Monday, November 29, 2021

10 Best Deals for Programmers from DataCamp, Coursera, Udemy, and Pluralsight

Hello guys, I have been sharing amazing deals and discount for developers since last week, and I have received many thank you email for that. While some of you said that you missed the Black Friday deals, but not to worry, it's not over yet as Cyber Monday deals are popping up in my inbox now. One such deal is Datacamp for $1, yes you read it correctly. Datacamp is opening its whole platform for just 1$ this is the most amazing deal I found on this Cyber Monday, and it's very similar to Coursera's 1$ for Coursera Plus, which is another amazing deal for programmers and developers who want to learn from the world's top tech companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft and leading universities like University of Michigan and Stanford. 

If you have been waiting for a long time to join Datacamp or already using their free tier then this is a golden opportunity to explore premium courses, tracks, and study materials from Datacamp. 

If you don't know what is Datacamp and whether it's worth it or not then let me tell you that Datacamp is one of the leading online learning portals for Data skills. 

It is one of the best places to learn Python, SQL, Data Science, and everything related to data like Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and tools for working with Data. 

Is Datacamp worth it in 2022

Now, the big question that comes in is whether Datacamp is worth it or not for learning data skills in 2022. 

While Datacamp is very similar to Pluralsight and Codecademy, two other leading online learning platforms. It's much close to Codecademy than Pluralsight because of the interactive learning experience it provides but when it comes to learning Data skills, Datacamp is the best. 

1. Interactive Learning Experience at Datacamp

I really liked Datacamp's learning framework which starts with assessing your current skill then first teaches you theory with interactive learning material and then gives you exercise and projects to further build those skills for the real world. 

Another great thing about Datacamp is that you will learn completely online. This means you don't need to install any software like Python or any IDE like Pycharm because your browser will be a workspace. 

Is Datacamp good to learn python and datascience

This is really great for beginners who often struggle to set up their development environment and then give up due to a lack of knowledge and support. Taking out a tedious setup from initial learning not only accelerates your learning but also gives you more confidence when it comes to actually setting up your own dev environment. 

2. Expert Trainers at Datacamp

One more thing I really liked about Datacamp is their team of instructors which are highly experienced professionals from companies like Amazon, Spotify, Facebook, AIG, and others. 

This gives you a chance to learn from experts who have done the data-related work on Amazon or Facebook scale.  Just look at their instructor portfolio, it looks impressive. 

Is Datacamp worth it for beginners

3. Learning Paths Designed By Experts

When it comes to learning a new skill, order and structure matter a lot. Many people make the mistake of learning in hap hazardous way by reading blogs, watching youtube videos in random order. While this is good to develop interest it's not the most efficient way to learn and you will waste a lot of your precious time if you go that route. 

A better way to learn is to follow a carefully designed learning path that introduces concepts in an orderly manner so that you know the A B and C before learning about words and sentences.

Datacamp's carefully designed learning path is great to learn in-demand skills like Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Apache Spark, Scala, Git, SpreadSheet, Power BI, Excel, and much more.  

This is another reason I like to join Datacamp to learn in-demand Data skills and if I get that experience by just spending $1 then why not. 

10 reasons to join Datacamp

And more importantly, this is not just for one day but for 1 full month, which means 30 days or 4 weekends, enough to try out multiple courses and learning tracks from Datacamp before their normal price kick in. 

Here is the link to join Datacamp for just $1 -  Join Datacamp for $1

Datacamp for One Dollar - Is Datcamp worth it?

That's all about whether Datacamp is worth it or not. Well, its' definitely worth it for one dollar now, and even after that due to the quality of their courses, instructor portfolio, and interactive learning platform and I highly recommend beginners to join Datacamp to learn in-demand Data skills in 2022. 

Whether you want to become a Data Scientist, Programmer, Developer, or Data Analyst, or Machine Learning specialist you can join Datacamp for just one dollar this Cyber Monday and start your career.

10 Best Cyber Monday Deals for Developers

And, if you still looking for other best Cyber Monday deals, here is a curated list of deals for programmers and software developers:

Happy Cyber Monday and All the best with your learning in 2022.

 I am sure once you join the Datacamp you won't look back because of the quality of their platform and learning material. I am a big fan of their SQL courses and really enjoyed working through all of their SQL query exercises. 

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