Flutter or you can stick with JavaScript and learn React Native, which I think the best way for a JavaScript developer to get into App development in 2024 but if you are still not convinced, In this article, I am going to share 10 reasons to learn React Native, which can help you make a decision on which technology you should learn for app development in 2024.

In the last decade, mobile technology advanced at an incredible speed. Earlier, mobile phones were usually used for making calls or sending SMS/MMS. But since the introduction of Android, things have changed a lot. Mobile phones are more than devices used only for communication. 

You can click images, make videos, edit them, play games, watch movies, access the internet, etc. There are over 3.4 million applications on the Play store. And on Apple's App Store, there are over 2.2 million applications. Ease of internet access is one major reason why there are so many applications on the play store and app store. 

Today, everyone wants to enter the mobile application world. More and more companies are using mobile applications to promote their products. Individuals are also using their own mobile applications. 

You can find applications for almost everything on the Play Store and App Store. With the rise of mobile applications, even websites are creating their mobile versions. For example, one of the most popular websites, Amazon, also has its own mobile version.

Earlier, mobile applications were simple. There was not much talk about performance. But now, everyone wants a high-performing application. Because of such demands, developers started creating better frameworks to build better mobile applications. React native is one of the most popular mobile application development frameworks.

React native is used to build native-like cross-platform mobile applications. It has gained immense popularity in recent years. Today, it is one of the hot topics in the developer's community. In this article, we will list ten reasons that will make you understand why you should learn React native in 2024.

Why Learn React Native for Mobile App Development in 2024

Here are the 10 most important reasons to learn React Native library or framework for mobile application development in 2024. 

1. React native apps are cross-platform
Maybe the biggest reason why you should learn React native in 2024 is that react native applications are platform-independent. Earlier, developers were using Java (mostly) for building Android applications and Swift for building IOS applications. 

Apart from these platforms, there are other platforms too, such as Windows. So this was trouble. React native is one of the best choices to build applications that can run on any platform. You create an application and it runs on all the platforms.

10 Reasons to Learn React Native

2. JSX
React Native uses JSX. If you are familiar with React, you know JSX is quite easy to use. Many say JSX is a mixture of HTML and JavaScript. So, learning React native is not going to be that difficult. 

Yes, there are some tough to understand concepts but the absence of any complex programming language makes it quite easy. Building applications using React native is easier than using Java for doing the same.

3. Fast productivity
Building mobile applications is time-consuming. But React native is known for its faster productivity. We are building a single application for multiple platforms. It saves a lot of time. Moreover, quality is not compromised in React native.

4. Easier to learn for web developers
Learning a framework from scratch is not easy. But if you are a web developer, or you have knowledge of basic web technologies such as CSS and JavaScript, you will definitely catch React native in no time. 

It is because React native uses web technologies. Moreover, if you are a Ract.js developer, then React native will be no big deal for you because it is heavily influenced by the JavaScript library.

5. Hot reloading and live reloading
Live reloading refers to the reloading or refreshing the entire application when a file changes while hot reloading is refreshing the files in which the changes were made but without losing the state of the application. 

These two features make React native very developer-friendly frameworks. These features help developers in testing the components easily. Moreover, these save a lot of time.

6. Native components
There are many other cross-platform frameworks. But React Native uses native components. Native components improve the rendering and execution speed.

7. Strong community
React native is fairly new. It came out only six years ago. Still, because of its popularity, React native has a strong community. There are over one hundred thousand questions tagged with "React native" on Stack overflow. 

That is a big number for new technology. On GitHub, it has nearly one hundred thousand stars. This is enough to prove that React native has a strong community and this community is growing more and more every year.

8. Easy updating
Once you publish an application, you may need to make changes in the future. Now, this can be a tough situation. You will need to repeat everything you did before publishing the application. 

You have to repeat the build process, re-publish the application, and then wait for approval. This is time-consuming. But with React native, updating an application becomes easy. With React native's Code push, the app is updated automatically during the runtime. This saves time as well as effort.

9. Third-party library usage
Like React, React native is very flexible. We can use many third-party libraries with React native to make our job easier. For example, we have several testing libraries such as Mocha and Chai to use with React native. 

For state management, we can use the brilliant Redux. Linting tools such as ESLint can also be used with React native. Third-party libraries can be very useful while developing. This flexibility of React native is one of the top reasons why people prefer this framework.

10. High paying jobs
As mentioned earlier, there is a huge demand for mobile applications. From products to individuals, everyone is using mobile applications. React native has become a big name in the mobile application development community. 

More and more people want React native for their mobile applications. That's why there is a huge demand for skilled React native developers. Companies are paying huge salaries for such skilled developers. So if you aim to find a high-paying job, then React Native is an excellent choice.

5 Best Resources to Learn React Native in 2024?

Now, that you know learning React Native can be a game changer for cross-platform app development, the question is how to learn React Native? which courses to take and which books to read? You don't need to worry for that, here are the best resources which I have shared earlier to learn React Native, both free and paid, which you can take a look to start your React Native journey in 2024:
You can join one more these free and paid React Native resources to learn React Native in depth. I also suggest to build as many projects as possible as they will give you confidence and also teach you how to develop Apps.
Why learn React Native for app development

That's all about why app developer should learn React Native in 2024 for cross-platform app development. Mobile application development has a very bright future. So does React native. It is a new framework and yet it's very popular. Many believe, in the future, React native is going to be the top choice for building cross-platform mobile applications. So if you are planning to learn React native in 2024, you should definitely go for it.

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P. S. - If you are thinking to do just one thing right now then I highly recommend you to join one of these free React Native courses. This single step can make a big difference in your career and I suggest you should take this to take your career to next level in 2024.

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