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Saturday, July 30, 2022

How to learn Metaverse from scratch? Is Certified Metaverse Professional (CMP) on 101 Blockchains worth it

Is Certified Metaverse Professional (CMP) on 101 Blockchains worth it?
Hello guys, if you want to learn Metaverse in 2022 and wondering how to learn Metaverse then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best Metaverse online courses and in this article, I am going to review one of the popular Metaverse certification, The certified Metaverse Professional certification from 101 Blockchains, one of the leading portal for Blockchain, Web3, NFT, and Metaverse training. The Metaverse is the next big thing, and you must have heard this a million times, just like many tech enthusiasts. The diverse elements of the metaverse have the potential to grab the attention of every person on the planet. Many big companies have already placed their stakes in the metaverse. 

Therefore, it is quite clear that a Certified Metaverse Professional certification would be helpful in terms of career development. Interestingly, the opportunities for career development in the metaverse have been doubling in recent times. The following discussion helps you find whether the Metaverse certification by 101 Blockchains is the best choice in metaverse certifications for you.

Why Is Metaverse Certification Important?

Before diving into the importance of the Metaverse certification by 101 Blockchains, let us know about the metaverse. How is the metaverse relevant in the present times? You can discover the answer to your question in the definition of the Metaverse. 

It is an open and shared virtual world that remains accessible at all times and works like a virtual counterpart of the real world.

Imagine having a virtual counterpart of your favorite restaurant or shopping store when you put your VR glasses on. People have started seeking the best metaverse certification and training to keep up with the hype. 

However, it is important to know why the Metaverse is so valuable right now. Interestingly, the unique traits of the metaverse show perfect proof of value for every digital citizen. Here are the significant traits of the metaverse.
  • Decentralization

  • Personalized content

  • Creator economy

  • Experiences

All of these factors have been driving the hype around the Metaverse, and you are right in seeking a metaverse course online right now. The best thing about the metaverse is that it would be available at any time and would run irrespective of users.

 The futuristic vision of the metaverse is a strong factor driving the popularity of metaverse training courses and certifications and  Metaverse certification by 101 Blockchains can teach you everything you need to make your career in this field?

How to become a Metaverse professional

4 Advantages of Certified Metaverse Professional Certification

Any individual searching for a viable opportunity to become metaverse professionals would end up with a scattered assortment of resources. The new certification for metaverse professionals by 101 Blockchains comes with a selected set of benefits for every learner. 

The simple mention of metaverse knowledge serves promising boost to your portfolio as a web3 or blockchain professional. On top of it, a unique credential like the metaverse certifications can make it easier to find jobs. 

Here are some of the other benefits you can notice with the CMP certification by 101 Blockchains.

1. Learning from the Best

The first advantage of the certification on metaverse by 101 Blockchains is that it has the best metaverse course online now. You can find multiple advantages with a training course or certification from 101 Blockchains

First of all, you have a modular approach to certification training courses, which prepare candidates for every concept related to the metaverse. You can learn about the fundamentals of the metaverse, the use cases, and most important of all, the future prospects with the metaverse.

2. Futuristic Technology

Speaking of the future, you can try incorporating the Certified Metaverse Professional credential in your portfolio to become a part of the future. You should begin learning about the metaverse so that you will not have any difficulties coping with it in the coming years. Many organizations are trying out large-scale initiatives in the metaverse, and certified professionals are the need of the hour.

If a few leading companies are taking charge now, many other companies will join. In such cases, the demand for metaverse professionals would increase by humongous margins. The certification lets you become a part of this revolution in technology and create your own identity as an NFT expert.

3. Comprehensive Learning

Another notable feature of the Certified Metaverse expert credential by 101 Blockchains would refer to the quality of the learning experience. You don’t get a random introduction to the metaverse and a few examples in the course. 

The certification training course by 101 Blockchains includes everything starting from basics of blockchain and NFTs to the relationships between metaverse and web3.

You can build a clear idea of the interplay between the different factors associated with the Certified Metaverse Professional with the certification preparation course. On top of it, the insights on investing in Metaverse with references to top options such as metaverse tokens, play-to-earn games, and metaverse advertisements are notable pointers in the certification course.

4. Practice

You would also find the best metaverse certification by 101 Blockchains as a proactive learning tool with practice. The interactive exercises and demos provided with each module are a great instrument for enforcing the learning outcomes. The exercises show the ways in which the learning outcomes are implemented in real life.

For example, a demo of the metaverse experiences can help you know how to make your way through the metaverse. At the same time, you can also use the knowledge for building your own metaverse experiences by leveraging web3. 

The advantages of the metaverse course online with the 101 Blockchains certification are doubled up with the element of practice.

Best Metaverse certification for beginners

Can I Enroll in Certified Metaverse Professional Course, as a Beginner?

The concept of metaverse may appear farfetched for the average software developer or tech professional. Therefore, beginners are more likely to harbor various doubts regarding the feasibility of a career in the metaverse. However, that should never be an obstacle to using the best metaverse certification by 101 Blockchains to your advantage.

 he training course for the certification has been designed with specific attention to fundamental concepts you need for understanding the metaverse. You can use the training course for honing your metaverse fundamentals with a comprehensive list of subtopics.

Beginners can build a strong foundation required for learning everything they need to start training in the fundamentals of the Metaverse. Professionals would find the best metaverse course for training in ideal methods to use the metaverse. 

You can reflect on the different use cases of the metaverse alongside discovering various routes for investing in the metaverse. The effective organization of topics alongside a seamless learning experience ensures that beginners and professionals are equally comfortable with the certification training.

Will I Able to Complete the CMP Certification on Time?

Beginners are generally curious about the timeframe for completing a certification training course and qualifying for the exam. However, the good thing about the CMP certification is that you can complete it within a span of 4 weeks. Candidates can dedicate three to four hours of learning every week to completing all topics in the training course modules.

On the contrary, it is also important to dive deeper into each module and subtopic to learn about the metaverse like an expert. For example, the demos of popular metaverse platforms and the use cases of metaverse can improve your practical understanding of the metaverse and related concepts. 

The flexible learning offered in the metaverse certification by 101 Blockchains is an obvious advantage for every learner to strengthen their metaverse expertise.

How to learn Metaverse from scratch?


Best Ways to Use the Metaverse Course

The ease of access to a reliable metaverse course online is obviously an appealing detail in the certification by 101 Blockchains for anyone who wants to become metaverse professional. Candidates can use the course and work on their metaverse skills and knowledge with the guidance of experts. On the other hand, you can have better chances of success with the following best practices for using the metaverse course.
  • The first step to success with any training course is an overview of what the course has to offer. You must have a clear idea regarding the lessons or modules in the course and whether they help you achieve the desired objectives. 

  • Take a look at all the resources provided in each module of the metaverse course. This will help in ensuring that you use every bit of the course to your advantage. 

  • Identify the interactive exercises and demos as suitable tools for enhancing your practical knowledge of using the metaverse. 

  • Learn more about the use cases of the metaverse to develop confidence and a detailed understanding of the capabilities of the metaverse.

The new metaverse certification is a valuable learning resource for establishing proof of your skills and knowledge regarding the metaverse. How can you capitalize on the long-term benefits associated with the metaverse? Explore the value of professional certification for metaverse experts and achieve excellence on your own terms.


The overall impression regarding the Certified Metaverse Professional certification by 101 Blockchains suggests that it is a trustworthy option. First of all, you have the advantage of broad content in the certification exam objectives. 

You can discover the precision of adding the right subtopic for the modules in the new certification by 101 Blockchains for a metaverse professional. 

Complement that with the credibility of 101 Blockchains as a training course provider with expertise in decentralized technologies. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about feeling like a fish out of water with the new certification on metaverse.

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P. S.  -  The support offered to every learner in the course of their journey plays a massive role in shaping their career. While the world gradually starts to enter the virtual dimension, it is ready to take the first step toward the future. It's good time to learn Metaverse and if you want to become a Metaverse professional then here is the link to join this Metaverse Certification on 101 Blockchains. You can also use discount code BCHAIN30 to get a 30% discount for a limited time. 

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