10 Tools Cyber Security Professional and Pen Tester Should Learn in 2023

Hello guys, if you want to become a Pen Tester, Cyber Security Engineer or Ethical Hacker in 2023 and looking for the best tools then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best Cyber Security courses, free Pen Testing Courses, and Ethical Hacking courses and in this article, I am going to share best tools every Cyber Security Engineer and Pen Tester should learn in 2023 to do their job effectively. Suppose you become a penetration tester and learn the cyber security field. In that case, you need to know many tools that will help you scan the networks and system for vulnerabilities and other tools for exploring them. This article will provide you with the most used tools for finding these vulnerabilities and how to exploit them.

10 Tools Every Cyber Security Engineer Should Learn in 2023

Here are the 10 essential Cyber Security Tools you can learn in 2023 if you want to become a competent Cyber Security Engineer and Specialist. I have also shared online courses which you can use to learn each of these tools. 

1. Metasploit

Let's start this article with the most used and famous cyber security tool, Metasploit. This tool was developed using the Ruby language. It is used to hack almost everything you can think of, such as phones and computer systems like macOS & windows. It can also hack websites, discover vulnerabilities, and more. This course called Metasploit will help you learn using this tool.

2. Nmap

Nmap is a fantastic and popular network scanning tool among penetration testers. It can scan the target network and give you information about your targets, such as open ports, the victim system's services when you scan servers, and more. This Nmap course will help you learn this tool to be an advanced user.

3. WireShark

Wireshark is maybe the best tool for analyzing the local network, and you should learn this tool if you are planning to become a cyber security analyst. This tool can sniff the local network and store them offline for later analysis, and you can even use it to get the login details of the unencrypted websites. This Wireshark course will help you master this tool.

4. Burp Suite

The Burp Suite is your favorite tool if you plan to learn web application security. It is a graphical interface tool used for scanning web applications and security testing. Burp Suite is used by more than 15 thousand organizations around the world, and it comes with a FREE edition and paid one, but it is expensive. This course about Burp Suite will help you learn this tool.

5. Aircrack-NG

Aircrack-ng is a nice tool that comes pre-installed in many hacking systems such as Kali Linux and is used for cracking the wireless network. Aircrack has a set of tools that can crack different types of wireless networks and also inject packets and more. Some of their tools are airodump, aireplay, and aircrack, to name a few.

6. Nessus

Nessus is the most used tool for scanning vulnerabilities, discovering them, and providing you with a report of your final result, making it a complete tool for scanning and finding weaknesses in many things such as network and web applications. It also tells you the name of these network vulnerabilities and how to exploit them, making this tool better than Nmap.

7. OpenVAS

OpenVAS stands for Open Vulnerability Assessment Systems, and it is an alternative to the Nessus tool, which also lets you scan systems and networks from the vulnerabilities. The OpenVAS tool is entirely open-source, making it FREE and always updated with the latest discovered weaknesses. This OpenVAS course will help you learn using it.

8. Setoolkit

The companies infrastructure such as computers, employees, networks, servers is getting secured every day, and it becomes hard to exploit these devices. Hence, hackers nowadays use social engineering to trick them. Setoolkit is a free python tool for providing many attack scenarios to trick people and exploit their computers or leading them to provide valuable information.

9. John The Ripper

You can use a very secure system to store your valuable information, but this security is useless with weak passwords. John The Ripper is a tool for cracking the password of various systems with a wordlist to find the correct password. This simple course about John the ripper will help you learn the basics of this tool.

10. Nikto

Another good web security scanning is called Nikto is written in Perl language and released in 2001 but is still an industry-standard tool. This tool scans the websites very fast, providing you with information such as outdated software installed and more but not quite. This tool scan can be detected quickly, and you don't want to scan a website that you don't have permission to do.


Thanks for reading! These tools are almost the best and most famous tools for scanning the networks and systems for finding vulnerabilities. Still, there are dozens of them you can discover and use when you become professional cyber security.

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