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3 Best Coursera Cyber Monday + Black Friday Deal - Coursera Plus for 1$

Hello guys, if you are looking for Coursera's Cyber Monday and Black Friday deal then I have really exciting news to share with you. For the last few days, I have been sharing the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for programmers and in this article, I am going to share another awesome Balck Friday deal for programmers and developers. Coursera is offering their premium subscription program, Coursera Plus for just 1$ this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a great deal because a Coursera Plus subscription normally costs around $399 per annul or $59 per month but you can get it for just $1 but only for this Cyber week. 

By the way, there is a catch, this is only for the first month, after that you need to pay $59 but I think it's still a great deal because you can try out unlimited Coursera courses, professional certificates, and specialization for 1 month. This is as good as one month free trial of Coursera, similar to what LinkedIn Learning has. 

If you don't know about Coursera Plus, it's one of the most premium online learning membership as it gives you unlimited access to more than 3000+ top quality Coursera courses which are created by reputed companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, AWS as well as top-class universities like Univerity of Michigan and Stamford University. 

Coursera also has a wide variety of learning material and you can learn anything from coding with Python to web development and Data Science on Coursera. They also have nontechnical courses and certificates like the Facebook Social Media Marketing certificate and popular course for well-being from Yale University. 

If you are in hurry, here is the link to join Coursera Plus for just 1$ for one month. This offer is only valid until cyber Monday so make sure you join before that.  And this program auto-renews for $59 per month from next month, something to remember. 

1. Best Microsoft Azure Certification Courses from Coursera

Recently, I have been using Coursera for preparing popular cloud certificates as well, particularly for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud certifications. Microsoft has recently added a lot of quality material to prepare for Azure certifications. 

They are not only cover 100% topics and aligned with certification goals but also come from the source, which makes the best learning material for Azure certifications. 

Here is a list of popular Coursera courses to pass Azure Certifications:

This Coursera Specialization from Microsoft will help you to prepare for AZ-900 or Azure fundamental certification, one of the most popular Azure certifications for beginners anyone who wants to learn cloud computing. 
This Coursera program from Microsoft is similar to AZ-900 but this is for Artificial Intelligence on the Azure platform. If you want to learn about AI and Cloud computing then this is the perfect certification for you. 
This Coursera certification prep material is also very similar to AZ-900 and AI-900 and it's also one of the Azure fundamental certifications but for Data. Given the importance of Data, this is one of the recommended certifications for both programmers and data scientists. 

These are the best study material to prepare for respective Azure certifications like AZ-900, AI-900, and DP-900 certifications, and more importantly, you can get access to all of these Microsoft specializations using the Coursera Plus subscription plans for just $1 this Black Friday. 

Coursera Black Friday Deal - Coursera Plus for 1$

2. Best Google Certifications from Coursera

Similarly, Coursera also has top-quality courses from Google, particularly the Google IT Support Professional Certification and Google's Python Automation Certificate, these two are my favorite Coursera programs from Google and you can also join them using Coursera Plus.

The first certificate, also known as Google's IT Support certification is about starting your career in IT and the program is well structured to give you an overview of many essential technologies required for IT support work.  

This is also Coursera's most popular certification and more than 750,000 people have joined this program. 

Since the IT Support Certificate launched more than 82% of graduates have reported a positive career outcome like a new job, promotion, or raise within 6 months.  

This program also prepares you for the CompTIA A+ exams, the industry-standard certification for IT—you’ll earn a dual credential when you complete both. This is like the best of both worlds and you can get access to this certification using Coursera Plus. 

Best Google Certification from Coursera

The second popular Google certification on Coursera, also known as Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate is for Python developers or people who want to learn automation using the Python programming language. 

This program will teach you how to automate tasks using the Python programming language. Along the way you will also learn essential development tools like Git and Github, version control, and how to manage IT resource at scale, both on-premise and on the cloud. 

Talking about social proof, more than 300,000 people have joined this course to learn Python for automation and improve their programming and development skills. 

If you want to join just two courses on Coursera Plus, make sure you join these two, they are great programs and with Coursera's Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 offer, you can get access to not just these two but more than 3000+ courses for just 1 USD. 

Best Python certification from Coursera

3. Coursera's Guided Project

Along with online courses, professional certification, online degrees, and specialization from top companies and universities, Coursera also offers things  Guided projects which can be used to learn a new skill quickly. 

For example, you can take this Python Data Structure project and you can learn essential data structures like dictionaries in 2 hours. 

The best thing about the Guided project is that you don't need to download or set up anything. Your workspace is a cloud desktop right in your browser and your instructor will explain to you what to do in a split-screen video. It's probably the next best after classroom and personal training. 

This means you can also try out Coursera's guided project as part of this deal when you join Coursera Plus for just $1.  If you are confused about which Coursera guided project you should try then here is my list of recommended guided projects:

This one will teach you how to apply OOP principles and fundamentals to the real world. It's good for both beginners and intermediate Java developers. 

This is another good one for beginners as you will get over-the-shoulder videos that teach you how to code in Python and create your first program. 

These are just samples, if you need more recommendations, you can also check out my list of 10 best Coursera Guided projects for beginners to try out in 2022. It contains the best Coursera projects for both beginners and intermediate developers who want to learn by doing hands-on work. 

That's all about this excellent Coursera Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal in 2021. This is once in a lifetime chance because I have never seen Coursera Plus for this price. This is probably the lowest price they can offer so make sure you take full advantage of this offer. 

The offer is only valid till 4th December 2021 and it's only valid for new subscribers which means you cannot renew your Coursera Plus subscription using this black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. 

Also, remember that after the first month, this subscription auto-renews monthly for $59/month so make sure you cancel it if you don't want to continue but if you can spend a few bucks on your learning Coursera plus is definitely a great plan to have. 

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P. S. - If you're looking for other deals, Udemy is offering an 85% discount on courses and you can buy a $200 course for just $9.9 on Udemy. Similarly, Pluralsight is also offering a 40% discount on their annual plan, I highly recommend them to programmers and developers. 

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