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DataCamp vs. Pluralsight vs. LinkedIn Learning - Which is best learning platform in 2024? [Review]

Hello guys, if you are wondering which online platform is best to learn in-demand tech skills like Python, Data Science, SQL, Java, Web Development, etc, or you are confused between Datacamp, Pluralsight, and LinkedIn Learning then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have reviewed UDemy vs Pluralsight and Codecademy vs Pluralsight and in this article, I will review Pluralsight with both Datacamp and LinkedIn Learning. To be honest, Udemy and Pluralsight is my go-to platform to learn anything but recently I have also started exploring new and specialized learning platforms and websites like Educative, Datacamp, and LinkedIn Learning and I particularly find Datacamp great for learning data skills like Data Science and SQL.

Similarly, I also found is great for preparing coding interviews as they have the best collection of coding interview courses and they are also a very interactive and cost-effective learning platform. 

Similarly, LinkedIn Learning's small courses and comprehensive catalog is also an interesting choice for many experienced learners who wants a short burst of technical knowledge. 

 Online education makes you lean in the time you want, which means you have flexibility in learning and time you set for yourself for better time management. It also allows you to learn in your style and speed, which helps you get more information, and you can even stop the video and get back to if you didn't understand something well and many other advantages.

Because of these advantages, many entrepreneurs have created their e-learning platforms and started offering online courses to get a part of the market size of $457.8 Billion by 2026. There are three of the best e-learning platforms that most people and employees use to get educated: Pluralsight, DataCamp, and Linkedin Learning.

2024 Review - Datacamp vs. Pluralsight vs. LinkedIn Learning

Now, let's see each of these online learning platforms and understand their strength and weakness to find out which is the right platform to learn coding, programming, technical and data skills in 2024. I have compared each platform based upon their pricing, content quality, as well as and overall learning experience.

I have also included the free options they have for example LinkedIn learning provides 30 days free trial while Pluralsight only provides 10 days free trial, but Datacamp has a free plan for beginners. 

DataCamp vs. Pluralsight vs. LinkedIn Learning - Which is best learning platform ? [Review]

1. DataCamp

DataCamp is an online learning platform created back in 2013. It aims to teach people data science and programming professionally through online courses that contain videos and text. These courses are designed by teachers who already work in the DataCamp company. They have experience in their domains and not just hobbyist teachers like you see on many other platforms.

The platform offers many pricing plans and one of them is entirely free and gives you an overview of the content of some courses with some other features such as projects portfolio and more. 

This plan won't be suitable for you if you are planning to deep dive into any topic in the platform but will give you an overview of the platform content, and you can decide to upgrade your plan or go with another competitor.

Other plans are dedicated to small teams and companies that will let them create one account and add their employee to the account for a lower price and better management for your team when they learn new things. 

You may be wondering if DataCamp courses and certificates are worth it? I would say yes because experienced teachers create them, and they are used by employees of big-name companies such as Paypal and Uber.

The best thing about Datacamp is that now they are offering a whopping 63% discount on their annual plans which means if you want to learn Data skills like Python, Data Science, and SQL now in 2024 then you should join Datacamp now to take advantage of this amazing offer.

2. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is an American company founded back in 2004 and considered one of the old online education platforms. And they have a million users and generated over half-billion dollars in revenue back in 2019, which is insane. Pluralsight offers courses in the IT industry, some courses in the network industry, some in data professionals, and many other industries.

Pluralsight is not like DataCamp, where you can create a free account and enjoy some of the content for free. Instead, it offers a free trial of 10 days and starting from $29 a month, which gives you limited access to some of the courses and their features, so it gives you an overview of the way that Pluralsight works and the quality of its courses, but you need to pay to stay learning. 

Also, it has some plans for teams and organizations, which can be up to $779 a year for each user.

Many businesses choose to educate their employees using this platform. It only accepts teachers who have experience in the domain to create and share their experience with others and get commission on their courses. Pluralsight is a platform that is also worth its price and takes your time learning new things.

At the moment, Pluralsight is offering a whopping 40% discount on their annual and premium plans which includes 7500+ courses, projects, and interactive learning material. If you want to level up your technical skill or want to prepare for cloud certifications, joining Pluralsight can be a great idea and if you do it now, you can also save a good amount of money. 

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an American company dedicated to teaching people various industries and the IT industry like the previous two ones. This company is a subsidiary of LinkedIn, one of the world's largest platforms for professional people looking for a job or companies searching for workers.

LinkedIn Learning has a 1-month free trial for many plans for its users starting at $29.99 a month, and if you are interested in getting more education from this platform, you can sign up for a yearly plan of $19.99 a year is way cheaper than the monthly plan.

 It also offers programs for teams and enterprises for a lower cost which you need to contact them first, and they create an offer for you.

If you are a professional in your industry, you can sign up and become an instructor on this platform and make money for teaching others. That means not anyone can teach on this platform, making it worth using and getting the certification after completing your course.


In summary, all of these online learning platforms, Datacamp, Pluralsight, and LinkedIn Learning are good at teaching you new skills either in the IT industry or just learning new skills in business and marketing, and you need to pick the right platform that you think is suitable for you and stick with it. 

If you want to learn Data skills like Python, Data Science, and SQL then Datacamp is the best platform and if you need a single platform to learn any technology then Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning are best to join in 2024. 

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